Designer Beth Ervin is a woman after my own heart. Her sense of style tends to gravitate toward the traditional but it’s not stuffy or stiff. It’s a balanced look of casual elegance and it seems to work well even in her own Atlanta home located in the prestigious Buckhead neighborhood. Beth Ervin’s work has been featured several times in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine, but for the December issue she opens up her abode to share a glimpse of how she’s decorated her colonial home for the holidays. A festive garland and tree look right at home in the family room (so does their dog, Bunny), while small arrangements of fresh flowers are strategically placed in others. The online article mentions “an evergreen garland festooned with gold burlap ribbon cascades down the entry stairwell, and white hydrangeas and green apples fill heirloom silver vessels as centerpieces in the dining room.” The website features just the few pictures shared here. They whet my appetite with a desire to see more of the home (a sign that it might be time to renew my subscription). It’s clear that Erwin prefers to decorate with natural materials (again, woman…own heart….). The touches are small and tasteful but the home looks nothing short of beautiful. Beth Ervin_Christmas_Reviving CharmBeth Ervin_Christmas 1_Reviving CharmBeth Ervin_Christmas 3_Reviving CharmBeth Ervin_Christmas 2_Reviving CharmBeth Ervin_Christmas 4_Reviving CharmBeth Ervin_Christmas 5_Reviving Charm

tabletop christmas trees featured on Reviving Charm


After talking with many people about their holiday decorations, I would venture to say it’s about 50/50 when it comes to whether or not the tree is already up. Is your tree up already?

Adding a smaller tree to adorn a tabletop is a perfect solution for those short on space, don’t want to bother with a full-size tree, or just want to incorporate a bit of extra Christmas cheer.

At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year.  –Thomas Tusser

tabletop christmas tree_Reviving Charmtabletop christmas tree 1_reviving charmtabletop christmas tree 2_reviving charmtabletop christmas tree 3_reviving charmtabletop christmas tree 6_reviving charmtabletop christmas tree 12_reviving charmtabletop christmas tree 13_reviving charmtabletop christmas tree 11_reviving charmtabletop christmas tree 7_reviving charmtabletop christmas tree 9_reviving charmtabletop christmas tree_reviving charm

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about actually going all out to decorate the tree, I have a solution for you. Try keeping it simple by leaving the tree in its (almost) natural state. You can place it in a container to suit your decor, add pine cones, or just add lights. Easy peasy. tabletop christmas tree 8_reviving charmtabletop christmas tree 10_reviving charmFlocked trees aren’t quite as popular these days but it’s still a great alternative, particularly in a room dominated by white.
tabletop christmas tree 5_reviving charm

Don’t overlook those special architectural nooks and crannies that you might be lucky to have. Built-ins also provide a great opportunity to showcase a smaller tree. tabletop christmas tree 14_reviving charm

While the focus of this post shows some nice examples of how to incorporate smaller trees indoors, don’t forget that they can also be a great accent at the exterior of your home. A neighbor a few streets over actually puts up a full-size tree near the front entrance to their house but a much smaller tree, like the one below, is a festive way to welcome guests.
tabletop christmas tree 4_reviving charm


How’s your holiday decorating coming along? For me, yesterday was all about decking the halls. I went to my local nursery and picked out a tree, brought it home, and decorated it.  We even finished putting up Christmas lights on the small tree by the front entrance to our seaside ranch house. Needless to say, we were quite busy wreath_reviving charm

I also purchased several fresh wreaths for both indoors and out. Every year I put a wreath on the exterior of our home at each window facing the street. This year I opted to use several 28-inch wreaths with one, the largest wreath, measuring 48 inches in diameter. I also hang a wreath indoors over the kitchen window. For me, it doesn’t feel like Christmas until my wreaths are hung with their freshly tied new bows. I could actually forgo putting up a Christmas tree but I could never give up my wreaths! No matter what your design style may be, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate wreaths into your holiday decorating so let me show you a few great examples to get your creativity flowing. christmas wreaths_Reviving Charm 3christmas wreaths in windows_Reviving Charm 1christmas wreaths on gates_reviving charmchristmas wreath on gate_Reviving Charmchristmas wreaths in windows_Reviving Charmfront door christmas wreaths_Reviving Charmchristmas wreaths_Reviving CharmChristmas Wreaths_Reviving Charm 7christmas wreaths_Reviving Charm 2christmas wreaths indoors_Reviving Charmchristmas wreaths_Reviving Charm 1christmas wreaths_Reviving Charm 5wreath in kitchen_reviving charm blogchristmas wreaths on furntiture_reviving charmchristmas wreaths_Reviving Charm 6Christmas wreaths _Reviving Charm 2christmas wreaths in the kitchen_reviving charmwreaths on furniture_Reviving Charmwreaths on bookcases_Reviving Charmindoor christmas wreaths_Reviving Charmwreaths on mirrors_Reviving Charm 1wreaths on mirrors_Reviving Charmdining room christmas wreath_Reviving Charmwreaths on chairs_Reviving Charm 3wreaths on chairs_Reviving Charm 2wreaths on chairs_reviving charm 4wreaths on chairs_reviving charm



