Breakfast At Tiffany’s is Made a Reality at The Blue Box Cafe

What is it about the allure and long-standing tradition of Tiffany & Company? I remember how excited I was to be gifted with my first Tiffany blue box. I now have a collection of boxes that I can’t find myself to throw out. I’ll probably keep them forever since they contained very special gifts. I once knew someone who got engaged in front of a Tiffany store (inside a mall! — South Coast Plaza, to be exact) with a small CD player set next to the groom-to-be that played music while he proposed (during mall business hours). Was it a corny and super cheesy proposal? Absolutely. But there is something about Tiffany that hopeless romantics cling to that probably has something partly to do with the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’ll admit to never have seen the movie although someday I will. I’ve always wanted to see it…

breakfast at tiffany's_reviving charm

Audrey Hepburn for the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Circa 1961.

The New York flagship store of Tiffany & Company recently completed the renovation of its fourth-floor space that includes a new cafe, Blue Box Cafe, named after their iconic packaging (read a related post here). With much anticipation, the cafe opened its doors yesterday with a line down the block. Naturally, the cafe is decorated in the company’s signature robin egg blue and the space is every bit as elegant and sophisticated as you would expect from Tiffany.  If you have ever dreamed about your own real-life breakfast at Tiffany’s, well…here’s your opportunity. tiffany blue blox cafe new york_3_ Reviving Charmtiffany blue blox cafe new york_2_ Reviving Charmtiffany blue blox cafe new york_1_ Reviving Charmtiffany blue blox cafe new york_5_ Reviving Charmtiffany blue blox cafe new york_4_ Reviving Charmtiffany blue blox cafe new york_9_ Reviving Charm

I would have loved to be in New York last night to attend the opening party or test out the cafe for myself. Tiffany states that they are serving up refined American classics that will change from season to season. I’ve heard the menu is simple and although I haven’t seen it for myself, the New York Post reported that breakfast, consisting of coffee, croissant and your choice of avocado toast, truffle eggs, a smoked-salmon-and-bagel stack or buttermilk waffles, is available for $29. A two-course lunch is $39. I’d love to try the “Fifth Avenue Salad” comprised of lobster and avocado, or the “C.L.T. Sandwich” paying tribute to the company’s founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, comprised of chicken, lettuce, and tomato. Tea service is also available. I am overdue for a trip to New York but next time I’m there I would love to try Blue Box Cafe and check out the newly renovated fourth floor with its cafe, new home and accessories line, collection of vintage books and perfume lab for myself.

Tiffany & Company – 727 Fifth Avenue  – New York
Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 5:30 pm  / Sunday: Noon – 4:30 pm


Audrey Hepburn: The Personal Collection at Auction

I will always consider Audrey Hepburn a fashion icon known for her flawless style. When I learned that she purchased Capezio’s (remember those?) in multiples and in every color it made me realize that she was a woman after my own heart. I love the versatility (and comfort) of the ballet flat and it is a staple in my own wardrobe. In conjunction with Christie’s, her children are auctioning off close to 500 items owned by their mother which include scripts, correspondence, pictures, fashion accessories, and clothing. The online bidding sale is already underway through October 3. The live auction will be held in London beginning on September 27. I am highlighting a few things that will be available but sure to view the live auction catalog for a fun read and a glimpse of what else is yet to come.

It is with great joy that we seek to share her spirit, through this sale…”.  –Luca Dotti and Sean Hepburn Ferrer, Audrey Hepburn’s sons

audrey hepburn photos auction Reviving Charm

audrey hepburn auction Reviving Charm 2

A Cartier powder compact circa 1950’s.audrey hepburn auction Reviving Charm 9

An engraved gold Tiffany & Co. bangle bracelet gifted from Steven Spielberg in the late 1980’s.audrey hepburn bracelet auction Reviving CharmAudrey Hepburn’s working manuscript for her defining role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s for Paramount Studios, circa 1961.audrey hepburn auction picture Reviving Charmaudrey hepburn auction_Reviving Charmaudrey hepburn auction Reviving Charm 4

1980’s Burberry trench coat.audrey hepburn burberry trencch coat auction Reviving CharmIn 1964, Audrey Hepburn attended an awards ceremony in Rome with her husband, Mel Ferrer, wearing a two-piece black satin cocktail gown also available through the auction.audrey hepburn auction Reviving Charm 5Audrey was photographed wearing this black satin cocktail dress in 1968 while dancing with her fiance Andrea Dotti. The feathers on this remind me of my favorite hat in my own collection that I mentioned here. audrey hepburn auction Reviving Charm 7

Preservation of the Spanish Steps in Rome

Mr. B and I have traveled to Italy on several occasions and while we have both been to Rome, surprisingly its never been together. With talk about traveling to Italy in our future we might just hold off visiting Rome until the renovation of the Spanish Steps are complete, which is estimated for Spring 2016.  The beautiful, iconic marble staircase that connects the Piazza di Spagna to the Trinita dei Monti church at the top of the staircase closed this month for renovation and restoration.

rome spanish steps at night reviving charm

A magical place in Rome during the evening.


Above and below – Spring is an especially lovely time of the year to visit the Spanish Steps.  They are graced with beautiful flowers that add to the charm of this wonderful public space.

rome in spring

The restoration and preservation project is being spearheaded by one of Rome’s top luxury jewelry brands, Bulgari.  Bulgari Group chief executive officer Jean-Christophe Babin has stated:

“Rome’s rich archaeological, artistic and architectural heritage has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our collections. The extraordinary patronage of a monument which represents the heart of our story is yet another expression of the indissoluble bond between Bulgari and the Eternal City.”

The Spanish Steps by Frederick Childe Hassam, 1897.

The Spanish Steps play an important cultural role in the heart of Rome and serves as an important gathering place for tourists and locals alike.  Taking a seat on one of the steps is a quintessentially Roman experience that can provide a restful retreat after hours of walking through the Eternal City. Trust me on this one! Find a spot anywhere on the steps and enjoy life parade before your eyes. Take a picture of your friends and family from the fountain at the Piazza di Spagna looking up to the steps and it is literally a “where’s waldo” moment.

Not surprisingly, the fashion industry has taken note of the Spanish Steps and has continually used it for photoshoots and even fashion shows. Talk about the ultimate runway!


harpers bazaar

Above – Harpers Bazaar

Haaster-Craig-reviving charm

Above – Marte Mei Van Haaster as photographed by Tom Craig. Vogue Russia – September 2012 issue. Via

Celebrating the Magic of Rome | Vogue Japan August 2015

Above and below – Celebrating the Magic of Rome – Vogue Japan – August 2015

However, I am particularly enamoured with the black and white photos from the 1950’s featuring life and fashion of the time.  Not surprisingly, the Spanish Steps have also served as a backdrop for the film industry during the 50’s (up through current day). Here is a round up of a few photographs taken during that era.

spanish steps reviving charm 4953_bellezza_aix_n2_febbraio_1949010_2_2

spanish steps 1952

Above – Circa 1952.

Above -  Model Anita Ekberg Via

Above –  Anita Ekberg. Via

audrey hepburn reviving charm

Above – Audrey Hepburn with her dog while shooting the film “A Nun’s Story”. Circa 1958.

Above - Audrey Hepburn photographed with Yorkshire Terrier, Mr. Famous and her mother, the Baroness Ella Van Heemstra. Circa 1959.

Above – Audrey Hepburn photographed with Yorkshire Terrier, Mr. Famous and her mother, the Baroness Ella Van Heemstra. Circa 1959.