Celebrating My Birthday Marchesi Style

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A table at Patisserie Marchesi.

Happy Birthday to me!  Mr. B and I will be celebrating my birthday today in Milan, Italy. Mr. B has a very special dinner planned for us but I can’t help but want to celebrate the entire day! As part of the festivities, I plan on buying myself some birthday gifts and stopping into Patisserie Marchesi to enjoy a piece of birthday cake.

Marchesi Pasticceria is one of the oldest bakeries in Milan, Italy. They are not only known for their fine pastries but also their stylish decor. Marchesi was first established in 1824, but in 2014 an 80% share of the company was purchased by the Italian luxury brand Prada. Even though the company has gone corporate, the Marchesi family is still very much involved in its operation. There is now a total of three locations in Milan, with the newest locations opening as recent as September 2015 and September 2016. I’ve been to the original location so this time I plan to visit the newest location in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. This particular location is actually situated on the mezzanine level over the Prada boutique. Based on the picture below, I can already tell that this will not only be a great place for a fine pastry but a perfect location for great people watching. And while I am at it, I plan to pick up some of their pastel-colored boxes for sweet treats to bring back home as souvenirs. Pasticceria-Marchesi-Galleria-Vittorio-Emanuele- Reviving charm 3Pasticceria-Marchesi-Galleria-Vittorio-Emanuele- Reviving charm 6Pasticceria-Marchesi-Galleria-Vittorio-Emanuele- Reviving charm 5Pasticceria-Marchesi-Galleria-Vittorio-Emanuele- Reviving charmmarchesi milan 4marchesi milan 1marchesi milan 2marchesi milan 3

Photos via Pasticceria Marchesi.


If you have followed me for a while then you already know that Mr. B and I are usually away on vacation during this time of year. Our anniversary and my birthday are a week apart so we use these special events as a great excuse to pack our bags and get away. Last year we spent our time in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. Part of our stay included time on Cape Cod where we stayed at a lovely inn. You can read about the inn here. I am just realizing that we have taken a few trips since then and never got around to posting about them. Which begs the question..when is it too late to post something?

Unfortunately, with my recent surgery we made no real plans for either occasion since we had no idea what kind of shape I would be in post surgery. I will admit that this really kicked my butt and I thought my recovery would come along much quicker. I’m still recuperating so we are staying close to home to enjoy a nice quiet dinner at a local restaurant. If I am up to it, I might spend a part of the day to do some online shopping and buy myself some birthday gifts. I think deserve it!

To celebrate my birthday let’s enjoy some cake and ice cream today! happy-birthday-to-reviving-charm-2016


One year ago I hit the “publish” button and let Reviving Charm go live. I have never looked back.

reviving charm turns one blog anniversary blog birthday

I originally wanted this blog to serve as an on-line journal to capture inspiration for the seaside ranch home that Mr. B and I purchased over 3 years ago. I also wanted to participate in “One Room Challenge” organized by Linda of Calling it Home. However, there was one slight problem: I didn’t have a blog! Linda’s challenge was the impetus needed to create a blog (in about a week!), start journaling and start documenting the makeovers in our home. Hence, the name “Reviving Charm”. It all began with the makeover of our seaside guest bedroom. It has also served as a wonderful outlet to document other sources of inspiration. I promise I will be showing more of our home….stay tuned!

Most importantly, I have connected with some wonderful people and the camaraderie shared has been a wonderful, unexpected surprise. I know you have many blog choices to choose from and I thank each and every one of you who stops by to read Reviving Charm. I appreciate it. And over this next year I hope Reviving Charm continues to provide content that you find interesting. Always feel free to let me know the things you enjoy reading about here on Reviving Charm. I also hope the blog will continue to flourish so feel free to pass along a link to share with a friend (shameless plug!). I always welcome the opportunity to make new friends!

Again, thank  you, dear reader….XOXO, V.