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Relais & Châteaux GourmetFest 

If I didn’t already have a trip to San Francisco scheduled for next month then I would seriously consider buying tickets for the 5th annual Relais & Châteaux GourmetFest that will be taking place March 15-18 in the quaint seaside town of Carmel, California. In a previous post, I discussed how I consider dining an experience and there’s no doubt that this event will be a “foodie extravaganza”. GourmetFest gathers highly celebrated chefs, prestigious wineries, and foodies from around the world to experience the best of gastronomy and wine. I guess I will have to wait for next year, but if you’re interested you can buy tickets here.

Over the course of four days guests indulged in over 18 events including a strolling welcome party, five wine tastings, two rarities events, two cooking demos, four lunches and dinners, two off-site tours and lunches, VIP parties and a closing event. Each event provides a unique blend of amazing chefs and impressive wine offering experiences not easily replicated.

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Oh, how I love the beautiful flowers this time of the year. As our seaside ranch home slowly comes together after over 3 years, I find myself starting to thing about the outside spaces. No doubt that I will be posting about pretty flowers and garden inspiration in the future. However, at the moment I turn my attention specifically toward edible flowers. Perhaps you might want to use this Mother’s Day weekend as a perfect excuse to create a beautiful, albeit delicious dish. I am sure the mothers in your life will approve!



Frozen in time and straight from your freezer….floral infused ice cubes are a great way to add a touch of simple charm.

Floral ice cubes.

A bucket full of floral infused ice cubes create a beautiful statement.

edible flower cocktail drink reviving charm

This recipe is for chamomile whiskey but these flowers would look equally as lovely garnished in a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade.

Important Disclaimer: This post was intended to provide inspiration only. I’ve provided pretty pictures but it is entirely up to you to figure out what is safe to consume and to do so at your own risk. Sorry, but that’s the reality of it….

  • Do not eat any flower or plant unless someone knowledgeable has informed you that it is safe to ingest and they have informed you about how to prepare it safely.
  • Keep allergies in mind..for your and your guests.
  • Avoid any flowers or plants that may have been sprayed with pesticides. 
  • Not all plants and flowers are edible. Some are poisonous either naturally or from the use of toxic chemical pesticides.
  • Flowers from florists, nurseries and traditional garden centers should not be eaten as pesticides may have been used.
  • I am not a expert nor or claim to be one. It is up to you to figure out what is safe to consume.
  • I have not tested any of the recipes linked to this article. By linking to them I am in no way saying they are safe. Refer to bullet point above.


Reviving Charm_How to host a champagne party


Many years ago Mr. B and I hosted a New Year’s Eve Champagne Party. It was one of the best parties we had. French bubbly and appetizers (including caviar) were served all night long and into the wee hours of the morning…it was great! This year, however, I am looking forward to a very low key, intimate celebration. I get cheated out of buying a new outfit and shoes but I guess the trade-off is the fact that I get to ring in the New Year in the comfort of my own home with the one person that means the most to me. That’s definitely better than any party dress…

If you don’t have plans yet for New Year’s Eve but feel like having a few friends over, try hosting your own champagne party. Trust me, pulling this together is easier than you think. Purchase individual serving size champagne bottles, which are readily available at most beverage shops. What’s nice about the miniature bottles is that there is no need to worry about buying champagne glasses or washing them once the party is over. Plus your guests will love the novelty. Just don’t forget to buy some cute straws to accompany each bottle.

Artfully arrange your miniature champagne bottles on a tray and you instantly create a festive vignette without a lot of fuss. Add in a few of your favorite appetizers and you have yourself a party. Cheers!

Come quickly, I am tasting the stars.  — Dom Perignon (at the moment he discovered champagne.)

Serving up Italian Prosecco is a good alternative to French Champagne.

Images via Pinterest.