Breakfast At Tiffany’s is Made a Reality at The Blue Box Cafe

What is it about the allure and long-standing tradition of Tiffany & Company? I remember how excited I was to be gifted with my first Tiffany blue box. I now have a collection of boxes that I can’t find myself to throw out. I’ll probably keep them forever since they contained very special gifts. I once knew someone who got engaged in front of a Tiffany store (inside a mall! — South Coast Plaza, to be exact) with a small CD player set next to the groom-to-be that played music while he proposed (during mall business hours). Was it a corny and super cheesy proposal? Absolutely. But there is something about Tiffany that hopeless romantics cling to that probably has something partly to do with the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’ll admit to never have seen the movie although someday I will. I’ve always wanted to see it…

breakfast at tiffany's_reviving charm

Audrey Hepburn for the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Circa 1961.

The New York flagship store of Tiffany & Company recently completed the renovation of its fourth-floor space that includes a new cafe, Blue Box Cafe, named after their iconic packaging (read a related post here). With much anticipation, the cafe opened its doors yesterday with a line down the block. Naturally, the cafe is decorated in the company’s signature robin egg blue and the space is every bit as elegant and sophisticated as you would expect from Tiffany.  If you have ever dreamed about your own real-life breakfast at Tiffany’s, well…here’s your opportunity. tiffany blue blox cafe new york_3_ Reviving Charmtiffany blue blox cafe new york_2_ Reviving Charmtiffany blue blox cafe new york_1_ Reviving Charmtiffany blue blox cafe new york_5_ Reviving Charmtiffany blue blox cafe new york_4_ Reviving Charmtiffany blue blox cafe new york_9_ Reviving Charm

I would have loved to be in New York last night to attend the opening party or test out the cafe for myself. Tiffany states that they are serving up refined American classics that will change from season to season. I’ve heard the menu is simple and although I haven’t seen it for myself, the New York Post reported that breakfast, consisting of coffee, croissant and your choice of avocado toast, truffle eggs, a smoked-salmon-and-bagel stack or buttermilk waffles, is available for $29. A two-course lunch is $39. I’d love to try the “Fifth Avenue Salad” comprised of lobster and avocado, or the “C.L.T. Sandwich” paying tribute to the company’s founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, comprised of chicken, lettuce, and tomato. Tea service is also available. I am overdue for a trip to New York but next time I’m there I would love to try Blue Box Cafe and check out the newly renovated fourth floor with its cafe, new home and accessories line, collection of vintage books and perfume lab for myself.

Tiffany & Company – 727 Fifth Avenue  – New York
Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 5:30 pm  / Sunday: Noon – 4:30 pm