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I may have been born and raised in a suburb of Los Angeles but sometimes I feel like a New England girl at heart. I have traveled to the east coast on numerous occasions and each time I visit I fall more in love with the region’s classic coastal style. Maybe part of the allure isn’t just about the architecture or decorating style. It really is about a lifestyle – one where much of life revolves around that water. Anywhere near the water is considered to be one of my “happy places”.

The Martha’s Vineyard home I am highlighting today was designed by Liliane Hart, a designer that Traditional Home Magazine named as one of 2017’s rising design stars. The home was featured in a recent issue of House Beautiful magazine and I have included pictures from both the magazine spread as well those from Liliane’s portfolio.  This also reminded me that I really shouldn’t wait too long to plan a trip to Martha’s Vineyard since it’s a place I actually haven’t been to yet but something tells me that I’m going to love it…

liliane hart designs_marthas vineyard_Reviving Charm 1

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liliane hart_marthas vineyard_reviving charm blog

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I’ve mentioned before that our home is designed around fairly neutral colors with not a lot of pattern since I tend to tire of things easily. However, if there is one designer that can convince me to step outside of my comfort zone and embrace color and pattern, it would be the talented Liliane Hart. She has a flair for color and a wonderful eye for mixing color and pattern with classic style. However, she also has her way with neutrals that are just as captivating. Many designers have a signature and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that,

kennedy cottage_reviving charm

A Kennedy Carriage House Turned Cottage

It’s amazing how the fascination with the Kennedy’s doesn’t ever seem to die down. The Kennedy name is synonymous with style so it’s no surprise that Architectural Digest recently chose to profile the circa 1904 Hyannis Port carriage house turned cottage belonging to Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy (son of the late Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy) and his wife Amy.

patrick kennedy cottage_Reviving Charm

One of the things I’ve always found interesting about Patrick’s grandparents, Joe and Rose Kennedy, is that as wealthy as they were, they never overly decorated their home on Hyannis Port, or the “Big House” as it was often referred to. Maybe they realized that it wasn’t practical while raising 9 kids? Or maybe it had something to do with the fact that since most of their time on the Cape was actually spent outdoors, they felt that the interiors didn’t need to be overly lavish? Patrick Kennedy confirmed my suspicion by stating in the article that “…it was never about the big house, the ornate architecture. The house was just a location. My grandparents were obviously very, very wealthy, but they never, ironically, invested a lot building out a really fancy house,” he says. “They were never trying to impress anyone. It’s very understated. [Our house] is a very glorified bunkhouse, a crash pad that has very nice architectural aesthetics.”  It seems that Amy and Patrick have carried on the tradition of creating a casual environment when turning their attention to the interiors of their own home on the Compound. They’ve created a welcoming beach house famously situated on one of the most idyllic settings on the bay.

patrick kennedy cottage_Reviving Charm 2

patrick kennedy cottage_Reviving Charm 3a

patrick kennedy cottage_Reviving Charm 1

patrick kennedy cottage_Reviving Charm 5a

patrick kennedy cottage_Reviving Charm 6a

patrick kennedy cottage_Reviving Charm 7a


Can you believe that summer has arrived? No one captures the essence of summer fun better than photographer Gray Malin, who is most notable for his bird’s eye views of the world’s most beautiful beaches from around the world. You might already be familiar with his work but it’s worth revisiting as a way to kick off the 2016 summer season. And if you are not familiar with his work then allow me to introduce you to his photography by sharing a few of of my favorite Gray Malin images.

photographer gray malin la-fontelina-umbrellas_-capri via reviving charmbagni-soliel_-viareggio gray malin photograph via reviving charmphotography gray malin bagno-eden_-cinque-terre via reviving charmphotographer gray malin neon-umbrellas_barcelona via reviving charm

I might as well take this one step further and use this as an opportunity to let you peek inside Gray Malin’s very own Los Angeles home. His fun loving attitude is definitely reflected in his own abode. Take a look around…notice how he incorporates his own artwork into his home. It might not be everyone’s style, but you can’t deny that fact that it looks like this guy knows how to have fun!

photographer gray malin home tour reviving charm

Gray Malin (left) with husband Jeff Richardson at their Los Angeles home.

photography gray malin home tour reviving charm gray malin home tour reviving charm 1

photographer gray malin home tour reviving charm 4

A pair of Gray Malin photographs flank each side of the room.

photographer gray malin home tour reviving charm

When I shoot a series, it always starts with one thought: Is this something I would hang in my own home?   –Grey Malin

photographer gray malin home tour reviving charm 14

Gray, Jeff and their dog Stella lounging in their Los Angeles house. The gallery wall behind them includes a collection of Gray’s photographs.

gray malin photography home tour reviving charm 11

A birthday bottle of champagne sits next to a Gray Malin photograph.

photographer gray malin home tour reviving charmphotographer gray malin home tour reviving charm 7

photographer gray malin home tour reviving charm 6

A great collection of sunglasses…a man after my own heart!

gray malin photographer home tour reviving charm 10

The room features two Gray Malin photographs: the one above the dresser and the one near the lamp (shown in detail below).

photography gray malin home tour reviving charm 9

photographer gray malin home tour reviving charm 8

Apparently, Stella has found one of the most comfortable spots in her home.


