A Buckhead Beauty

In the affluent Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia there was once a home that needed a bit of updating. When a woman and her daughter from San Francisco decided to relocate to Buckhead, they moved into a circa 1930’s colonial home and called upon architect friend William B. Litchfield and designer Jackye Lanham to make a few updates. The homeowner was raised in Atlanta so moving back was considered sort of a “coming home”. Coincidently, she was able to find a home located on the very street she once lived while growing up as a child. It’s a wonderful thing to have such fond memories of the neighborhood where you grew up and to be able to call it home once again.buckhead atlanta cottagebuckhead atlanta cottage 4buckhead atlanta interior design 3buckhead cottage interior 1buckhead atlanta interior design 2buckhead atlanta cottage 2buckhead atlanta interior designbuckhead atlanta cottage 3One of the owner’s special requests was to have an interesting staircase. After much research, her architect found an intricate design from a home in Maine that could be recreated. “It has a contemporary, graphic appeal, but it’s based on a classic motif,”  Litchfield says. buckhead cottage interiorbuckhead atlanta interior design 7buckhead atlanta interior design 5buckhead atlanta interior design 6buckhead atlanta interior design 4

Green for the Money; Gold for the Honey

I’m more of a neutral kinda gal but when it comes to color, I do love the look of green and gold together. It’s seen in nature (think flowers and trees) and has been incorporated into fashion and interior design. I am not quite bold enough to incorporate this color scheme into my own wardrobe or decor, but it is a color combination that works and is one that I can appreciate. Depending on the look you are after, it can feel traditional or very modern.green and gold color schemeOn another note….let me ask you something….Have you ever heard the phrase, “Green for the Money; Gold for the Honey”? It is the title of an album (yes, an actual record album) of 70’s and 80’s soul classics that was released in 2006. I’m not a fan of that genre of music but when trying to figure out what to title this post, for some strange reason that title came to mind. Go figure…

green and gold color scheme 1


This beautiful eighteenth century stone cottage is located in a rural area situated northeast of Catalonia, Spain. It was lovingly restored by its owner Eduardo Arruga, an interior designer and antiques dealer. Let’s take a look inside…

SPANISH COTTAGE VIA Reviving Charmpanish stone cottage by Reviving Charm

I was immediately drawn to the living room because the unusual color of the throw pillow. That color is almost the identical color of the tufted camelback sofa in our seaside ranch home. Believe it or not, it took me a very long time to make the color work in our house. When using that color on such a large piece of furniture there is no room for error. It is such a unique color that it either works or it doesn’t. In this beautiful space I think the designer was spot on and got it just right. The pillow works perfectly to provide just enough of an accent color to serve as a visual break from all the neutral colors in the room. Plus, it really works with the rustic qualities of the architecture and overall design scheme.

Many of the furniture pieces were custom designed by Eduardo or are from his antique shop, Lucca, located in Barcelona, Spain. This is such a beautiful home. It’s sophisticated but not stuffy and has such a quiet elegance about it.
spanish stone cottage via REVIVING CHARMSPANISH COTTAGE VIA RevivingCharmSPANISH COTTAGE VIA RevivingCharm spanish cottage REVIVING CHARMspanish cottage bedroom via REVIVING CHARMspanish stone cottage by RevivingCharm

The grounds are beautiful and if I lived here I would never leave. This plunge pool would absolutely seal the deal for me! SPANISH COTTAGE POOL VIA REVIVING CHARM

Photos via Elle Decoration / Photography by Montse Garriga Grau.


When the author of the blog “Calling it Home” put out the spring challenge of making over a space in six weeks I jumped in with both feet and used this as a wonderful opportunity to update my studio/office space. Challenge accepted! I can’t say getting to this point was easy and I know many of you were doubtful that it would happen but I am happy to report that I actually (barely) made it to the finish line.  (Insert huge sigh of relief here).

This room serves as my creative space. It is an office and blogging space, as well as the studio where I design and make jewelry, paper craft, and paint…among other creative endeavors. I designed the room in a series of vignettes as there are very distinct areas in this space each with its own purpose, design and flair.

To be creative you must create a space for yourself where you can be undisturbed…separate from everyday concerns.   –John Cleese


one room challenge calling it home reveal reviving charm office craft room

CHAIR. The chair was a craigslist find that was refinished and reupholstered. The original planned called for painting it white, which I was very gun-shy about. Instead, I opted to have it refinished which turned out to be a decision that I am very happy about. It came out so well that I am almost afraid to sit in it! Doesn’t it look pretty?

