One of the features that “sold” me on our seaside ranch home was the amount of closet space in the master bedroom. I immediately claimed the walk in closet as all my own. Don’t feel bad for Mr. B as he has more than ample space and is definitely not being deprived! Closet space is precious real estate in a home and I would venture to guess that most folks wouldn’t mind a bit of extra storage. Case in point is designer Susan Ferrier. She began using a spare bedroom as an additional closet with portable rolling racks to hang clothing and stackable storage bins for jewelry. After several years of living with a temporary closet, she decided to call upon California Closets to renovate the room into a beautiful closet and dressing area. She even had a washer and dryer installed in the space. Quite divine!


Telescoping rods are ideal for outfit preparation.



Susan Ferrier looks quite happy in her new closet space.


Outlets allow Susan to charge electronic devices; The new closet provides storage for approximately 80 pairs of shoes (my kinda girl!) and; brass details add a glamorous touch.


Images via Veranda Magazine.