To see more lovely wreaths I’ve previously featured then check out this and this. 

staying neutral for the holidays_Reviving Charm

Christmas Decor: Staying Neutral for the Holidays

In just a matter of days, we’ll be in full holiday mode. It’s my favorite time of the year and I look forward to the hustle and bustle of the season, the energy in the air and all the beautiful decorations that pop up for the holidays. Mr. B and I won’t be hosting Christmas this year but that doesn’t mean we’ll skimp on decorating. The wreaths on the exterior of the house will still go up (all four of them) and we’ll buy a Christmas tree, although we’ll scale back from two trees to one this year. I’ve been thinking about a new theme for this year’s tree and I just might have to take cues from Olga Gil-Vernet, stylist for El Mueble Magazine. She proves that staying neutral for the holidays is anything but boring.

What’s your holiday decorating style? Don’t be shy…do tell….Decorating for Christmas_Reviving Charm 3Decorating for Christmas_Reviving Charm 8Decorating for Christmas_Reviving CharmDecorating for Christmas_Reviving Charm 1Christmas_Reviving Charm 2Decorating for Christmas_Reviving Charm 4Decorating for Christmas_Reviving Charm 5Decorating for Christmas_Reviving Charm 6Decorating for Christmas_Reviving Charm 6aDecorating for Christmas_Reviving Charm 6a


Welcome to the inaugural post of “Tuesday Tips” here at Reviving Charm! I will be posting an idea (or two) to help infuse a quick dose of charm and style into your life on a weekly basis. Many of us are short on time with our busy lives and busy routines, especially during the holiday season, so the ideas I will be presenting are intended to be things that are relatively simple to accomplish. Anyway, that’s the goal…let’s see how it goes…and let’s roll with it! I hope you enjoy the new series…I’d love to hear your thoughts along the way! Here it goes….

For me, the past few days have been all about “decking the halls” and putting the finishing touches on all our Christmas decorating. I am sure many of you are still busy doing the same so it seemed natural to have this first Tuesday Tip be all about holiday decorating.

Tip No. 1: Fresh wreaths are one of my absolute favorite holiday decorations and I adore this idea of putting them at the center of attention above a mantle. Incorporating wreaths in a variety of different types of greenery introduces various textures that will allow you to leave them in their natural state to enjoy their individual beauty. Be sure to mix a few different sizes in and add a simple bow that coordinates with the rest of your decor to add a dash of color.

Tip No. 2: Fill decorative crystal bowls with fruit, such as oranges or pomegranates, and place them on a mantle or table for a quick way to add an extra element of nature into your holiday decorating.
tuesday-tips-1-christmas-via-revivingcharmSo there you have it…a few quick tips to help you out with your holiday decorating. Enjoy the season! 


This Top Designer’s Holiday Hosting Tips Are the BEST

I have been a fan of Alessandra Branca’s work for quite some time now, particularly after buying her book “New Classic Interiors” when it was first released in 2009. She has a wonderful sense of style and I can’t seem to get enough of the color red, which has become her trademark color. In a photoshoot for One Kings Lane this year, Alessandra shows off her own Victorian home in Chicago that is festively decorated for Christmas. And while we may all be busy tidying up and decorating our own homes in preparation for Christmas, Alessandra has a wonderful bit of advice:

No one’s looking for perfection. They’re just looking for you. And if you understand that, you’ll be the best hostess in the world.   — Alessandra Branca

Although One Kings Lane is an affiliate , all opinions in this post are my own.