reviving charm denim dayToday is Denim Day. It’s more than just a reason to dress down, it is an event in which people are encouraged to wear jeans (denim) in order to raise awareness of rape and sexual assault. Luckily, I have never been, nor know anyone who has been, a victim but it is a great way to show support and raise awareness.

Each year my employer recognizes Denim Day and allows us to wear jeans to work. I am an executive working in an office environment so “Snappy Casual” is the dress code I have adopted for days when I can wear a more relaxed look without sacrificing style and professionalism. My look of choice is jeans, heels and a blazer punctuated with wonderful accessories like a scarf and statement jewelry. If you are looking for a few ways to dress up denim here are a few examples. You can also check out my Pinterest board.

elin king reviving charm denim day

A simple scarf adds a great pop of color.

denim day reviving charm

Black Denim always looks chic.

denim day reviving charm fashion

A classic and charming look.

reviving charm denim day white denim

White denim always looks fresh and is a great look for Spring.

denim day reviving charm style

denim day jeans day reviving charm style fashion

I don’t want to make light of a serious issue so for more information on the history behind Denim Day check out this website.