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Dina Bandman Does It Again

If the name Dina Bandman sounds familiar, it’s because I featured a laundry room she designed for last year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase House. With showhouse season currently in full swing across the country, one of my favorite rooms from this year’s San Francisco showcase house is yet another room by Dina Bandman: a nursery affectionately known as “Lemondrop Lullaby”. Her inspiration was drawn from the lemon trees of California. It’s a sophisticated twist on traditional nursery design and is a welcome deviation from traditional pink and blue. With a little alteration, this space could easily be converted into a grown-up space. Let’s take a look at the details…

From concept…

dina bandman interiors moodboard

To reality…

dina bandman interiors 6

dina bandman interiors lemondrop

dina bandman interiors

dina bandman interiors 3

de gournay wallpaper dina bandman 1

The wallpaper is handpainted and sequined by famed wallpaper house, de Gournay. In conjunction with Dina Bandmand, this new beading technique is something de Gournay introduced at this year’s showhouse. Their wallpaper is nothing short of a work of art. Not surprisingly, their wallpaper is pricely but I’ve been hoping to one day find a panel, just one panel of wallpaper, that I could frame and hang on display.

de gournay wallpaper dina bandman

I’ve been seeing a lot of lattice as wall treatment lately. Here it’s used on the ceiling and is a playful touch to the “fifth wall”.

dina bandman interiors 5

The closet doors were originally a solid panel. A bit of molding, mirror, and great door hardware create a custom look that even the novice DIY’er can tackle. However, in this case, California Closets came to the rescue.

dina bandman interiors 1

dina bandman interiors 4

If you want to visit the San Francisco Decorator Showcase House you can purchase tickets here. It would be another great excuse to visit San Francisco. But, hurry…you can only tour the house now through May 28, 2018.

If you are curious about the vendors Dina Bandman used to create this space then check out this post on Dina Bandman’s website.

Images via Dina Bandman by photographer Christopher Stark, de Gournay,

laundering in lap of luxury_reviving charm blog

Laundering in the Lap of Luxury

Mr. B and I are on our way home today after spending several days in San Francisco. The fun is over and now the chore of unpacking and washing will begin. The laundry room is a great space to splurge and have fun with and that’s something designer Dina Bandman embraced when designing a luxurious laundry room for last year’s San Francisco’s annual Decorator Showhouse.  

Let’s take a tour, shall we…

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog

I have to admit that the picture above doesn’t reflect how beautiful the flush mounted ceiling light fixtures really are. The fixtures are from Waterworks and are part of their Marlon collection. Here’s a closeup from their catalog.

waterworks marlon flush mount 48118_1When it comes to decorating, blue and white will always be a classic choice. Dina Bandman chose de Gournay’s hand-painted “Thousand Li” wallpaper in the delft blue “Rivers and Mountains” pattern to serve as a beautiful backdrop. Here’s a closeup of part of the pattern.

dina bandmand de gourney wallpaper_Reviving Charm blog

“My taste is classic and this cobalt scene almost looks like a ginger jar on the wall.  — Dina Bandmand

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 5

The acrylic rods were sourced from TAP Plasticsin Los Angeles for under 30 bucks. You’d never know that they were so affordable because they look like a million bucks. They were a great choice due to the translucent quality. A metal rod would definitely not have provided the same effect.

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 7b

Bandman used Artistic Tile’s Sinuous Calcutta Gold stone mosaic tile along the backside of one wall. This is a great choice since you wouldn’t want to risk having hanging damp clothing damage wallpaper. Plus, it adds another interesting element to the space.

Artistic Stone Sinuous Calacatta Gold_Reviving Charm blog

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 4

The countertops and shelving are quartz from Cambria’s marble collection. The shelving brackets were custom made by a silversmith based on a design Bandman seen in a Paris bistro. Paris always inspires!

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 3

The laundry sink is from Kohler from their Iron/Tones collection, as is the faucet.

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 2

If you are the owner of an adorable pup (or two) and have a bit of extra space in your laundry room then why not add a dog washing station to help you keep the canines clean. A dedicated space just to wash your dogs really is a luxury!

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 6

Bandman did not overlook any detail in this room. I love the fact that she used gaufraged (embossed) leather to line the interior of this top drawer. It’s these type of elegant details that really make a space special.

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 11

Top dogs, top models…I think this pair approves of Bandman’s design!

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 9

Dina Bandman will be participating again in this year’s Showhouse. I can’t wait to see her design this year.