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In a previous post, I mentioned that Mr. B and I have checked into The Pendry Hotel in San Diego. But while visiting the hotel back in July, one of the spaces I discovered was the pop-up art gallery showcasing the photography of Ron Church, a photographer from San Diego who is notable for his black and white surf photography from the 1960’s. I am a native SoCal (Southern California) girl who has never surfed but I can appreciate the surf culture that is so richly ingrained in the beach communities that stretch along the Pacific coast.

pendry san diego art gallery_ron church_reviving charmpendry san diego art gallery_reviving charmpendry san diego art gallery_ron church photography 2_reviving charmAbove: Huntington Beach, Circa 1962

pendry san diego art gallery_ron church photography_reviving charm

pendry san diego art gallery_ron church photography 3_reviving charm

There seems to be a growing trend in the hospitality industry with hotels offering up curated works of art for sale to their guests. The Pendry falls into that category. The collaboration between The Pendry and Archiv-E doesn’t stop at just the hotel gallery. The artwork on display in the guest rooms and one of their restaurants, Provisional, was also available for sale.

pendry san diego_archiv e_ron church_reviving charm

If you missed the Ron Church pop-up at The Pendry, don’t despair. His photography is available through Archiv-E who provides affordable, open edition framed art prints from a variety of photographers through their website. 

archiv e art photograph website_Reviving Charm

If you admire the work of Ron Church as much as I do, you might want to also consider picking up a couple of his books. Surf Contest can be purchased from a third party through Amazon. I’ve purchased books available from a third party through Amazon on a few occasions. Just make sure to buy one that is in the best possible condition from a seller with a good rating. surf contest book by photographer Ron Church_Reviving Charmsurf contest book 1 by photographer Ron Church_Reviving Charmsurf contest book 2 by photographer Ron Church_Reviving Charm

The other book is Ron Church: California to Hawaii 1960 to 1965. Purchase your copy through The Surfers Journal for a numbered copy that also comes in a very cool slipcover. This would look fabulous put on display. 

on church surf photography book ca to hi_Reviving Charm 2ron church surf photography book ca to hi_Reviving Charm 1I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. It’s a little bit art, a little bit design, and a whole lotta surf. But most of all it’s all quintessential California cool. 

Turin Palace Hotel

Buon Giorno! Mr. B and I have been to Italy many times, it is our first trip to Turin located in the northern part of the country. We’ve been planning this vacation for months and I have to admit that visiting this town is one of the things I had been looking forward to the most. I was happy to read an article last week in Conde Nast Magazine referring to it as “the Paris of Italy”. It made me feel like we made the right choice about spending a few days here. I had a feeling I would love this town and my suspicions were confirmed after checking into our hotel room and briefly walking around the city. After the long flight from California, I was thrilled to check into our first hotel, The Turin Palace for a good nights sleep. I was very happy to see that the hotel was every bit as modern and elegant and the website pictures. Our room is comfy and spacious with a nice quiet patio facing the quiet side of the street. So far so good! And if all goes as planned, I am hoping to use the spa amenities after a long day of exploring the city today. Ciao.

turin palace hotel Reviving Charmturin palace hotel Reviving Charm 1turin palace hotel Reviving Charm 2turin palace hotel Reviving Charm 7turin palace hotel Reviving Charm 4turin palace hotel Reviving Charm 6turin palace hotel Reviving Charm 5turin palace hotel Reviving Charm 8Turin-Palace-hotel-spa Reviving Charmturin palace hotel les-Petites-Madeleines reviving charmturin palace hotel-Les-Petites-Madeleines reviving charmturin palace hotel rooftop dining Reviving Charm 1

The Fairway Villas at Wynn Las Vegas

Yesterday we looked at Las Vegas “then”; today we’re taking a close look at it “now”. Vegas has come a long way, baby! The epitome of bad taste can easily be found in the town often referred to as Sin City, but there are also wonderful spaces tucked amidst the garish design. One such space is the Fairway Villas at the Wynn Hotel. In 2015, the Wynn Las Vegas announced that the hotels’ apartments and villas became available to the general public. Previously, they were available to invited hotel guests only. The Fairway Villas offer private views of the golf course adjacent to the resort. One and two bedroom villas are available ranging in size from 2,411 to 3,224 square feet. As one could expect from an exclusive property, the villas have their own private drive entrance, registration lobby, personal ambassador, butler service and priority reservations at the golf course, spa, and restaurants. Naturally, rates are available only upon request. This might be one of those times where if I have to ask, I probably can’t afford it!
wynn fairway villa las vegas Reviving Charm 4wynn fairway villa las vegas Reviving Charm 2wynn fairway villa las vegas Reviving Charm 1Not surprisingly, the Fairway Villas have  also served as the perfect photo shoot backdrop for hotel’s namesake magazine. fairway villas wynn hotel Reviving Charmfairway villas wynn hotel Reviving Charm 1airway villas wynn hotel Reviving Charm 5fairway villas wynn hotel Reviving Charm 3fairway villas wynn hotel Reviving Charm 4fairway villas wynn hotel Reviving Charm 6

For a closer look at the Fairway Villas, take a virtual tour on the Wynn hotel website. Images courtesy of the Wynn Hotel and Wynn Magazine.


Booking a room a hotel or resort is something I take very seriously. I do a lot of research and it’s not uncommon for me to call a hotel directly and ask a few questions about the location of certain rooms, types of rooms or their amenities. I have found this helps to ensure we get the best room for our dollar and a room that meets our expectations. At certain hotels I might even go so far as to request a specific room number; however, not all hotels will allow this. The latter was the case with Bacara. But nonetheless, we very happy with our room, its amenities and its location within the resort. This was our first stay at Bacara so naturally I did a lot of research about the resort and even spoke to a reservation agent about the differences between a few of the rooms. I narrowed it down to two room types. Do I reserve a smaller room with an ocean view or larger room without an ocean view? Oh, the problems to have! Ultimately, I ended up booking an 820 square foot Executive Suite sans view. Let me take you on a tour…

Our Executive Suite had a small entry space (photo bottom left) that had a full-length mirror in a perfect location for checking yourself before heading out the door. You can’t see the actual front door in the pictures below but it is located opposite the mirror. The louvered door is a small powder room, as seen in the photo to the right. Having two bathrooms in our room was another huge selling point for booking the Executive Suite. bacara-resort-executive-suite-1From the foyer, you automatically enter the dining area of the open dining/living area of the suite. The dining room comfortably seats six.
bacara-suite-dining-room-via-reviving-charmThe room was generously sized to include a living area, dining room, and dedicated office space. You can see the front door to the suite at the right-hand side of the picture below.suite-life-at-bacara-reposrt-by-reviving-charmbacara-executive-suite-detailsThis is the office area before I got situated in the room. I ended up using this space as a makeshift dressing room and a place to store my suitcase since the only closet in the suite was fairly small. There are lots of drawers in the room but very little space for hanging clothes. I found that the desk was also handy as an area to layout cosmetics, etc. bacara-resort-executive-suite-office-spacebacara-suite-detail

I also used the desk as a place to draft a handwritten note for the hotel Concierge that was extremely helpful in arranging to have a couple of floral arrangments delivered to the room. More on that later…

The office area is equipped with a tablet that allows you to do many things. For instance, you can request housekeeping, room service, and express checkout. I rarely used it but it was a great feature to have when I needed it.barcara resort executive suite via Reviving Charm 1In the corner of the living area there is a comfy chair and ottoman where you can catch up on the reading material supplied by the resort. I am a magazine junkie so I was happy to enjoy some new reading material. The doorway to the left side of the tray table is the entrance to the one bedroom in the suite.

Window treatment details.bacara resort suite life via Reviving CharmLet’s enter the bedroom now, shall we?bacara-executive-suite-bedroomFrom the bedroom, another louvered door leads you into the main bathroom. The louvered doors are a very nice decorative touch throughout the entire suite but they don’t provide much in the way of privacy when it comes to masking sound. For this reason, I often used the powder room when I needed to tinkle. The hotel should seriously think about making a change to the door situation. bacara-executive-suite-bathroom-1bacara-suite-bath-productsIf you look closely at the bathroom photos you might notice that the floral arrangement moved from place to place within the space. Ultimately they stayed in the location you see below.  bacara-suite-flowers

Speaking of flowers…Whenever we stay in a hotel for any length of time I really like to have fresh flowers placed in our room before we arrive. I usually order two small arrangements: one for the bedroom and one for the bathroom. I couldn’t write this post without mentioning something about the flowers I ordered for the room as it is a testament to the exceptional service we received when it came to a last minute request. You see, I had been meaning to call Bacara to order flowers but never got around to it. It was about three hours before check-in in time when I finally was able to make the call. I called the Concierge and apologized for the short notice and inquired about the possibility to have flowers placed in the room. I had no special requests other than I was looking for something elegant. The Concierge called around and called me back promptly to inform me that my request could be granted and provided me with a very reasonable quote. When we checked into our room we found these two small floral arrangements waiting for us. I was very happy with the floral arrangements but I kinda chuckled when I saw the carnations since it had only been days after writing this post. bacara resort suite life in room flowers Reviving CharmI can’t share photos of our suite without including a picture of our private balcony that overlooks the pool. This was a great place to relax outdoors without having to leave our room. bacara suite balcony via Reviving CharmSo there you have it…the 3rd and final post about Bacara Resort and Spa. I hope you have enjoyed it. Most importantly, I hope this series may be useful in helping you decide any future vacation plans. If you happen to book your next vacation at Bacara, feel free to drop me a note and let me know how your trip was. I would love to hear all about your experience. bacara resort landscaping via Reviving Charm


Mr. B and I usually take our longest trip of the year during the Fall, which seems like light-years away. I am experiencing serious vacation withdrawal particularly since it seems that everyone else is on vacation right now. I am getting very antsy. 

