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The Newest Member of Our Family Plus Gifts for the Dogs in Your Life

After 20 years, Mr. B and I decided to get our first dog together: an 8-week old, 5-pound Italian Greyhound puppy. Preparing for his arrival was a LOT of work. We puppy proofed the house, purchased all the necessary supplies and read up on what to expect with a new puppy. If you have any tips on training a young puppy, please leave a comment below so I, and other readers, can benefit. Without further adieu, here’s our new puppy. He even has his own Instagram handle @orvietotheiggy that Mr. B has been managing but I will soon be managing also. Learn more about our adventure to bring him home here. 

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles Shultz

Orvieto the Iggy_Dec 1 2019 one week home_Revicing Charm

It goes without saying that we’ve done a lot of shopping before and after acquiring our new puppy. There are lots of products offered for pets so I’ve come up with a roundup of several companies offering stylish pet products that would be perfect for the dogs in your life this holiday season.

Some of the cutest toys are offered by Nandog. We already purchased the alpaca for our dog but have a feeling we’ll be purchasing a few more items from them.

nanddog stylish dog toys_reviving charm

Clothes shopping for our dog is a must. Italian Greyhound’s have very little fur and almost no body fat so it’s important to keep them warm. If your dog needs a new winter coat, this one from Dog Moderne has some great classic styling and detail.

dog moderne stylish dog coat_reviving charm blog


If you live in a more mild climate, this sweater is adorable. It’s also offered by Dogue Moderne, a new Los Angeles based company that offers cute clothing at prices that won’t break the bank. dog moderne stylish dog clothes_reviving charm

The Seattle based Maison Luxe home store and design studio recently opened Maison Woof. They are offering some of the most stylish bedding options made out of washable fabrics – a quality you definitely need in a good dog bed. They are a bit pricey but if you are looking for something stylish and durable, this is a great option. 

maison woof stylish dog beds_reviving charm

A more affordable option is this bed from Teddy Maximus. The bed offers an interchangeable cushion allowing you to mix and match fabrics. teddy maximus_stylish dog bed_reviving charm

I remember seeing the Good Dog day spa gift set several years ago at Neiman Marcus but this year it caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey and it made it to Oprah’s Favorite Things list for 2018. I particularly like the terry cloth doggie robe that is only available in this gift pack.

harry-barker-spa-day-bucket_REVIVING CHARM

Here’s another great gift set from Harry Barker that includes both toys and treats. harry barker_stylish dog_Reviving Charm

The Foggy Dog, based in San Francisco offers a great selection of doggie bandanas. They also offer some of the most stylish waste bag holders on the market that coordinate with their rope leashes that feature solid brass hardware. the foggy dog_stylish pet_reviving charm

Any dog would appreciate a nice cozy blanket to snuggle with. I purchased this blanket in brown but it also comes in grey. I like that it also comes in a variety of sizes. Our pup snuggles with it each night and I’ve washed it several times already. So far it seems to be holding up well.

I know many dogs that love rope toys, including my own puppy. These from Jax & Bones are seriously cute!

jax and bones dog toy_Reviving Charm

What dog doesn’t like to play a good game of fetch? These fetch balls by Harry Barker are offered in two sizes so dogs big and small can enjoy.

harry-barker-camper-dog-play-balls_REVIVING CHARM 1

laundering in lap of luxury_reviving charm blog

Laundering in the Lap of Luxury

Mr. B and I are on our way home today after spending several days in San Francisco. The fun is over and now the chore of unpacking and washing will begin. The laundry room is a great space to splurge and have fun with and that’s something designer Dina Bandman embraced when designing a luxurious laundry room for last year’s San Francisco’s annual Decorator Showhouse.  

Let’s take a tour, shall we…

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog

I have to admit that the picture above doesn’t reflect how beautiful the flush mounted ceiling light fixtures really are. The fixtures are from Waterworks and are part of their Marlon collection. Here’s a closeup from their catalog.

waterworks marlon flush mount 48118_1When it comes to decorating, blue and white will always be a classic choice. Dina Bandman chose de Gournay’s hand-painted “Thousand Li” wallpaper in the delft blue “Rivers and Mountains” pattern to serve as a beautiful backdrop. Here’s a closeup of part of the pattern.

dina bandmand de gourney wallpaper_Reviving Charm blog

“My taste is classic and this cobalt scene almost looks like a ginger jar on the wall.  — Dina Bandmand

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 5

The acrylic rods were sourced from TAP Plasticsin Los Angeles for under 30 bucks. You’d never know that they were so affordable because they look like a million bucks. They were a great choice due to the translucent quality. A metal rod would definitely not have provided the same effect.

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 7b

Bandman used Artistic Tile’s Sinuous Calcutta Gold stone mosaic tile along the backside of one wall. This is a great choice since you wouldn’t want to risk having hanging damp clothing damage wallpaper. Plus, it adds another interesting element to the space.

Artistic Stone Sinuous Calacatta Gold_Reviving Charm blog

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 4

The countertops and shelving are quartz from Cambria’s marble collection. The shelving brackets were custom made by a silversmith based on a design Bandman seen in a Paris bistro. Paris always inspires!

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 3

The laundry sink is from Kohler from their Iron/Tones collection, as is the faucet.

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 2

If you are the owner of an adorable pup (or two) and have a bit of extra space in your laundry room then why not add a dog washing station to help you keep the canines clean. A dedicated space just to wash your dogs really is a luxury!

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 6

Bandman did not overlook any detail in this room. I love the fact that she used gaufraged (embossed) leather to line the interior of this top drawer. It’s these type of elegant details that really make a space special.

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 11

Top dogs, top models…I think this pair approves of Bandman’s design!

dina bandmand san francisco showcase house_Reviving Charm blog 9

Dina Bandman will be participating again in this year’s Showhouse. I can’t wait to see her design this year.