Style: The Summer Must Have

Have you noticed that I haven’t done a fashion post in quite a while? Let’s talk handbags, shall we? The “it” bag this spring and summer has been the straw or wicker handbag or tote. Something typically utilitarian has elevated into something so very summery chic.

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Straw handbags are definitely having a moment and with summer in full swing, there’s no better time to share a couple of straw handbags from my own collection. straw summer handbags Reviving Charm

I purchased the large rectangular straw bag over 25 years ago for literally a couple of bucks. Based on the pattern of the cloth interior lining, the bag dates to the 1950’s. It was in impeccable condition when I purchased it and is still in a very “like new” condition. Sometimes I like to adorn its handles with a favorite scarf. This one happens to be a lightweight summer scarf that I purchased in Paris, a trip I took when I turned 21 (many moons ago!). However, sometimes the larger, rectangular bag is impractical and something smaller is much more appropriate. That’s where the clutch will come in handy. I just purchased it this weekend on our trip to La Jolla. It was an affordable souvenir at only $30. At such an inexpensive price point, I won’t feel guilty for using it just a few times during the summer. So how about you….do you have any straw bags in your collection? If not, it’s not too late to pick one up to enjoy the rest of the season. Happy Summer!

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