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Crystal Palecek’s New Office

I had lunch with a couple of friends a few days ago. One friend was sharing details about the remodeling being planned for her home while the other, a recent empty nester, was talking about a redecorating project currently in process. Specifically, the empty nester was turning a bedroom into a new office and craft room. She couldn’t be more excited about it. I could relate to her giddiness because it wasn’t until we moved into the seaside ranch home that I was able to decorate my very own office space. Coincidently that evening I also read about the new office of Crystal Palecek, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of Rue Magazine. Here’s a look at Crystal’s new office space but be sure to read the interview with her to learn more about the design, its inspiration and sources for her project. After hearing about my friend’s project and seeing Crystal’s new office, it made me start rethinking my own space. Uh-oh…can you see where this is headed?Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 2Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 4Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 3Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 5Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charmCrystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 6Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 7Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 8Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 10Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 9a

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Inside Martha’s Closet

What do you do when you need more room to store clothes, shoes, and accessories? Well, if you are Martha Stewart, you call California Closets to help convert an unused bedroom into a new walk-in closet. Her only prerequisite was to use pieces that are modular so that the architectural details of the room were not disturbed. This also gives her the flexibility to convert the space back into a bedroom if ever needed. I am very fortunate to have a walk-in closet but lately each time I walk inside, I keep telling myself that I need to do a good purge. After the purge, I might look at updating my closet a bit. The existing color scheme in my closet is similar to Martha’s incorporating emerald green, grey, and antique pieces but I have been wanting to repaint the room and add crown molding. Besides working in the garden, this sounds like another great Springtime goal. We shall see…

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm 1

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm 2

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm 3

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm 4

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm 5

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm 7

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm 8

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm 6