From the Desk of Reviving Charm

Reviving Charm turns 2 blog anniversary

From the desk of Reviving Charm: A heartfelt thank you from me to you.

Dear Readers,

It’s two years and 271 posts later. When you start a new endeavor you never really know where it will take you. I started this site a while after we moved into our seaside ranch home as a way to document the transformation of our fixer-upper. Admittedly, I haven’t shared much of our home and the projects are slow to come. I can barely finish one room without already starting to think about re-doing it. Am I the only one with this problem? The guest bedroom is a prime example.

I’ve tried to find my voice along the way and be true to myself. I post about things that inspire me in hopes that they inspire you also. Each post is a little glimpse into what gives me joy. And if you truly want to know what makes me tick then don’t forget to review my list here. 

I’ve watched the readership of my humble little blog continue to grow and have made some nice friendships that would not otherwise have happened if it weren’t for this site. Thank you to everyone who continues to visit and particular thanks to those who’ve left comments and to those who’ve reached out. Your support of this website and the somewhat anonymous woman behind the keyboard is what fuels the fire to keep posting. Thank you! I don’t ask for much from friends but as a birthday present, please share my site with friends and family. Pass along a post you think they might enjoy or give Reviving Charm a shout-out somewhere. Remember my motto…sharing is caring!

Again, thank you for your continued readership. I know the internet is a vast space with an overwhelming number of reading options to choose from but you continue to visit and support Reviving Charm. I appreciate it more than you will ever know…

Grazie Mille & All the Best.


One year ago I hit the “publish” button and let Reviving Charm go live. I have never looked back.

reviving charm turns one blog anniversary blog birthday

I originally wanted this blog to serve as an on-line journal to capture inspiration for the seaside ranch home that Mr. B and I purchased over 3 years ago. I also wanted to participate in “One Room Challenge” organized by Linda of Calling it Home. However, there was one slight problem: I didn’t have a blog! Linda’s challenge was the impetus needed to create a blog (in about a week!), start journaling and start documenting the makeovers in our home. Hence, the name “Reviving Charm”. It all began with the makeover of our seaside guest bedroom. It has also served as a wonderful outlet to document other sources of inspiration. I promise I will be showing more of our home….stay tuned!

Most importantly, I have connected with some wonderful people and the camaraderie shared has been a wonderful, unexpected surprise. I know you have many blog choices to choose from and I thank each and every one of you who stops by to read Reviving Charm. I appreciate it. And over this next year I hope Reviving Charm continues to provide content that you find interesting. Always feel free to let me know the things you enjoy reading about here on Reviving Charm. I also hope the blog will continue to flourish so feel free to pass along a link to share with a friend (shameless plug!). I always welcome the opportunity to make new friends!

Again, thank ¬†you, dear reader….XOXO, V.