Art: A Focus on Mario Tirelli

Today a complete solar eclipse will be visible across a wide stretch of the United States that will sweep from west to east. It’s a huge deal since the last complete eclipse was back in 1918 and it hasn’t been since 1979 since the last eclipse was visible from the mainland United States. The next solar eclipse isn’t predicted to happen again until 2024 so many people are using this as an excuse to throw a theme party (although who really needs an excuse to throw a fun party?). I will actually be attending one by someone who knows how to host a fun festivity and my special glasses, from what I am told, have already been reserved for me. Hopefully, they match my outfit…

There is something beautiful about the simple shapes found in our solar system so I always find it intriguing when an artist chooses to select them as their subject. The contrast and tension between light and dark are also particularly appealing to me and these simple, rudimentary shapes can feel very fresh and modern when displayed in today’s interiors. Case in point is the interior below by French interior designer Jean Louis Denoit. The art on the wall is by Italian artist Marco Tirelli, who our focus is on today.jean louis denoit marco trielli moon artMany of Tirelli’s paintings and sculptures depict abstract subjects. His work has been described as capturing “indeterminate forms interacting with light and shadow, such that they appear to occupy three-dimensional space.” His art has been hard to categorize by some but has been referred to as “metaphysical” by others. marco tirelli moon art reviving charm 1

Marco Tirelli in his studio in Rome (2012).

marco tirelli studio in romemarco tirelli studiomarco tirelli moon art reviving charm

Tirelli’s first exhibit was in Milan, Italy in 1978 and his work has since been exhibited all over the world. The following pieces were shown last year at Axel Vervoordt Gallery in Belgium.

marco tridelli Axel Vervoordt gallery Reviving Charm

Exhibit at the Pastificio Cerere Foundation in Rome (2016)marco-tirelli black and white art

Exhibit at the Di Meo Gallery in Paris (2006) marco tirelli art Reviving Charm

Exhibit at the Palazzo Poli Istituto Nazionale Per La Grafica in Rome.marco-tirelli-palazzo-poli-istituto-nazionale-per-la-grafica Reviving Charm.jpg

Exhbit at the Venice Biennale (2013)louise-alexander-gallery-marco-tirelli-venice-biennale-Reviving Charmmarco-tirelli-venice-biennale-2013 reviving charm 1

Exhibit at the Museo Mathildenhohe in Germany (2002)marco tirelli art Reviving Charm 1

Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna, Italy (2002)marco tirelli artist Reviving Charm

I was hoping to use today as a way to pay special tribute to the moon. Although research for today’s post took me down a slightly different path than originally envisioned, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Enjoy the day…and don’t look up…well, at least not without your special eclipse glasses.

The Tribute to Carla Fendi

Carla Fendi was one of five sisters who ran Fendi and transformed it into a luxury goods empire until it sold to LVMH in 1999. She remained honorary president until her death early this morning. In 2012, Architectural Digest published the photos of her eclectic flat situated in a palazzo in the heart of Rome. In honor of Carla Fendi, let’s revisit the place that was once her beautiful home. You can read more about it here. Also, another great article about a night on the town with the legendary lady entitled “Carla Fendi’s Rome” can be found here.

Tuesday Tip No. 7: Decorating with Vintage Hats

I have always been a hat loving gal. My first (and only) trip to Paris was when I was 21 years old. I treated myself to a beautifully constructed straw hat that I still wear whenever the opportunity strikes, which is very rare in California.  It was a wonderful souvenir from the City of Lights. But one of my craziest hats is a large-brimmed hat adorned with oversized black feathers all around. It was custom made by Ruth Garland-Dewson, a well-known milliner formerly in San Francisco (often referred to as the milliner to the stars) for a formal Christmas Party Mr. B and I attended many years ago. Unfortunately, Ruth passed away several years ago and her small shop on Fillmore Street has since closed but her legend lives on!

I adore hats but given that I live in Southern California I don’t have the need to wear one often since the dress code here seems to get more casual by the minute. But you don’t necessarily have to be a hat wearing person to appreciate their construction, style and design. In fact, this picture from Victoria Magazine shows us that a hat collection can be a funky, whimsical decorative element when put on display in mass. In such a large grouping they become artwork for your walls.tuesday tip no 7 via Reviving Charm

“Luxurious, flirty and at times a bit sexy.  We’re out to prove a great hat can change your day.”  – Plaza Suite Hats
tuesday tip no 7 hats via Reviving Charm

Wearing a hat versus not wearing a hat is the difference between looking adequate and looking your best.  –Martha Sliter