Many people, myself included, spend countless hours selecting just the right paint colors, fabric and furniture for their home. But have you stopped to consider what your home might actually smell like? I have seen home sprays, perfumes and diffusers but really never thought about them until Mr. B and I were guests at J.K. Place Malibu a few months ago. The event was wonderful with no detail overlooked. I was first mesmerized by the stunning architecture and interiors, as well as the multi-million dollar view of the Pacific Ocean. But as I moved throughout the estate I realized that there was a beautiful scent wafting through the air. It was captivating. It turned out that the house was accessorized with the home fragrances of Dr. Vranjes, a chemist and artisan perfumer based in Florence, Italy.

JK Place Malibu by RevivingCharm_Com

Dr. Vranjes was actually a guest at the event and had a small display set up for people to discover and try his various home fragrances (photos above & below). You can see two large home fragrance reed diffusers sitting on the owner’s desk, aka temporary display for Dr. Vranjes’ products.

JK Place Malibu by Reviving Charm_Com

dr vranjes by RevivngCharm_com

Here are a few of the home fragrances I tested at the JK Place event. Aria was a perfect pick.

I mentioned to Dr. Vranges that I “just had to have” the particular fragrance that was wafting throughout the home. Much to my dismay, I was informed that the fragrance “Firenze” was made specifically for JK Place and only available in Italy. Major bummer. Since we didn’t have a trip to Italy planned for the near future my “Plan B” was to work with Dr. Vranjes and his staff to find an alternative that I could readily purchase in the States. I was thrilled when I was told that his home fragrances could be purchased through Gumps in San Francisco because Mr. B and I were actually flying there the following day.

Gumps San Francisco Dr Vranjes by RevivingCharm_Com

Gumps is always on the list of places to visit when in San Francisco. On this trip I made a bee-line to the home fragrance section. They have a wide display of home fragrances to choose from but my mission was to purchase a bottle of Plan B, officially known as “Aria” by Dr. Vranjes. Since I had never used a reed diffuser before I wanted to purchase the smallest bottle they had, which is 3.4 ounces. The beautiful fragrance was purchased for our living room.

Dr Vranjes by RevivingCharm_Com

When we got home from San Francisco I  read through the marketing material provided by Dr. Vranjes. I love how his reed diffusers are styled in the oh so chic and stylish JK Place Hotel in Florence (shown below). I already know that on our next trip to Florence that I will be paying Dr. Vranjes a visit to purchase a souvenir. A stay at JK Place Firenze is also at the top of the list. Dr Vranges home fragrance via Reviving CharmDr Vranges home fragrance via Reviving Charm_COM 1Dr Vranges home fragrance JK place florence via REVIVINGCHARM_COM 1Dr Vranges home fragrance via Reviving Charm_COMDr Vranges home fragrance JK place florence via REVIVINGCHARM_COM


Since attending the JK Place event, I will never look at home fragrance the same and love the beauty and ease of a reed fragrance diffuser. Most recently I had been looking for one to place in my bathroom and mentioned in a previous post that I purchased Voluspa’s “Laguna” scent. It has a light, sophisticated beach fragrance that works well for a bathroom and I love the scent each time I walk into the room. Confession: sometimes I walk into the room for no reason other than to take a whiff of the lovely scent! Don’t laugh, we all do silly things…home fragrance via RevivingCharm_com 1


An added bonus of using a reed diffuser is its ease of use. Just insert the reeds into the fragrance oil, set it out on display and forget about it. As desired, flip the reeds over to refresh the scent. Easy-peasy.

Some people don’t like using home fragrance and in their skepticism wonder “what odors are you trying to cover up?”Scent has more of a profound influence on us than we think. I believe that home fragrance can be a wonderful way to enhance the overall ambience and add to the warmth and experience of your home. Personally, I don’t like using room sprays or perfumes but a reed diffuser looks and acts like a home accessory while providing a wonderful fragrance. Who doesn’t like walking into a space that not only looks nice but smells wonderful also?

Additional decorating tip: If you don’t like the container of a particular home diffuser, pour the oil into the non-porous container of your choice. Personally, I like the look of glass so you can actually see the oil. Just make sure to select a vessel that has a narrow opening so the reeds can remain upright and not flop around. That’s my tip of day…

All photos via Reviving Charm/iphone 6 except JK Place interior shots.


One of the things you do while studying interior design is learn about the many different design styles that have evolved throughout the decades. Through my studies many moons ago I developed a great deal of respect for a variety of different decorating styles. My own style has evolved over the years but I’ve learned that I am a traditionalist by nature and always gravitate toward traditional details when it comes to decor. Since those early days in design school I created a mental list of decorating accessories that I have always wanted to  purchase and call my own. I am happy to report that I can cross one item off my “want” list: a Federal style mirror. If you read yesterday’s post then you already know that I recently purchased one while on vacation. What a great souvenir!

Let’s take a look a closer look at the Federal style mirror and see how it has been incorporated into a variety of spaces.

federal style mirror via reviving charmfederal style mirror 5 via reviving charm

Another decorating detail that I am particularly fond of is how mirrors (or artwork) is hung on a bookshelf, as seen in the pictures above and below. federal style convex eagle mirror by reviving charmfederal style convex mirror reviving charmfederal style mirror 3 via reviving charmfederal style mirror 1 via reviving charmfederal style convex eagle mirror by reviving charmfederal style mirror 4 via reviving charm

Images from my Pinterest board.