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Marine Lair

I love stalking real estate listings for places that I travel to and since we are in La Jolla, California I thought I’d share “Marine Lair” with you today. The 3,124 square foot home with 3 bedrooms and 4.5 baths is situated on a tiny 2,560 square foot lot located directly across the street from the beach. The home was built by Andrew Canter, the 34-year-old owner of Canter Companies and real estate investment banker, who spared no expense in designing and building a contemporary beach home (and bachelor pad…he’s single) in one of Southern California’s premier oceanfront communities.

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Andrew Canter at Marine Lair

Canter put his development team to the test by informing them that his vision and “…concept was to create something rare and extraordinary in every aspect of the design.” The home is very sculptural in nature and incorporates carefully curated rugged and exotic materials, such as koa wood veneer harvested from Hilo, Hawaii. This isn’t surprising coming from an owner working with a craftsman who spent a lot of time building boats. It feels like a little jewel box on the beach and it can be all yours for $11.8 million. If you don’t have access to that much cash don’t worry…the seller is accepting bitcoin.

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Contents of the Kennedy “Winter Whitehouse” to be Auctioned

It just might be the sale of the year.

2016, that is.

On January 23, 2016, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers will host an auction of Kennedy furnishings and belongings.  The contents belonged to the Palm Beach, Florida estate officially known as “La Guerida” — bounty of war, which was affectionately nicknamed the Kennedy “Winter White House”.

Kennedy Auction Catalog_Reviving Charm

The cover (shown above) of the auction catalogue house is already listed on the Leslie Hindman Auctioneers website. But  it is reported that the catalog will not be made public until about a month before the auction takes place. If you’re allured by the Kennedy mystique, then this sale will be something worth keeping an eye on.

Items to be included in the auction.

In 1995 the Kennedy family sold the 15,000 square foot estate, complete with its contents to John K. and Marianne Castle.  You can read about the sale here.  The Castles lovingly restored the estate over several years and preserved some of the rooms with its original contents.  The Castles sold the estate this summer with a condition that they be able to maintain its contents. They have since decided to auction them off.  Not a bad business move.

Here is a round up of pictures featuring the lovely estate then and now. 
via veranda

For more history on the Kennedy Winter White House, take a look at THIS post. 

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Naming a Home

I live with Mr. B in a Southern California beach community where naming a home is not a common practice. We have been fortunate to have traveled quite a bit and I am always intrigued by properties that we come across in our travels that have been named.  Over the Fourth of July weekend we took another trip to the quaint coastal town of Carmel, California where a vast majority of the homes have a name associated with them.  Many homes in this affluent seaside community may have a humble appearance but their proximity to the Pacific Ocean is enviable. The City is nestled along the most beautiful stretch of Pacific Ocean coastline where even the most humble of abodes can fetch multi-million dollar price tags. In real estate location is everything.



After walking through the charming residential neighborhoods of Carmel I noticed that naming a property isn’t just for the elite who own wealthy, vast estates sprawled over acres of land.   Many of the homes (like the one above) seemed no more unique than our own 1960’s seaside ranch home.  It got me thinking…..would naming our own humble ranch style home feel pretentious in an area where it is not the norm? Instead of looking pretentious (that’s definitely not the goal!), maybe our neighbors would view us as trendsetters? Maybe others would follow in our footsteps and decide to name their own homes? Or would people just not “get it”?  Whether we choose to a name our lovely home or not is still up for discussion, but the general notion of naming one’s home is something that appeals to me. It adds a charming quality to a home, especially if the name reflects the unique qualities and characteristics of the property…and their owners!

The pictures in this post are a few of the house plaques spotted on various neighborhood walks through Carmel.  I  discovered that many house names were quaint and charming, some predictable based on their location and others were just down right humorous. Maybe being humorous is the key to naming your home seem unpretentious? Everyone loves a good laugh, especially when you can laugh at yourself.