Easter is just around the corner and I can’t help think about the sweet treats that would accompany the holiday as a child. I have very fond memories of the Easter baskets that my mother would painstakingly put assemble each year for me as a child. The beautiful rattan basket would be filled with almost every Easter candy imaginable, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a pretty bow. My mother always went above and beyond to make my holidays special. As a grown up, the Easter baskets may have vanished but the desire for an occasional chocolate is something that lingers on. I definitely wouldn’t mind if the Easter bunny decided to return and deliver some of the impeccable sweet treats skillfully crafted by Nectar and Stone. Unfortunately, Nectar and Stone does not deliver to the United States (they are located in Australia and primarily focusing on commercial accounts) but that doesn’t prevent me from admiring their edible works of art. Plus, it will save me from devouring a few extra calories…although I am sure they are worth it! So for now I will just have to continue to admire their lovely instagram account.

nectar and stone chocolate pyramids reviving charm

Nectar and Stone is definitely known for their chocolate pyramids that have been made in a variety of hues. Aren’t they charming bits of loveliness?reviving charm nectar and stone chocolate pyramids

nectar and stone chocolate pyramids shades of pink reviving charmnectar and stone chocolate marbles and diamonds reviving charm

Above: Chocolate Marbles and Chocolate Diamonds.

nectar and stone chocolate pyramids and flowers reviving charmnectar and stone chocolate australia reviving charmnectar and stone australia chocolate boxes reviving charmnectar and stone flowers reviving charmnectar and stone blue chocolate box reviving charm

Caroline Khoo graciously allow me to enter into the world of Nectar and Stone to answer a few questions and provide a glimpse into the studio.

Q: You originally had a career in fashion. At what point did you realize “I’m onto something here” and decide to make the leap into the baking world?

A: Nectar and Stone was completely unintended. After working in the fashion industry I spent some years in the medical industry. During the time I spent in the medical industry I had my first son and decided to take a break as the company couldn’t offer part time. The first two years I spent being creative with my son’s food as he wasn’t interested in food. Once I had my second son, I found myself more and more being creative with savoury and sweet food and could see I had developed a particular style. When I eventually decided to give it a go in 2013 I gave myself a 1 year goal to see if I could make something out of the business.

Q: You photograph your products yourself, which are all captivating and beautifully styled. What word of advice can you give to someone who might be a new photographer?

A: Practice, practice, practice – using the same equipment at different times of day and master the equipment, then upgrade and continue to do that. It is so important to understand lighting.

Q: It must be exciting working on your new book. Can you share a little bit about it with us and when you expect it to be released? I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

A: At this stage it is all confidential and we want to keep everything a surprise. It is very exciting and look forward to sharing with my community my work.

Q: I understand your home and workspace is just as beautiful as the sweet treats you artistically create. My website features various aspects of stylish interiors. Would you be willing to share some pictures of your home and workspace?

In response to the question above, the following photographs by Aimee Jones Photography were provided by Nectar and Stone.

nectar and stone interiors by photographer Aimee Jones reviving charmreviving charm nectar and stone interiors by photographer Aimee Jonesnectar and stone interiors by photographer Aimee Jones_ reviving charm


  1. Karen B. says:

    Those candies look like decorative sculpture! Are they delicious? I’m an avid fan of See’s Candy, even over Godiva. I think Godiva is lovely to look at but not as delicious (in my opinion) as See’s. It’s a good thing I don’t have more of a sweet tooth, I could be in trouble! 🙂
    Enjoy your Easter, hope it’s got some surprises in the way of delicious treats.

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