On many occasions I have been aboard the beautiful 62 foot yacht, El Navegante. The yacht is typically docked in Newport Harbor (Southern California) during the fall/winter and each year it is decorated to participate in the annual Newport Beach Boat Parade. Over the years El Navegante has won several decorating awards, including the coveted Sweepstakes prize in last year’s parade. As you can see from the picture below, El Navegante’s 2014 elaborate entry was definitely prize worthy. And in case you are wondering…yes, that is real fire ignited from the dragon’s mouth!

El Navegante’s entry in the 2014 Newport Beach Boat Parade earns the Sweepstakes award.

Tonight marks the first evening of the 2015 boat parade, which runs through Sunday, December 20. The Newport Boat Parade is one of the most celebrated holiday events in the United States with this year marking the 107th year of its existence. It is the nation’s longest running lighted boat parade. There’s definitely something to be said for its longevity!

In addition to the elaborate holiday light display on the exterior of the yacht, I have always been quite fond of the Christmas tree that was set up on the inside. The coastal inspired tree design was a simple pleasure I looked forward to seeing year after year. It was at the heart of a gathering space surrounded by friends and delicious catered cuisine. I have wonderful memories of my time spent aboard El Navegante. Those memories inspired this post and played a huge part in the inspiration for my own coastal inspired theme for one of two Christmas trees set up in my own seaside home. While our main tree is traditional in nature with golds, silver and platinum hues, the secondary tree pays homage to the sand and sea with a festive, kitschy coastal theme.

Handmade ornaments made with genuine pearls grace our Christmas tree this year.

Here are a few close up pictures of my own coastal themed tree. If you look closely at the picture above you can see one of several teardrop shaped ornaments I made using genuine pearls. I hand-strung each of the pearl ornaments specifically for use on this tree. Pearls seem totally appropriate for a coastal inspired tree and I particularly like that it adds an extravagant touch!

Nina Liddle and the Chatham Inn at 359 Main

If you have been following me on Instagram you know that Mr. B and I have covered a lot of territory in Massachusetts during a two week vacation. We stayed in a variety of accommodations ranging from quaint inns to high end, luxury hotels.  We carefully selected each lodging after painstaking research to ensure each detail of our trip would be nothing but pure delight!

For our stay in Cape Cod we decided to stay in the charming town of Chatham at the Chatham Inn at 359 Main to serve as home base for several nights which would also allow us to explore the areas around us. It is also located within walking distance to downtown shops and Chatham Lighthouse Beach. Chatham Inn at 359 Main describes themselves as a “five star boutique hotel”, which re-opened earlier this year after a rebranding and renovation.  As a designer and creator falling in love with the pictures on the Inn’s website I had to find out who was responsible for the beautiful decor of the newly renovated Inn. I discovered that the Nina Liddle Design, a Nantucket interior design firm was responsible for the beautiful interiors that pay homage to the Inn’s seaside location.  Nina Liddle incorporates a fresh color palette with hints of a casual, yet upscale nautical design. Serena and Lily fabrics are featured in most, if not all, of the 18 guest rooms.  The charming decor and friendly service at the Chatham Inn at 359 Main makes you feel like you’re a welcome guest in a dear friend’s home.

Views of the lobby and reception area. The beauty is in the simplicity incorporating gorgeous fabrics and textures. 

One of two stairways leading up to the upper floor guest rooms. This property dates back to 1830 so it is not equipped with an elevator, although the staff is gracious to assist you with your baggage. If you have mobility issues, this is something to be aware of.  However, ground floor rooms are also available.  

We were actually traveling with family so reserving Room 15 on the second floor of the Inn worked out perfectly. Room 15 includes two separate bedrooms with a private sitting room and private bath.

Each morning of our stay started with a delicious breakfast in the lovely dining room.

Can someone teach me how to fold a cloth napkin into a sailboat? I meant to ask when I was there but forgot! 

The breakfast does not disappoint.  There are many delicious options to choose from including a truffle omelet and chocolate pancakes with applewood smoked bacon. 

If you follow me on Instagram, this picture of a delicious muffin might look familiar. 

This post was unsolicited.  No compensation was received for this post.  The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.