I have been enjoying the kitchy coastal themed Christmas tree we have set up in our living room this year. If you missed the inspiration behind it, you can read my post here.  Given that we live in a beach community and love being on or near the water, I thought this round up of floating Christmas trees seemed appropriate for today. Merry Christmas Eve!

coastal christmas reviving charmchristmas on the lake: One of the cutest pictures I have ever seen! Have yourself a merry Nantucket Christmas ...: Nantucket Christmas tree in a boat. Can you imagine this tied to your dock? LOVE. Found on www.completelycoastal.com via www.flickr.com/photos/bawoodvine/3210230285:

A Uniquely Enchanted Christmas Inspiration #AnthropologieEu:

All images from Pinterest via: yankeemagazine.com – anthrolpologie.com – navelarchitecture.tumblr.com – completely-coastal.com – nantucketstock.com


On many occasions I have been aboard the beautiful 62 foot yacht, El Navegante. The yacht is typically docked in Newport Harbor (Southern California) during the fall/winter and each year it is decorated to participate in the annual Newport Beach Boat Parade. Over the years El Navegante has won several decorating awards, including the coveted Sweepstakes prize in last year’s parade. As you can see from the picture below, El Navegante’s 2014 elaborate entry was definitely prize worthy. And in case you are wondering…yes, that is real fire ignited from the dragon’s mouth!

El Navegante’s entry in the 2014 Newport Beach Boat Parade earns the Sweepstakes award.

Tonight marks the first evening of the 2015 boat parade, which runs through Sunday, December 20. The Newport Boat Parade is one of the most celebrated holiday events in the United States with this year marking the 107th year of its existence. It is the nation’s longest running lighted boat parade. There’s definitely something to be said for its longevity!

In addition to the elaborate holiday light display on the exterior of the yacht, I have always been quite fond of the Christmas tree that was set up on the inside. The coastal inspired tree design was a simple pleasure I looked forward to seeing year after year. It was at the heart of a gathering space surrounded by friends and delicious catered cuisine. I have wonderful memories of my time spent aboard El Navegante. Those memories inspired this post and played a huge part in the inspiration for my own coastal inspired theme for one of two Christmas trees set up in my own seaside home. While our main tree is traditional in nature with golds, silver and platinum hues, the secondary tree pays homage to the sand and sea with a festive, kitschy coastal theme.

Handmade ornaments made with genuine pearls grace our Christmas tree this year.

Here are a few close up pictures of my own coastal themed tree. If you look closely at the picture above you can see one of several teardrop shaped ornaments I made using genuine pearls. I hand-strung each of the pearl ornaments specifically for use on this tree. Pearls seem totally appropriate for a coastal inspired tree and I particularly like that it adds an extravagant touch!