ARTWORK. I intended on framing a series of large peony photographs on this wall but deviated from my original plan mid-course. Since spring has arrived I can’t help but think of the garden and I came up with an idea of framing vintage floral milk glass brooches. I plan on finding two small round plates to fill in some of the space between the round mirror and jewelry artwork. I just have not yet found anything I absolutely love. I also figure that the objects on display may change periodically since like to tinker with things!

The picture below is close-up of one of the art pieces I made. I posted it on my Instagram feed a few weeks ago but I know not everyone may have seen it.


one room challenge office craft room reviving charm 2one room challenge reveal office library books craft room reviving charm

AREA RUG. I ran out the door at 7pm the night the room needed to be completed. I had to make a last minute purchase to buy this rug. The room would not be complete without it and the bright colors and floral motif make the room sing. Don’t you agree?

floral rug craft room office reviving charm one room challenge

DESK. I strategically placed the desk in the corner of the room enabling me to enjoy the view out the windows while I work. This is a creative space so having what I need available at my fingertips is important, as well as having a few other items for no other reason other than because they simply make me happy. That alone is reason enough to find them useful.

one room challenge office studio reveal reviving charm pink desk

All space is space in which to create.   –Eric Maisel

office craft room studio reviving charm one room challenge

I particularly love my pink ceramic elephant, affectionately named ‘Lil Jumbo. He was a gift from my aunt and I am so happy that he will be keeping me company while I work at my desk.

one room challenge office studio reveal reviving charm pink elephantone room challenge office studio reveal reviving charm desk

Stay loyal to your creativity because it’s a gift.   –Pharrell

inspiration board reviving charm calling it home one room challenge

INSPIRATION BOARD. This past weekend I created an oversized bulletin board covered in a heavyweight white linen fabric. It’s now an empty “blank canvas”, but the goal is that over time it will be entirely covered with inspirational images. I will continue to share my inspiration board as it fills up.

one room challenge inspiration board reviving charmone room challenge house beautiful reviving charm office craft roomone room challenge office art studio craft room reviving charm_edited-1

STORAGE. I need vast amount of storage in this space and these cabinets (below) fit the bill perfectly.  I chose to keep the wall space above the cabinets clear allowing the eye to rest since there is a lot going on in this room. Plus, I didn’t want anything to detract from my growing pile of books sporting their rainbow of colors.calling it home one room challenge office craft room studio reviving charmone room challenge library reviving charmpiles of books reviving charm one room challenge librarypiles of books reviving charm one room challengeone room challenge art studio office reviving charmone room challenge office studio craft room reviving charm black dogs 1

So that wraps up your glimpse inside my creative space. I hope you enjoyed your tour. Be sure to check out the other room reveals here and here. There is a lot of talent out there! Thank you, Linda for hosting the challenge and giving me the push I needed to get this done!


behind the sofa reviving charm

I don’t think I can say that there is one room in our house that is “finished”. Each room is a work in progress and some rooms are a little farther along than others. We have a large family room with a sectional sofa/lounge that that has plenty of room behind it to place a console table or desk. I am all about maximizing the space in a room. Placing a desk behind a sofa is a great design idea that can work in both large or small rooms. I particularly love this arrangement in a smaller room and having the furniture float in the middle of the space as opposed to lining everything up against the wall.

I was out shopping on Saturday and happened to find a desk that would suit the room well.  I immediately purchased it and had it delivered yesterday. It’ a great addition to our home and I particularly love the fact that it is a piece of furniture with a purpose. I can easily see myself writing letters or notes while Mr. B is enjoying some TV viewing!

Placing a desk behind a sofa is a design trick that can work into any decor no matter what your style is. For today I leave you with a few examples…which is your favorite?

reviving charm desk behind sofa 3desk behind sofa reviving charmdesk behind sofa reviving charm 2desk behind sofa reviving charmjay jeffers design group reviving charm desk behind the sofadesk behind sofa reviving charmheather hillard design reviving charm desk behind sofainteriors by francesca reviving charm desk behind the sofareviving charm desk behind sofasusan glick interiors reviving charm desk behind sofadesk behind sofa revivingcharm lori gentile interior design reviving charm desk behind sofa

Images via Traditional Home, Architectural Digest, Better Homes & Gardens, Design Manifest, Frances Hererra Interior Design, David Duncan Livingston, Susan Glick Interiors, Jeffers Design Group, Lori Gentile Interior Design

Contents of the Kennedy “Winter Whitehouse” to be Auctioned

It just might be the sale of the year.

2016, that is.

On January 23, 2016, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers will host an auction of Kennedy furnishings and belongings.  The contents belonged to the Palm Beach, Florida estate officially known as “La Guerida” — bounty of war, which was affectionately nicknamed the Kennedy “Winter White House”.

Kennedy Auction Catalog_Reviving Charm

The cover (shown above) of the auction catalogue house is already listed on the Leslie Hindman Auctioneers website. But  it is reported that the catalog will not be made public until about a month before the auction takes place. If you’re allured by the Kennedy mystique, then this sale will be something worth keeping an eye on.

Items to be included in the auction.

In 1995 the Kennedy family sold the 15,000 square foot estate, complete with its contents to John K. and Marianne Castle.  You can read about the sale here.  The Castles lovingly restored the estate over several years and preserved some of the rooms with its original contents.  The Castles sold the estate this summer with a condition that they be able to maintain its contents. They have since decided to auction them off.  Not a bad business move.

Here is a round up of pictures featuring the lovely estate then and now. 
via veranda

For more history on the Kennedy Winter White House, take a look at THIS post. 

Sources: Palm Beach Daily News, Statesman, Veranda Magazine (online) & Curbed.Com, LeslieHindman.Com. NYTimes.com

My Affair with Suzanne Kasler’s “Linwood Chair” for Hickory Chair Company

I had a secret love affair with a certain piece of furniture for a very long time. When I first laid eyes on the Linwood Chair designed by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair Company no other piece of furniture in the room mattered. When we met the timing could not have been better. It must have been around 2008 or so (I can’t remember exactly) when Mr. B and I were redecorating our shared office at our former home.  We needed to meld individual taste.  We needed to meld each other’s style into a cohesive, compatible office design that would be functional and efficient for both. The solution was to purchase matching desks but each could select their own desk chair. Naturally, I  saw this as an opportunity to purchase the beautiful Linwood side chair designed by the uber talented Suzanne Kasler, for the Hickory Chair Company.

The purchase was a bit of a splurge.  I could have easily found a less expensive option. But I knew if I didn’t buy the Linwood, it would be something I would continue to secretly covet for years to come.  If I purchased anything else I knew I would always regret my purchase and treat it like a lonely stepchild.

I felt like a kid in a candy store when the time came to custom order my Linwood Side Chair.  I selected “Noir” for the frame finish and chose to use one of their many fabrics offered. I added antique silver nailhead trim to add a bit of extra detailing to the piece.

The picture to the left shows the chair in the former (shared) office space about seven or eight years ago at our old home. Funny, how one’s style evolves and thankfully for the better.  I’m actually embarrassed to show this picture but felt that if I didn’t then someone would be sure to inquire about my very own Linwood.

My current office is undergoing a massive redecoration and the room will look nothing like the one in this picture. But one thing will remain….my beautiful Linwood Side Chair! The Linwood and I have been together many years now.  We have shared two houses together and I still manage to love it.  In fact, I am sitting in the Linwood as I write…

For your viewing pleasure, I rounded up a few additional examples of the beautiful Linwood Chair.

7132653d39830c8ee7542e8bcc911938TradHome_editp_101959631_wCROP54c05fbc7314c_-_hbx-green-dining-room-chairs-0512-murphy03-xl c8b55edd4af9cb22efe1bad5e0a9cd15

The picture above is the former dining room in the Hollywood Hills home of another one of my favorite designers, Mark D. Sikes. His home was renovated and captured in Veranda Magazine some time ago where I noticed that the chair had been relocated to a guest bedroom (photo below).  Mark is a fabulous designer who is currently participating in the Greystone Mansion Show House in Beverly Hills and is currently renovating the first floor Grand Hall.  He has been posting tidbits on his instagram and I can already tell it’s going to be fabulous. I can’t wait to visit!

On a side note….Mark, if you are reading this I would like you to know that your feature is what got me to purchase that particular issue of Veranda and got me into gear to renew my lapsed subscription!


dining kasler collier Above: Design by Libby Langdon Interiors, Inc. linwood side chair1Follow my blog with Bloglovin