Happy Friday

My wanderlust has got the best of me. I’ve always wanted to “Summer in the Cape”. It seems like a perfect place to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get away this summer for any real vacation and daydreaming about life on the Cape for a week in the summer has quickly led way to my new addiction of browsing real estate listings for a tiny Cape Cod cottage to call our own. My needs are simple: something tiny so it is very manageable and easy to decorate. A view of the water would be a major perk. Something very modest would suit me just fine. How do I make this happen? Truly, a first world problem….

I was looking through some of my pictures from our last trip to New England, which included this post about staying several nights at The Chatham Inn at 359 Main in the charming Cape Cod town of Chatham, Massachusetts. Chatham is situated at the “elbow” of Cape Cod where land starts to curve northerly. It is really one of the most charming towns in the Cape and I thought I would share some of the details I found while in Chatham. And because today is National Pink Day (there is a holiday for everything!), today seems like a perfect day to share these particular pictures. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy National Pink Day!

Life gets just a little bit slower as you cross the bridge and enter Cape Cod.

chatham cape code via reviving charm

Original photos by Reviving Charm.

Happy Friday: The Door to the Weekend

door to the weekend Reviving Charm quote

Happy Friday! I like to think of Friday as the door to the weekend; a door that leads to the opportunity for a little fun. What do you have planned? June gloom may have set in but it’s not going to dampen my mood for the weekend. I hope to be productive with some home projects that I keep putting off (i.e. the seaside guest bedroom…I know, I know, it’s taking forever), do research for a couple of upcoming vacations, sort through pictures I took yesterday to share with you for an upcoming post, and get outside for a bit. However, I do have to fit in a little bit of time for work to prepare for an important presentation this upcoming Monday night. Wish me luck. One thing I know for sure is at 5 pm today, when the proverbial whistle blows, I will be smiling from ear to ear….let the weekend begin!

door to the weekend Reviving Charm

Happy Friday

happy friday simply charming Reviving Charm 1Happy Friday! What do you have planned for this Memorial Day weekend? It’s the unofficial start of summer and normally I would try to take advantage of the extended weekend for a long weekend getaway. However, given the fact that I spent most of this week in Las Vegas for work, I am looking forward to being home with the occasional trip out for a nice lunch or quick shopping trip. Spending a bit of time outdoors would also be nice given that the high is supposed to be around 70 degrees here at our seaside ranch home. No, the photos above our not our home, but just some beautiful inspiration to get us all in the mood for summer. I also plan to work on some upcoming posts to get back on track and keep you company. After all, I’ve missed you! summer quote via Reviving Charm 1



I love, love, love my job but I’ve had a challenging last couple of days due to major deadlines and coordinating efforts. I keep telling myself to “keep smiling” and stay positive. It’s interesting how a smile on your face can change your whole attitude. Which reminds me….I want to book a teeth whitening appointment with my dentist so I can continue to be proud of showing off my beautiful pearly whites! Thanks Mom for braces as a teenager!

By the way, this isn’t a picture of me but I do love how contagious this girl’s smile is. No matter what’s going on in your life right now, remember to keep a happy face. After all, there is always something to smile about! Happy Weekend 🙂



Happy Friday! What do you have planned for this weekend before Valentines Day? I have been enjoying the rain these last few weeks but I will admit that I am really hoping Mother Nature provides a break tomorrow so Mr. B and I can go to the nursery to pick out a few new camellia varieties to plant in our front yard. I am also hoping to pick up my watercolors and do a little painting and finish making some reservations for an upcoming trip. R&R is always on my mind so Sunday night will be reserved for my ritual Sunday Spa Day. Other than that, let’s see what lies ahead. But for now, I will leave you with a few fun pictures from a home featuring happy colors in unexpected combinations to enjoy. Bright colors never looked so sophisticated. This is definitely a case of bright done right.! Happy weekend….xoxo.


Images via House & Garden magazine.


Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! I adore this raspberry sofa and mix of pattern. It’s a fun and daring combination…particularly for someone like me who typically shy’s away from the bold use of color and pattern. I guess every now and then we all need to be reminded that sometimes it’s good to step outside of our comfort zone…


Image via Milieu Magazine


image via architectural digest REVIVING CHARM

I am not sure about you but a beautiful home and gorgeous landscaping will stop me in my tracks each and every time. It’s Friday and the weekend will soon be here so I thought I would just share some random prettiness today just because it makes me happy.

I am looking forward to dinner out with Mr. B tonight and a birthday luncheon for my mother tomorrow who is celebrating a milestone birthday (70 years young!). We will finish “un-decking” the halls by removing the last remnants of Christmas and I will be finalzing plans for an upcoming trip. Happy weekend! What are you up to this weekend? 

via reviving charm


Happy Friday! I can’t believe that this is the last weekend before Christmas. I have lots to accomplish this weekend including finalizing the Christmas dinner menu, figuring out a Christmas dinner table centerpiece and putting the finishing touches on our holiday decorating. This weekend I also plan to hang the new mirror we bought a few weeks ago to put over the living room fireplace. I am in major holiday prep mode and I am really excited to check everything off my list. 

When I haven’t been thinking about Christmas preparations I have been dreaming about Santa Barbara.  Planning a trip to Santa Barbara has been on my mind lately so sharing this picture of a beautiful home located in the neighboring community of Montecito seemed perfect for today’s post. Plus, I couldn’t resist sharing a picture with a great vintage car in its pristine “holiday red” paint job. It’s quintessential California cool.

Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose.


How about you…What are you up to this weekend?


During this time last year, Mr. B and I we were on vacation along the East coast. Our rented SUV took us through upstate New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. I was going through my photos recently and came across this picture I took while on that trip visiting Cape Cod. We were in Chatham, Massachusetts to be exact. I stood in front of this church taking what seemed to be a dozen pictures. It is the quintessential New England fall photo and it is one of my favorites from that trip. It seems most appropriate for this weekend’s post so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Have a great last weekend of October!

I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.    ― Henry David Thoreau


First Congregational Church of Chatham. Original iPhone photo by Reviving Charm.