from the office of reviving charm

From the Office of Reviving Charm

Dear Readers….I’m back!

I was away from my computer for longer than anticipated but I am officially back from my unintentional hiatus. What started by taking “a few days off” turned into weeks. Then I realized I had to deal with a technical glitch that required me to move my domain name from one host to another that resulted in an additional delay. It was actually a blessing in disguise because that had been something on my “to-do” list for quite some time. Sometimes life forces you to tackle certain things and this was one of those times. Has this ever happened to you!!??. I’m glad that I had to deal with the issue because it provided a wonderful opportunity to clean up a few things on the site.

One of the changes I made is to incorporate a new feature on the sidebar called “From the Office of Reviving Charm”. It will feature something currently on display on my office bulletin board or in my office. I’ve occasionally shared a few images but decided to give it a permanent home on the sidebar. Be sure to click the new image when it’s posted on the sidebar because it will allow you to view a larger image as well as read about any comments I might have about it.

I always loved the art of collage and creating mood boards so when I had a chance to design my studio/office, I knew I had to incorporate an extra large bulletin board that would allow me to pin bits of inspiration gathered from here and there. The images change periodically; I’ll pin new images or sometimes just rearrange existing ones. Whatever strikes my fancy…

Here is a section currently on display. It includes a small 6″x6″ piece of art I created to post among various black and white images. During the time I’ve been away from my computer, I had the opportunity to start painting again. It had been a long while since I picked up a paintbrush but I vow to do it more often. What do you vow to do more often? 

This is the end of my Public Service Announcement. Tomorrow I’ll be posting about a designer I’m currently crushing on and featuring some photos from their portfolio.

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Valentine 2018_Reviving Charm blog


Happy Valentines Day! Mr. B and I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day and this year is no exception. But I will admit that I am using the day as an excuse to wear the red lipstick! A perfect pout is always in order for Valentine’s Day…and every day.

I wish you the best for a day filled with love and lots of kisses. From my heart to yours…XOXO.

Currently on my inspiration board…hearts painted by Reviving Charm.Reviving Charm blog Inspiration Board Valentines

new years day featured on Reviving Charm


Happy New Year! Happy 2018!  I don’t know about you, but I have the tendency to sometimes over think things. It’s a characteristic of mine that I’ve learned to accept as both a blessing and a curse. I had been going back and forth about “just the right” post to share with you today until I had an “ah-ha moment”. I realized that my inspiration for today’s post had been staring me in the face (literally) all along. I forgot about the small piece of black and white paper I had pinned to the massive bulletin board I made to cover one wall in my office (yes, I’m crafty like that). I was adding new images to my bulletin board a few days ago when I came across an image I had previously pinned up. The casual script font simply reads “It’s going to be a beautiful year”. In that moment I realized that this uncomplicated, straightforward message summed up all that I am wishing for you and me in 2018. I have a few special things planned for the year ahead and look forward to sharing them with you. I wish you the very best for the upcoming year and hope your 2018 is filled with lots of fun, laughter, and love. Let’s have a beautiful year together!

All the best,
From the office of Reviving Charm…

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From the Desk of Reviving Charm

Reviving Charm turns 2 blog anniversary

From the desk of Reviving Charm: A heartfelt thank you from me to you.

Dear Readers,

It’s two years and 271 posts later. When you start a new endeavor you never really know where it will take you. I started this site a while after we moved into our seaside ranch home as a way to document the transformation of our fixer-upper. Admittedly, I haven’t shared much of our home and the projects are slow to come. I can barely finish one room without already starting to think about re-doing it. Am I the only one with this problem? The guest bedroom is a prime example.

I’ve tried to find my voice along the way and be true to myself. I post about things that inspire me in hopes that they inspire you also. Each post is a little glimpse into what gives me joy. And if you truly want to know what makes me tick then don’t forget to review my list here. 

I’ve watched the readership of my humble little blog continue to grow and have made some nice friendships that would not otherwise have happened if it weren’t for this site. Thank you to everyone who continues to visit and particular thanks to those who’ve left comments and to those who’ve reached out. Your support of this website and the somewhat anonymous woman behind the keyboard is what fuels the fire to keep posting. Thank you! I don’t ask for much from friends but as a birthday present, please share my site with friends and family. Pass along a post you think they might enjoy or give Reviving Charm a shout-out somewhere. Remember my motto…sharing is caring!

Again, thank you for your continued readership. I know the internet is a vast space with an overwhelming number of reading options to choose from but you continue to visit and support Reviving Charm. I appreciate it more than you will ever know…

Grazie Mille & All the Best.