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Spring Has Arrived

Today officially marks the first day of Spring. Happy Spring! I have been eagerly awaiting Spring because one of my main goals this season is to tackle the design of our small backyard garden. Mr. B and I opted to tackle the project ourselves (what are we getting ourselves into?) by planting a new row of privet to create a nice tall hedge and star jasmine as a pathway border. A simple, low maintenance green and white garden is what I’m going after. I am also looking to accentuate this area with a new garden bench. Do you have any great resources for garden furniture and accessories?

In the meantime, I am loving the New Orleans garden of the aunt of Jane Scott Hodges who is the owner of Leontine Linens. More of the garden can be seen here on Bettie Bearden Pardee’s website, Private Newport.

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I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden. –Ruth Stout

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I am also looking forward to all the beautiful flowers that will be in bloom this season. I was hoping to plant more in the garden for the purpose of having my own cutting garden but, frankly, it seems like too much of a commitment. Instead, my goal is to visit the farmer’s market more often to pick up more fresh flowers. The arrangement below is stunning, isn’t it?

What are your goals this season?

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When it comes to design I sometimes always obsess over each and every detail. It’s a fatal flaw of mine but I want to make sure I get things “just right”. Selecting fabrics for a particular project in our seaside ranch home is only half the battle. The other half is finding the perfect trim. When I came across these pictures in Milieu Magazine I was captivated by the fanciful decorator sketches accompanying trim from some of the finest companies around. Luxury is, indeed, in the details and can really transform an ordinary project into something truly special. Wouldn’t you agree?


Fringe trim from Houles.



Braid trim from Dedar.


Left: Tape and brush fringe from Schumacher. – Right: Tape and ball fringe from Jim Thompson


Tieback from Houles.


Left: pom-pom fringe from Samuel & Sons. – Right: beaded fringe from Houles.


Tape border and jute trim from Samuel & Sons.