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I’ve never met an interior designed by Steven Gambrel that I didn’t like. I follow him on Instagram (along with 78,000 other people) and have been enjoying the images of the work he has been doing at 27 Suffolk Street in Sag Harbor, New York. I noticed a couple of days ago that he announced that the home is now officially listed for sale. The home was originally built in 1854 and is officially known as the Captain Osborne Edwards House. Steven Gambrel collaborated with Timeless Homes Ltd. to beautifully restore the 5,200 square foot home from top to bottom with upgraded, modern amenities that anyone would be happy to call home. The price tag? $6.795 million.

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 9

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 7

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 10

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 5

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 12

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 2

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 4

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 8

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 6

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 3

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 1

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 1a

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 1c

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 1d

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Ranch Houzz Perfection

I love a variety of different design styles that it often poses a challenge when trying to narrow down a look for our own seaside ranch house.  Ranch homes are generally humble in nature and it’s been challenging to find images of a ranch home done right. If you’ve seen any, please let me know. My search led me to images of this Los Angeles, California ranch home on Houzz a few months back and later to the designer’s website. At 4,000 square feet, you can hardly call it humble in terms of square footage but you could definitely call it homey and quaint in terms of its overall aesthetic. It’s not overly decorated and looks collected over time. These are qualities I wish to capture in our own home. It’s a place I’d feel most comfortable coming home to every night. I’ve visited and revisited these pictures on many occasions studying each detail hoping to capture the same essence in our own home. Before I start vacillating back and forth on style, I should probably contact Mark J. Williams, the designer for this project, to help me jump start things a bit on our own home. I’m never too proud to call in reinforcement when needed.

Read more about this home on Houzz.

mark j williams design_Reviving Charm blog 1

mark j williams design_Reviving Charm blog 15

mark j williams design_Reviving Charm blog 9

mark j williams design

mark j williams design_Reviving Charm blog 4

mark j williams design_Reviving Charm blog 5

mark j williams design_Reviving Charm blog 3

mark j williams design_Reviving Charm blog 14

mark j williams design_Reviving Charm blog 7

mark j williams design_Reviving Charm blog 2

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Crystal Palecek’s New Office

I had lunch with a couple of friends a few days ago. One friend was sharing details about the remodeling being planned for her home while the other, a recent empty nester, was talking about a redecorating project currently in process. Specifically, the empty nester was turning a bedroom into a new office and craft room. She couldn’t be more excited about it. I could relate to her giddiness because it wasn’t until we moved into the seaside ranch home that I was able to decorate my very own office space. Coincidently that evening I also read about the new office of Crystal Palecek, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of Rue Magazine. Here’s a look at Crystal’s new office space but be sure to read the interview with her to learn more about the design, its inspiration and sources for her project. After hearing about my friend’s project and seeing Crystal’s new office, it made me start rethinking my own space. Uh-oh…can you see where this is headed?Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 2Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 4Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 3Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 5Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charmCrystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 6Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 7Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 8Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 10Crystal-Palecek home office_reviving charm 9a

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The Finely Curated Designs of Alyssa Kapito

The first time I laid eyes on the work of New York designer Alyssa Kapito, I was immediately captivated. Her designs are polished and tailored providing a fine balance between classic and contemporary pieces. Her work feels exceptionally well curated and I love the pops of graphic, modern art in many of her designs. It’s no surprise that this former intern of design legend Bunny Williams has made quite the name for herself in the design world. She has garnered recognition from some of the top design publications and I bet we’ll be hearing a lot more about this up and coming designer. Meet Alyssa…

Designer Alyssa Kapito

Alyssa’s work for this past 2017 Holiday House NYC benefitting breast cancer completely stole my heart. If I could sum up “perfection” …this would be it.

Alyssa Kapito_new york holiday house_reviving charm

Alyssa Kapito, Holiday House 2017, NYC.

alyssa Kapito, Holiday House 2017, NYC.

Alyssa Kapito, Holiday House 2017, NYC.

Alyssa’s interiors for the Holiday House may have initially caught my eye but once I started looking through her portfolio of work I realized that there are many other spaces she designed that are “swoon-worthy” (is that a word?) in their own right.
alyssa kapito_via Reviving Charm 3

alyssa kapito_via Reviving Charm 1

alyssa kapito_via Reviving Charm 1a

alyssa kapito_via Reviving Charm 1b

alyssa kapito_via Reviving Charm 2

alyssa kapito_via Reviving Charm 7

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pasadena showcase house

Pasadena Showcase House of Design

Spring always seems to be a busy time of year and that’s particularly true for the design industry. The internet is currently all the buzz with coverage of various different showcase house events across the country but given that I live in Southern California I admit to being partial to the annual Pasadena Showcase House of Design. This year marks the 54th annual Pasadena Showcase House which makes it one of the country’s oldest and largest showcase house events. I was invited to attend the press preview but was really disappointed that I couldn’t attend. The upside is that when I visit with my mother on Mother’s Day (our annual tradition), it will be great seeing the house and grounds for the first time with fresh eyes. If you haven’t bought your own mom a gift yet for Mother’s Day, this would be a fun event to take her to. Plus, Mom will probably appreciate you spending time with her more than a bouquet of flowers (although flowers are always a good idea!). The Pasadena Showcase House of Design is open to the public from now through May 20, 2018. It’s a great way to spend a day out while supporting the arts. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, you can purchase them here.

Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s house, a beautiful 11,000 square foot home built in 1915 that’s decked out in modern flair, which is something very different than from year’s past. There’s also a guest house and even tree house on the property.

pasadena showcase house 1

pasadena showcase house detail

pasadena showcase house 5

pasadena showcase house 2

pasadena showcase house 7

pasadena showcase house pool room

pasadena showcase house 4

pasadena showcase house 3
 pasadena showcase house guest house
pasadena showcase house tree house

Photos by Peter Christiansen Valli courtesy of the Pasadena Showcase House of the Arts and Photos via Pasadena Star-News and Visit Pasadena.

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A Beautiful Bath on Sunday Spa Day

I imagine it being a hectic day for Hollywood actors and actresses as they prep and primp for a big night at the Oscars today. I’m sure part of their preparation (starting weeks or even months ago) was making sure that their skin will be in tip-top shape to ensure that it looks the best for the multitude of eyes that will be on them today. But even if you don’t plan on attending any red carpet events you really should take good care of your skin. It’s something I started doing regularly once I hit my 40’s but better late than never. I’ve mentioned before how, if at all possible, I try to reserve a portion of my Sunday evening to create a mini spa day at home. I’m going into a busy, stressful week (not great for skin, by the way!) so I plan to take a few hours for myself to treat my skin and relax this evening. I actually have appointments next week for a professional facial and massage so this is an excellent way to bookend my week. Believe it or not, after my long rant about skincare, this isn’t a post about skin care at all. I really just wanted to show you a couple of beautiful bathrooms. I know…a long segway…

garden court hotel palo alto_reviving charm blogI enjoy taking long soaks in a tub and would really love a bathroom designed like those at the Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto, California. A large, deep soaking tub is one of the things I left behind once moving into our seaside ranch home and is something I still miss. Note to self: when the time comes to remodel my bathroom definitely incorporate a luxurious tub that is deeper than the one I have now…oh, and add a rain shower also. What elements of bathroom design do you enjoy the most?garden court hotel palo alto 1_reviving charm blog

garden court hotel palo alto 3_reviving charm blog

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If you are an architectural enthusiast then the exterior of this modern glass house in Carmel Valley may remind me you of Philip Johnson’s Glass House house in Connecticut, which was actually inspired by the Farnsworth House in Illinois designed by architect Mies van der Rohe. However, this particular glass home in Carmel Valley was designed by Studio Schicketanz and is located in the upscale Tehama development. Tehama was the brainchild of Clint Eastwood, actor and former Mayor and City Councilperson of Carmel-By-the-Sea, California that is comprised of approximately 2,000 acres of land that he began purchasing over 30 years ago. This gated community consists of only 90 lots and a private golf course with membership “by invitation only”. Luckily, much of the land has been preserved in order to maintain the majestic scenery and vast open space ideally located just a few miles from the ocean. It looks like a peaceful paradise to call home.

studio schicketanz modern home_Reviving Charm 13studio schicketanz modern home_Reviving Charmstudio schicketanz modern home_Reviving Charm 3studio schicketanz modern home_Reviving Charm 8modern carmel home_Reviving Charm 3studio schicketanz modern home_Reviving Charm 4studio schicketanz modern home_Reviving Charm 5tehama carmel home_Reviving Charmmodern carmel home_Reviving Charmmodern carmel home_Reviving Charm 4modern carmel home_Reviving Charm 6studio schicketanz modern home_Reviving Charm 6studio schicketanz modern home_Reviving Charm 7modern carmel home_Reviving Charm 5studio schicketanz modern home_Reviving Charm 11studio schicketanz modern home_Reviving Charm 9studio schicketanz modern home_Reviving Charm 10tehama carmel home_Reviving Charm 1modern carmel home_Reviving Charm 2studio schicketanz modern home_Reviving Charm 12


On a side note: One of my first posts was inspired by the homes in Carmel. If you missed it, then you must check it out here. 

