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Why My Dog Has His Own Custom Stationery

There is an etiquette column in the March issue of Good Housekeeping that provides tips for “Saying Thanks”. Good manners never go out of style so I thought I would share some useful information as a reminder of what an appropriate level of “thank you” should look like. In my own life, I don’t practice a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes time to expressing gratitude. We may have busy schedules and it may be easy to take advantage of technology to send a quick text, but depending on the gesture this might not be enough. The list below was taken directly from Good Housekeeping and provides rules for what level of gratitude is most appropriate given a particular situation.

  • Send a text or email: appropriate for when a person’s thoughtfulness doesn’t require them to go out of their way. For example, a colleague shares notes from a meeting you couldn’t attend or a friend refers you to their doctor who turns out to be great.
  • Call or say it in person: appropriate when a small effort was extended. For example, a neighbor collects your mail while you’re away for a weekend or a fellow parent drives your kids home one day.
  • Send a handwritten note: appropriate for when time, energy, expertise, or effort was given. For example, someone gives you a gift for a special occasion, an acquaintance lets you pick their brain over coffee or a colleague covers for you at work. Personally, I love sending and receiving snail mail and I take great pride in purchasing stationery and composing a handwritten note.

We added a new Italian Greyhound puppy to our family several months ago (@orvietotheiggy) who, not surprisingly, has turned out to be quite the spoiled pooch. He has been lavished with gifts from friends and family since we got him and I found a fun way to show our appreciation for their thoughtfulness: I ordered personalized stationery for our dog! After all, good puppy manners are very important! Personalized stationery would also be a fun, unexpected gift for a new pet owner.

Here is our puppy checking out his new order of stationery.

Thank you from the dog_Reviving Charm

The pets in our family always give each other gifts for special occasions. Here is a thank you note being composed for Bradford, his Greyhound cousin.

Thank you from the dog_Reviving Charm 7

Thank you from the dog_Reviving Charm 1

Our dog has perfected his paw print “signature”, with a little help from a rubber stamp and my favorite ink pad (StazOn ink).

Thank you from the dog_Reviving Charm 6

Thank you from the dog_Reviving Charm 8

I might consider buying custom postage stamps in the future that feature a picture of my dog. However, in the meantime, Scooby-Doo will have to do.

Thank you from the dog_Reviving Charm 3

Thank you from the dog_Reviving Charm 9

Here you can see notes done and ready to be mailed. You can bet that our pup will be accompanying me to the post office to drop off his mail.

Thank you from the dog_Reviving Charm 5

Resources: I love supporting small businesses and was looking for something specialized so I first turned to Etsy to purchase both the stationery and rubber stamp.

  • Correspondence cards: I purchased my correspondence cards through this vendor who has stationery for specific dog breeds.
  • Rubber stamp: You can probably find a paw print rubber stamp at most craft stores. However, I wanted a very small stamp that I was able to find here.  
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Today is the Chinese New Year and according to the Chinese zodiac, each year in a 12-year cycle is represented by a different animal. This year happens to be the Year of the Dog. Do you own dogs or have any pets? I really do love dogs and hope that someday when the time is right (is it ever really right?) that Mr. B and I can become the owner of an adorable four-legged friend. In the meantime, I thought sharing a few images of “dogs in design” would make for a fun post today to honor the Lunar New Year. Needless to say, these all seem like well-loved, privileged pets that have a very comfortable life in some of the most beautiful spaces.

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”  –Charles M. Schultz

Year of the Chic Dog_Reviving Charmdogs in design_Reviving Charm blog 15dogs in design_Reviving Charm blog 11dogs in design_Reviving Charm blog 24dogs in design_Reviving Charm blog 23dogs in design_Reviving Charm blog 3adogs in design_Reviving Charm blog 4dogs in design_Reviving Charmdogs in design_Reviving Charm blog 5dogs in design_Reviving Charm blog 22dogs in design_Reviving Charm blog 18dogs in design_Reviving Charm blog 7

The end.
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I don’t believe in or study astrology. And if I come across a horoscope there is a 50/50 chance that I might read it…purely for amusement. According to Chinese astrology, I am a RATand interestingly enough some of the traits of a rat are those I actually possess (go figure). Do you know what animal represents you in the Chinese zodiac? If you don’t you can find out here.