Shop Highlight: Studio Veneto Provides Luxury Italian Decor

Every now and then you stumble across a shop that is truly a unique find. Studio Veneto located in The Village neighborhood of La Jolla, California is one such gem. I came across Studio Veneto several years ago but it wasn’t until last summer that I had a wonderful chat with the owner, Linda McCormick, who allowed me to take pictures of the shop (Thank you, Linda!). I paid a visit to the shop again last weekend and took a few new pictures.
studio veneto la jolla Reviving Charm

The exterior of the shop has an elegant quality to it with an old world Italian feel. When you walk up to the space you immediately realize that this shop is truly something special.  studio veneto fortuny reviving charm

Studio Veneto is no ordinary antique shop. It is well known for specializing in Italian antiques and textiles sourced directly from Italy. However, you don’t need to be decorating an Italian villa to shop here. Studio Veneto is a great shop visit even if you just need to find a one-of-a-kind item that will make a statement in a room. The shop is not large but there is an abundance of inventory to choose from.

studio veneto fortuny reviving charm 13

As you walk into the shop you are immediately greeted with a treasure trove of items. The photo above was from my trip last year, with the photo below from last weekend. The shop is hard to photograph as it is fairly dark with lots of tight spaces and is packed with treasures tucked away in every corner. studio veneto la jolla Reviving Charm 1

Linda is a woman after my own heart. She has quite the affinity for textiles, particularly being a longtime fan of the prestigious Italian textile maker Fortuny. She sources her textiles directly from Italy and uses them to create pillows, tissue box covers, lampshades and her signature nightlights (shown below). While $175 may sound steep for a nightlight, remember that each shade is made by hand using antique Fortuny fabric. No two are identical. These would look stunning in a powder room although I have contemplated about putting one in the living room.

studio veneto la jolla fortuny Reviving Charm

studio veneto fortuny reviving charm 3

Custom lampshades in a variety of shapes and sizes are a particular specialty of Studio Veneto. Tucked away in a small area at the back of the shop you can see a plethora of small shades ready to purchase off the shelf. However, if you are interested in having a custom lampshade crafted for you, there are a number of finials and other lamp parts to choose from (shown below along the right-hand side of the picture). No detail is overlooked. studio veneto fortuny reviving charm

Don’t forget to look up! Above the owner’s desk toward the back of the shop, you can see the wire lamp frames just waiting to be turned into a beautifully handcrafted lamp. The wire frames are custom made specifically for Studio Veneto. studio veneto fortuny reviving charm studio veneto fortuny reviving charm

studio veneto fortuny reviving charmstudio veneto la jolla Reviving Charm 4reviving charm studio veneto la jolla fortunystudio veneto la jolla Reviving Charm 3studio veneto fortuny reviving charm 1studio veneto la jolla Reviving Charm 2

If you are looking to incorporate a bit of Italy into your decor, be sure to pay a visit to Studio Veneto or check out the veneto la jolla Reviving Charm 5



In a previous post I shared a little about the beautiful gardens of the hotel we stayed at in La Jolla, California. If you aren’t familiar with La Jolla, it is a charming community set above the cliffs along the Pacific Ocean. It is an affluent community with wonderful places to shop and dine while taking in breathtaking ocean views. When Mr. B and I visit La Jolla, one of the things we enjoy doing is heading down toward the intersection of Girard Avenue and Pearl Street to visit a few of our favorite shops for antiques and vintage goods. We always manage to find a souvenir (or two!) to bring home, and this last trip was no exception. If you are in La Jolla, stop in at a few of my favorite shops and pick up a few of your own souvenirs. They will be great reminders of the good times you spent in this lovely community.

ETCETERAS – 7503 Girard Ave. La Jolla CA, 92037

ETCETERAS is by far is my favorite shop because I always manage to buy something here. However, I was a little surprised how cleared out they were on this last trip. I hope they aren’t going out of business!  However, the lack of inventory compared to how the shop is usually stocked definitely did not stop us from purchasing a few new items including a tabletop music stand that I will use to display art in my office and a gold venetian mirror. Oh, and a cello. Yes, a cello…..that is actually Mr. B’s purchase!

Have a look around the shop…

antique and vintage shopping in la jolla california reviving charmvintage antique shopping la jolla california reviving charmvintage antique shopping la jolla california reviving charmvintage antique shopping la jolla california reviving charmvintage antique shopping la jolla california reviving charmvintage antique shopping la jolla california reviving charmvintage antique shopping la jolla california reviving charmantique shops la jolla california reviving charm interior design

Below: Here is the small venetian mirror we purchased. As you can see I haven’t found a home for it yet..and I haven’t even removed the price tag ! I just knew I had to have it. You always can find room for things you love.

venetian mirror shopping in la jolla reviving charm

Girard Avenue Collection – 7505 Girard Ave. La Jolla CA, 92037

The Girard Avenue Collection is located conveniently next door to ETCETERAS. This place is a hit or miss for me but always seems to have a great amount of inventory. On this last trip to the shop there were quite a few things that I could have easily taken home…

vintage antique shopping la jolla california reviving charm

Below: This set of dinnerware is something I really liked. I didn’t buy it but wish I had. I have visions of pairing it with a blue, white and yellow for a beautiful springtime luncheon on the patio. I might just have to go back…hopefully it is still there!

vintage antique shopping la jolla california reviving charm

STUDIO VENETO – 7427 Girard Ave. LA JOLLA CA, 92037

If you are a textile lover that can appreciate the high-end fabrics manufactured by the prestigious Italian company Fortuny, then  Studio Veneto is definitely a must visit. Outside of Italy, I have never seen so much Fortuny! I was fortunate enough to speak with the owner, Linda McCormick, at great length during this last trip. Linda is truly passionate about Fortuny and is an expert when it comes to acquiring and designing with Fortuny textiles. More on this to come in an upcoming post…stay tuned.

antique shops la jolla california studio veneto fortuny reviving charm

I hope you enjoyed a quick tour of a few of my favorite shops in La Jolla. Was there anything in the pictures that caught your eye?

xoxo, Vanessa.

Photos by Vanessa for Reviving Charm, via iphone


This image is an oldie but a goodie from the March 2008 issue of Elle Decor. It remains a favorite of mine and seems particularly appropriate to post on Valentine’s Day. However, it also provides a good segway leading to a post for later in the week. I won’t tell you any more but if I have piqued your interest you’ll just have to check back! However, I will give you a hint: the fabric on the headboard seen here is by Fortuny which could possibly be the topic of something I will be writing about soon. Enough said…..

elle decor march 2008 fortuny