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Celebrating A Slice of England

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I immediately wanted to host an event after seeing this beautifully decorated table (and photos below) on the Instagram account of @IndiaHicksStyle. The accompanying comment said “This time last week. Slice of England.” After a bit of digging around online, I came to learn that this lovely table was designed for a dinner held last week in the garden of  “American Farm”, the country English home of India Hicks and her partner David Flint Wood. The event celebrated India’s new book “India Hicks: A Slice of England” released earlier this year. Every guest received a copy of the book. But you don’t have to feel left out…you can purchase your own copy here. 

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india hicks floral_reviving charm

images via @indiahicksstyle

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Bouquets to Art at the de Young Fine Arts Museum

The de Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco is one of my favorite museums in California. I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of the architecture but the Museum has been host to some wonderful exhibits, including the Oscar de la Renta Retrospective that took place almost exactly one year ago. The museum’s observation deck is also a “must see”, offering a 360-degree panoramic view of the City by the Young Museum via Reviving CharmThis year visiting the annual Bouquets to Art exhibit at the de Young Museum was on the list of things to do while in San Francisco these past few days. The week-long art and floral event took place from March 14 – March 19, 2017, and celebrated its 33rd year. This is an event that calls upon some of the most talented floral designers to come up with fanciful arrangements inspired by the artwork and sculpture housed at the Museum. Given that today is the first day of Spring, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share a few of the floral displays there were exhibited at the Bouquets to Art this year and in years past.bouquets to art de young museum

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Three images above: courtesy of the de Young Museum of Fine Arts.

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Image via kellyvorves

Image via samazamasf

Image via llaveronica

bouquets to art de young museum

Image via shelbsdilli

Image via femiyogi

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Image via elisabethrene

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Did you know that the carnation is the flower of the month for January? Since we’re being honest here, I’ll admit that carnations are not my first choice of flower. Or second. Or third choice. For as long as I can remember I’ve never liked carnations. They’ve always seemed like such a generic flower and used as inexpensive “filler” in floral arrangements. Friends and family that know me well have learned to never include carnations in bouquets they send me. Even when I place an order with my florist Mary (for myself or as a gift), she always reminds me that she remembers my preference. “I know, I know…no baby’s breath or carnations,” she says.

Don’t tell anyone but I think I *might* be reconsidering my position on this matter. I hate to admit it but over the last couple of years I’ve had a secretly growing appreciation for the carnation. I might be eating my words (not the first time…or the last) but I am going to go out on a limb here and say that maybe this humble little flower is underrated.


Image via Sayeh Pezeshki


Image via Eddie Ross

There is definitely something to be said about a flower that lasts such a long time after it has been cut. Plus, the fact that they are so inexpensive is another perk. While I am not going to unequivocally dismiss my position, I did want to share a few pictures that have me thinking that I might have to give carnations a fair chance. carnations-via-revivingcharmtips-for-arranging-carnations-via-revivingcharm


Image via Floret Cadet


The beautiful pink carnations above and below are from the book Flair: Exquisite Invitations, Lush Flowers, and Gorgeous Table Settings” by Joe Nye. This book has been in my library since it was published in 2010 and I reference it often for inspiration. It’s visually stunning and packed with lots of entertaining tips. If you love to entertain, I highly recommend this book. It’s also a great book for gifting.carnations-joe-nye-book-flair-via-revivingcharm-1carnation-comeback-via-revivingcharm

After reviewing the pictures to be included in this post, I realized that carnations are appropriate for almost any season and for any holiday. Wow…another argument in favor of the carnation!carnations-for-fall-via-revivingcharm-1carnation-flower-arrangements-via-revivingcharmb8a43cf05d77e6cb2fc4f0aa833178d4


I previously posted about Carolyne Roehm’s inspiration for this tablescape. If you missed it, be sure to check it out HERE.


Decorating with fresh flowers is something I try to do as often as I can. The public spaces in our home are decorated in neutral tones and bringing in a little bit of nature is a great way to add a simple splash of color and a bit of extra visual interest. I particularly take great pleasure in using cuttings from our own garden to enjoy indoors.


Adding flowers to the bathroom shouldn’t be something reserved for only when guests come over. Believe it or not, one of the rooms I enjoy placing flowers in the most actually is the bathroom. I don’t fret over fancy arrangements either. For sake of simplicity and ease, I display a single stem in a bud vase or pretty container most of the time. When flowers aren’t in bloom interesting greenery is displayed instead.  Branches and twigs are also great alternatives.


Interior by Marion Lichtig

Try adding a fresh blossom to your bathroom. It doesn’t take much to create an additional layer of luxury to an often overlooked space. You’ll enjoy something beautiful to look at each morning as you get ready for the day.  It’s a simple pleasure and luxurious touch that everyone deserves to enjoy on a daily basis. Now excuse me while I go cut a beautiful hot pink camellia blossom from our garden that I’ve had my eye on…


Last week I got in my car and realized that a grasshopper was sitting on the front windshield. Not wanting to disturb it, I backed out of the driveway thinking he (or she) would jump off and find a new resting place. Much to my surprise I drove several miles with the grasshopper clinging to the glass for dear life. It was quite comical to see his (or her) little antennas blowing in the wind.  I reached my destination with the grasshopper still hanging on.  I got out of my car and shooed it away. I went shopping for about an hour and when I came back I realized that it returned. However, this time it was resting on the back windshield. I shooed it away again but it moved to its original resting spot: the front windshield.  I shooed it away again. This time I got in my car and hightailed it out of the parking lot like a mad woman before it had a chance to hitch a ride back home.

Needless to say, a day after my chance meeting with the grasshopper I came across these beautiful tabletop images. Coincidence? I think not!  –XOXO, V.

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Images via The House that Lars Built


I have come to realize that sometimes it’s not the most profound conversations that stick with me. More often than not, its a few words, a quote or a simple statement that make the most impact on me.  With that said, I am starting a new series here on the blog called “Happy Friday” where I will post a quick bit of inspiration featuring a quote accompanied by a photo (or a few!). This was something I have been debating on for a bit but quickly realized something: who doesn’t like a little inspiration and a bit of “happy” to kick off the weekend!?!  IMG_2779.JPG

As a California native, I have never had the opportunity of experiencing true seasons. It is officially winter and the temperatures dipped into the low 70’s today. I am still waiting the arrival of the storms affectionately nicknamed El Nino that the weather forecasters predict are coming. Because we are experiencing a drought in California I welcome El Nino with open arms. Bring it on! I know many of my readers are located in parts of this country and beyond who are in the midst of experiencing a harsh Winter and many may be anxiously awaiting Spring. Although I am enjoying this California weather I really can’t wait for the arrival of the beautiful blooms that erupt in the Springtime. So for today I leave us all with a few charming arrangements by Yasmine Floral Design in Los Angeles.

How right it is to love flowers and the greenery of pines and ivy and hawthorn hedges; they have been with us from the very beginning. –Vincent van Gogh