We do not plan on heading to the Cotswolds any time soon but it won’t stop me from admiring the beautiful interiors of the hotel known as “No 131” located in the small town of Cheltenham. Great hotel design is a wonderful source of design inspiration, plus browsing through pictures of No 131, a Georgian villa turned 11-room hotel might help tide me over until Fall comes….a girl can only hope!

hotel no 131 england via reviving charmhotel no 131 england via reviving charm 4hotel no 131 england via reviving charm 3hotel no 131 england via reviving charm 6hotel no 131 england via reviving charm 1hotel no 131 england via reviving charm 5hotel no 131 england via reviving charm 9hotel no 131 england via reviving charm 7hotel no 131 england via reviving charm 2hotel no 131 england via reviving charm 10hotel no 131 england via reviving charm 8hotel no 131 england via reviving charm 8a


It’s Day 3 of a week dedicated to summertime posts. Today we’re taking it outdoors…

Mr. B and I usually vacation during Fall, our favorite time of the year. The weather is milder with cooler temperatures and there are usually less crowds. However, a few years back I needed to squeeze in a relaxing vacation before taking on a new role (i.e. promotion) at my day job. My goal was to find a resort to just rest and relax knowing of the stress to come once I went back to work. It was August and not my favorite time of the year to travel. Plus, August is hot. I hate the heat. I really hate the heat. I flirted with many destinations but ended up booking a Kiva Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. Yes… Scottsdale…one of the hottest places during the summer.

four seasons scottsdale via REVIVING CHARM

Four Seasons Resort at Troon North – Scottsdale, Arizona. Photo by Reviving Charm.

I ended up specifically requesting Room 101, which turned into our home away from home for almost 2 full weeks. It turned out to be one of my favorite vacations and I think about going back often. August is approaching and don’t think that I haven’t thought about recreating that vacation…oh, how I wish! The stairs you see in the picture below lead directly to our room.

four seasons scottsdale kiva suite via REVIVING CHARM

Entrance to our Kiva Suite at the Four Seasons, Scottsdale. Photo by Reviving Charm.

One of the many reasons I chose to book the Kiva Suite is because of the outdoor amenities, including our own private plunge pool and a large outdoor shower situated at the front of the suite directly off the main bathroom (seen below). The wooden enclosure provides added privacy and a great amount of detail that suits the architectural design of the resort.

kiva suite four seasons scottsdale via REVIVING CHARM

Below: Details of our private outdoor shower.

four seasons outdoor shower via REVIVING CHARM

This was the one and only time I experienced an outdoor shower.  It felt a bit strange after being use to a traditional shower. But I did enjoy it and overall it was very freeing. On a couple of days I did have a problem with bees. Apparently the water,  L’Occitane bath products or a combination of both were attracting bees which swarmed in my direction. Needless to say, creatures with stingers buzzing by my stark naked body was definitely cause for concern. However, the hotel graciously helped to quickly resolve the issue and I successfully managed to stay sting-free. Hallelujah!

I had a wonderful experience with an outdoor shower and for today I thought it would be fun to look at a few other outdoor shower designs. Here are just a few of my favorites from my Pinterest board. They are all unique in thier design…which is your favorite?outdoor shower via REVIVING CHARMoutdoor shower via REVIVING CHARM 4outdoor shower via REVIVING CHARM 3outdoor shower via REVIVING CHARM 2outdoor shower via REVIVING CHARM 5outdoor shower via REVIVING CHARM 1


Have you ever seen a beautiful home or hotel with a perfectly curated collection of books and wonder how they’ve all come together so effortlessly to fit in with the decor? How do the stacks of books coordinate so perfectly? Or better yet, how do the make them look so perfectly imperfect?  Well, I have wondered this on occasion and now I know the secret! Apparently, there is an industry for everything and the London based company known as Ultimate Library is one that will curate and assemble an entire library for you, whether it be a residential or commercial project. Today I am highlighting a few of their projects from around the globe.

We are dedicated to building bespoke book collections for hotels, resorts, private residences and retail spaces around the world by providing them with titles that reflect their local neighbourhood.   –Ultimate Library


Ham Yard Hotel – LondonHam-Yard-Library-reviving charmham-yard-library reviving charm 1ham-yard-library reviving charm 2

Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah – Istanbulpera-palace-hotel-jumeirah via reviving charmpera-palace-hotel-jumeirah via reviving charm 3pera-palace-hotel-jumeirah library via reviving charm

One Denham Place – London
One-Denman-Place-Apartment-18-Living-Room-to-BedroomOne-Denman-Place-Apartment via reviving charmOne-Denman-Place-Apartment-18-Living-Room-to-Bedroom 1 via reviving charm

Jumby Bay – Jumby Bay Island, Antigua jumba bay via reviving charm

The collection of ocean inspired travel books are a perfect fit for this tropical location. I recognize a couple of the titles because they are part of our own collection of books that are on display in the guest bedroom.

jumba bay library via reviving charm

Happy reading!  –xoxo, V.