My Affair with Suzanne Kasler’s “Linwood Chair” for Hickory Chair Company

I had a secret love affair with a certain piece of furniture for a very long time. When I first laid eyes on the Linwood Chair designed by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair Company no other piece of furniture in the room mattered. When we met the timing could not have been better. It must have been around 2008 or so (I can’t remember exactly) when Mr. B and I were redecorating our shared office at our former home.  We needed to meld individual taste.  We needed to meld each other’s style into a cohesive, compatible office design that would be functional and efficient for both. The solution was to purchase matching desks but each could select their own desk chair. Naturally, I  saw this as an opportunity to purchase the beautiful Linwood side chair designed by the uber talented Suzanne Kasler, for the Hickory Chair Company.

The purchase was a bit of a splurge.  I could have easily found a less expensive option. But I knew if I didn’t buy the Linwood, it would be something I would continue to secretly covet for years to come.  If I purchased anything else I knew I would always regret my purchase and treat it like a lonely stepchild.

I felt like a kid in a candy store when the time came to custom order my Linwood Side Chair.  I selected “Noir” for the frame finish and chose to use one of their many fabrics offered. I added antique silver nailhead trim to add a bit of extra detailing to the piece.

The picture to the left shows the chair in the former (shared) office space about seven or eight years ago at our old home. Funny, how one’s style evolves and thankfully for the better.  I’m actually embarrassed to show this picture but felt that if I didn’t then someone would be sure to inquire about my very own Linwood.

My current office is undergoing a massive redecoration and the room will look nothing like the one in this picture. But one thing will remain….my beautiful Linwood Side Chair! The Linwood and I have been together many years now.  We have shared two houses together and I still manage to love it.  In fact, I am sitting in the Linwood as I write…

For your viewing pleasure, I rounded up a few additional examples of the beautiful Linwood Chair.

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The picture above is the former dining room in the Hollywood Hills home of another one of my favorite designers, Mark D. Sikes. His home was renovated and captured in Veranda Magazine some time ago where I noticed that the chair had been relocated to a guest bedroom (photo below).  Mark is a fabulous designer who is currently participating in the Greystone Mansion Show House in Beverly Hills and is currently renovating the first floor Grand Hall.  He has been posting tidbits on his instagram and I can already tell it’s going to be fabulous. I can’t wait to visit!

On a side note….Mark, if you are reading this I would like you to know that your feature is what got me to purchase that particular issue of Veranda and got me into gear to renew my lapsed subscription!


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