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A Beautiful Bath on Sunday Spa Day

I imagine it being a hectic day for Hollywood actors and actresses as they prep and primp for a big night at the Oscars today. I’m sure part of their preparation (starting weeks or even months ago) was making sure that their skin will be in tip-top shape to ensure that it looks the best for the multitude of eyes that will be on them today. But even if you don’t plan on attending any red carpet events you really should take good care of your skin. It’s something I started doing regularly once I hit my 40’s but better late than never. I’ve mentioned before how, if at all possible, I try to reserve a portion of my Sunday evening to create a mini spa day at home. I’m going into a busy, stressful week (not great for skin, by the way!) so I plan to take a few hours for myself to treat my skin and relax this evening. I actually have appointments next week for a professional facial and massage so this is an excellent way to bookend my week. Believe it or not, after my long rant about skincare, this isn’t a post about skin care at all. I really just wanted to show you a couple of beautiful bathrooms. I know…a long segway…

garden court hotel palo alto_reviving charm blogI enjoy taking long soaks in a tub and would really love a bathroom designed like those at the Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto, California. A large, deep soaking tub is one of the things I left behind once moving into our seaside ranch home and is something I still miss. Note to self: when the time comes to remodel my bathroom definitely incorporate a luxurious tub that is deeper than the one I have now…oh, and add a rain shower also. What elements of bathroom design do you enjoy the most?garden court hotel palo alto 1_reviving charm blog

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A Beautiful Bath on Sunday Spa Day

My goodness…this bathroom took my breath away. The intricate tile work and freestanding bath tub are definitely eye catchers and the focal point of this beautiful space. This master bathroom highlighted in Beautiful Kitchens and Bath Magazine was designed by Holly Ogden of Wiseman and Gale Interiors for a home in Scottsdale, Arizona. The color scheme is perfect for the desert. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Sunday’s are my “Sunday Spa Day”, as I like to call it, and a bathroom like this feels like a true oasis. The bathroom even features a fabulous outdoor shower (photo: bottom right). An outdoor shower is a real luxury and several years ago I was fortunate to take advantage of the outdoor shower in my hotel suite. You can see and read about it here along with other outdoor shower design inspiration. Happy Sunday! 

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A Beautiful Bluff Park Bathroom

I love a beautiful bathroom. In fact, I’ve highlighted several beautiful baths in my “Sunday Spa Day” posts. Today’s beautiful bathroom is from a home that is currently for sale in the affluent Bluff Park neighborhood of Long Beach, California. It is situated on a block full of historic homes in a variety of architectural styles with great charm and character. I wouldn’t need an excuse move…I would buy it for the bathroom alone. Its’ size is opulent but the design is classic. Plus, the home is situated within a very short walk to the beach, which is is another definite plus.long beach bathroom via reviving charmA room like this commands a beautiful chandelier in place of the naked light bulb. Replacing the light fixture would be my first order of business. I’m thinking a nice chaise lounge would also be a great addition to this space. The space has heated floors, which is a great touch given the size of the room.bathroom design reviving charmI haven’t been shy about sharing my love of a freestanding tub. I can already see myself soaking in the tub while enjoying a gentle breeze coming through the window and the peaceful sound of rustling tree leaves. That’s my kind of heaven…
beautiful bath designsunday spa day bathroom design long beach california 4If you love the bathroom as much as I do then you definitely don’t miss a chance to tour the rest of the home. The video will make you want to start packing your bags. If you want to see the real estate listing, check it out here. 

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National Bubble Bath Day isn’t exactly an official National holiday but I will definitely stand behind something that promotes wellness and relaxation. I love, love, love taking baths. Taking 20 minutes out of my day is a wonderful way to decompress. I also find that after a long hot bath I sleep better at night. I also use it as an excuse to create a mini spa day at home to treat myself to a facial or manicure. I love to pamper myself and my skin. You should also!bath-quote-via-revivingcharm-1



I haven’t had time to book an appointment at the spa so the next best thing is treating myself to a Sunday Spa day at home today. This is something I do regularly to treat myself…and my skin. In honor of Sunday Spa day, let’s take a look at a beautiful bath with an elegant cottage vibe.


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Well, it’s not exactly a spa day. It is much too hot in California at the moment to be soaking in a tub. But…Sunday evenings are the perfect time for an at home facial and a post about a beautiful bathroom is the perfect accompaniment. Isn’t this bathroom by Janice Pattee Design just divine. I usually gravitate toward light, white bathrooms but this one might have me changing my design preferences. What do you think about this bathroom design?janice pattee bathroom design via RevivingCharm_com

I like the organic quality of this room and the amazing floors sealed the deal for me. Having large windows in a bathroom is a luxury and helps keep the space light and bright.
janice pattee design via RevivingCharm_com 3janice pattee design via RevivingCharm_com 1janice pattee design via RevivingCharm_com

Oh…in case you are curious…I am indulging my skin today with a three step “Power Bright” facial from Ole Henriksen. It’s a great way to wind down and relax before the craziness of a hectic week begins.

Images via Traditional Home 


Unless you are building a brand new home, sometimes you have to compromise on a few things. This was true for us when we bought our home a few years ago. Although I happily gained way more than I could have imagined when we bought our current home, I did have to say goodbye to a newly remodeled bathroom with a large deep soaking tub. I was having this very same conversation with a neighbor a while ago and it was suggested that we add a new bathroom since its not possible to accommodate a large freestanding soaking tub in the current configuration of our home. I remarked “what a wonderful idea”. And it really is a wonderful idea. Something I had not actually thought about. But since having that conversation I will admit to flirting with the idea in my head. I’ve even gone so far as trying to figure out (in my head) the best location for windows so I can take in the views of the trees behind our property while soaking in the tub. Details. But then reality kicks in and I come to terms with the fact that the likelihood of adding on is absolutely zero. Afterall, we don’t actually need another bathroom. But if my dreams ever do come true my ideal bathroom would be exactly this. And if the window looked out toward an unobstructed ocean view, it would call this room picture perfect.

dream bathroom remodel via reviving charm 1

The owners of a Tudor home located in Palo Alto, California home called on Los Angeles Designer Lindsay Chambers when it came time to remodel their original bathroom. Lindsay took the original bathroom and enlarged it to a spacious 150 square feet. A quiet elegance is achieved by incorporating a show-stopping freestanding tub and herringbone tile from Waterworks. The shower is roomy; measuring in at 6’6″ x 3’4″ feet. It is outfitted with a steam unit, rain shower and hand shower. Job well done!

dream bathroom remodel via reviving charm 2dream bathroom remodel via reviving charm

It’s your turn. Tell me one thing about your home that you fantasize about changing, fixing or adding? Inquiring minds want to know.

Photos by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest.