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A Bulgari Riad: A Sophisticated Jewel Box of Color

The Bulgari name is synonymous with fine Italian jewelry dating back to the 1800’s and their exquisite pieces have garnered them worldwide brand recognition. Their beautiful jewels have been worn by the rich and famous and I won’t be surprised to see some their gemstone pieces show up on the red carpet tomorrow night for the Oscars (will you be watching?). Even artists took note of the fine jewelry house with Andy Warhol once saying, “For me, calling at Bulgari’s shop is like visiting the best exhibition of contemporary art.” I have oohed and ahhed inside their store so I can’t say I would disagree with that statement.

The family of Maite and Paolo Bulgari, the great-grandson of Bulgari’s founder, recently opened up their family home to be featured in the recent issue of Galerie Magazine. It took five years to build the two-story, seven bedroom Marrakech riad that is overflowing with exquisite details and fine quality craftsmanship (oh, those amazing ceilings!). They called upon Pablo Paniagua, a designer from Madrid, Spain, to create a home that “embraces the local culture while avoiding a predictable ye olde Marrakech look.” I’m typically not big on color in my own home but the Bulgari home is a sophisticated jewel box of color that is definitely something I could find myself living in. You can read more about it here.

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A Fifth Avenue Renovation by Gil Schafer

If you are a designer you are fortunate when you have a relationship with repeat clients that blossoms into a wonderful friendship. In the case of Gil Schafer, one such couple called upon him to renovate a farmhouse over 20 years ago which marked the beginning of many projects together (over 15 in all!). In their latest project, featured in Galerie Magazine, the couple called upon Schafer to renovate a 4,000 square foot Fifth Avenue apartment in New York. The couple wanted a design that would incorporate their contemporary art pieces, infuse a little bit of classic design, and create a home comfortable enough for the couple and their three children. I think the final design checks all those boxes.

Micheal Smith at Home in Madrid

When I was in line at Los Angeles International Airport buying a bottle of water I happened to look down at the heap of magazines on the shelf below. What caught my eye was the current issue of Galerie Magazine with its beautiful cover and headline reading “Michael Smith at Home in Madrid”. I’ve been a fan of Michael Smith’s work since meeting him in the early 1990s in L.A. I follow him on Instagram and have previously featured his work, specifically covering his renovation of the White House during the Obama administration (featured here). Michael Smith’s partner, James Costos, served as Obama’s Ambassador to Madrid and Andorra for nearly four years during which time they were able to transform the official Ambassador residence. However, after the change in administration and exiting the diplomatic arena Costos and Smith found themselves wanting to maintain a residence in Spain (in addition to their home in Los Angeles). They moved their belongings to a 5,000 square foot apartment in Madrid which turned out to be a blend of classic, elegant style with bit a of modernity to it. According to Costos “Michael’s work in the apartment is perfection. I think he hit all the right notes. It has modern formality, yet it’s bright and comfortable.”