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Red, White, and Blue

Tomorrow is the 4th of July holiday and today on the blog we are celebrating the spirit of summer with designs inspired by patriotic colors. Although I’m generally partial to neutral colors, I’ve always been drawn to a classic New England look that often incorporates red, white, and blue. Mr. B and I be celebrating by the water (one of my “happy places”) and heading to La Jolla. The fact that the holiday falls in the middle of the week this year is a bit of a bummer but it’s still a good excuse to seize the day and enjoy what summer has to offer, even if only for one day. What are your holiday plans?

I wish you a very Happy 4th of July. Stay safe..stay sane…

All the best, V.

coastal charm_reviving charm

There’s nothing more classic than a good stripe so I created a series of thick stripes executed in watercolor. Most have already sold and very few are still available.

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red white blue bedroom_reviving charm

SOLD. This is another painting I created for a client in Boston. This is one in a series of four different designs but all incorporated the same brighter blue and red tones. The colors seem most appropriateĀ for a New England interior.

sold_red and blue stripes


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My advice in yesterday’s post was to work less and play more. I took my own advice this weekend and tackled an art project for our seaside guest bedroom. I bought this frame from Goodwill about a year ago with the intention of giving it a new life. The frame measures approximately 4 inches by 7 inches. It was $3.99 plus it was coincidentally green tag day so I scored it for half off. For two bucks I really had nothing to lose. Heck, I can’t even buy a cup of coffee for that price. My plan was to paint the frame and make a new piece of artwork for it. This weekend seemed like the perfect time to tackle this fun, easy little project. Fun and productive all at the same time…I love it! thrifting at goodwill

The first thing I started with was the actual piece of artwork. I was trying to capture the blue and greens already in the room. I knew I wanted something simple and abstract since the rest of the room is fairly traditional in nature. I wanted a piece that didn’t look too serious. I did a simple wash of watercolors and called it good. Next up was painting the frame. I used two different colors of chalk paint. I used a dry brush technique as the top coat. I went back and added a subtle wash of gold in certain areas using my favorite “pot of gold”. If you want to learn how to use chalk paint or learn about my favorite pot of gold, check out this post. 

Painting on Labor Day by RevivingCharm_com

Here is what I thought would be the finished piece. I like the artwork and the frame with its new antique look. I didn’t like the stark white look of the exposed watercolor paper. I hung it on the wall and it just didn’t feel right…something was missing.

Then it dawned on me…a matt would have been nice. It would help make this piece fit into the room so much nicer. I decided to make my own matt from a piece of linen from my fabric stash. I turned out that this is just what the little painting needed.

watercolor art by RevivingCharm_com

So there you have it…my little weekend art project completed. I was able to spend a bit of free time doing something fun and creative while checking off a project from the “to do” list. I couldn’t be happier…