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I consider dining out more than just a reason to satisfy my stomach. I consider dining an “experience” because a meal has everything to do with not just great food and drink, but the atmosphere and design of the surroundings and the company of others. If I think back at some of my favorite meals, they’ve incorporated each one of these aspects.

I’m sure restaurants will see a spike in sales volume this week but going out on Valentine’s Day is a ritual that Mr. B and I don’t subscribe to. But if we were in Paris we would be willing to make an exception in order to visit Cafe Pouchkine that just opened a new location near the Place de la Madeleine. It’s everything you would expect from a quintessential Parisian interior: parquet flooring, painted mirrors, carved wood, gold detailing, and beautiful fireplaces. But believe it or not, everything in the cafe is brand new. It took 6 months of work by Russian craftsmen and millions of dollars to transform an old coffee shop into this jewel box of a space. Mr. B owes me a trip back to Paris and after seeing these pictures I’m thinking he needs to make good on that promise very, soon! Talk about the potential for a wonderful dining experience…

place-de-la-Madeleine-au-Cafe-Pouchkine_Reviving Charm 2La-boutique-du-Cafe-Pouchkine 2_Reviving Charmplace-de-la-Madeleine-au-Cafe-Pouchkine quote_Reviving Charm blogtea at place-de-la-Madeleine-au-Cafe-Pouchkine_Reviving CharmPavlovsk lounge Cafe-Pouchkine_Reviving Charm blogplace-de-la-Madeleine-au-Cafe-Pouchkine_Reviving CharmCafe-Pouchkine Paris dessert_Reviving Charm blog 4Cafe-Pouchkine Paris_Reviving Charm blog 3Cafe-Pouchkine Paris_Reviving Charm blog 4Cafe-Pouchkine Paris dessert_Reviving Charm blog 2Cafe-Pouchkine Paris dessert_Reviving Charm blog 3Cafe-Pouchkine Paris_Reviving Charm blog 1place-de-la-Madeleine-au-Cafe-Pouchkine_Reviving Charm blog


What do you do if you’re trying to unite two families together à la Brady Bunch style? If you’re Julian and Brooke Metcalfe then you buy a 17th-century tudor home in Oxfordshire, England to accommodate a family with 7 children. The Metcalfe’s purchased the estate as a weekend home to serve as a place to unite their two families. They were fortunate because the property was turnkey so all they had to do was focus on furnishings. The obvious and safe choice would have been to outfit the home with traditional decor. But the family chose not to take decorating too seriously and opted for modern flair that would make their family feel at home. While their choice of decor might not be everyone’s cup of tea (disco ball, anyone?),  maybe we can agree that it is a successful juxtaposition of traditional and modern. For more details, be sure to check out the article in Architectural Digest. It’s a lovely read.

We threw out all rules …there was nothing we could do that would go wrong because nothing had to fit any pattern or mood.  –Brooke Metcalfe

The sitting room

The master bath

The pool and garden

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Once I decide on a hotel I want to stay at, I spend a lot of time trying to find the best possible rate. Who doesn’t want the biggest bang for their buck? And when it comes to booking hotel packages, sometimes they can be a great value and sometimes they can actually cost you more than if you had booked items separately. They key is to make sure the package works for you and that you’ll take full advantage of it or else you might find yourself wasting money. Do your homework and you can definitely save a few bucks…and those few bucks can be used for souvenirs! We booked the Bed & Breakfast package for our stay at The Pendry Hotel in San Diego which turned out to be a tremendous value. The package included valet parking and a $60 daily breakfast credit. We had the choice of using our breakfast credit for room service or dining at Provisional Kitchen, Cafe & Mercantile, just one of several food establishments in the hotel. We opted to dine in the restaurant each morning of our stay and we couldn’t be happier. The food was great, the service was impeccable, and the environment is amazing. Take a look for yourself.provisional restaurant pendry san diego_Reviving Charmprovisional restaurant pendry san diego Reviving Charmprovisional restaurant pendry san diego 1_Reviving Charmprovisional restaurant pendry san diego 5A_Reviving Charmprovisional restaurant pendry san diego 7_Reviving Charmprovisional restaurant pendry san diego 6_Reviving Charmprovisional restaurant pendry san diego 11B_Reviving Charmprovisional restaurant pendry san diego 12_Reviving Charm

The concept of Provisional was designed in partnership with Alchemy Works, an innovative retail concept located in the Downtown L.A. Arts District and Newport Beach. As a result of this unique collaboration, a curated collection of jewelry, books, and housewares are available for sale at Provisional. This gives you a flavor of what they have to offer…provisional restaurant pendry san diego 8_Reviving Charmprovisional restaurant pendry san diego 9_Reviving Charmprovisional restaurant pendry san diego 10_Reviving CharmAll images by Reviving Charm with the exception of no. 2, which is from Pendry Hotels.