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I absolutely love the color green and have been thinking about using it as an accent color in our family room. So naturally, the current issue of Elle Decor piqued my interest with this dramatic green and black dining room of Georgia Tapert Howe splashed across its cover. A few years ago, Howe and her husband moved from New York to this beautiful home in the exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood of Hancock Park. Howe, an interior designer and former home accessories store owner, updated a circa 1921 traditional style home in a modern mix of California cool for her and her family (which also includes two young children). I’m loving every bit of it…do you love it as much as I do?

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A Fifth Avenue Renovation by Gil Schafer

If you are a designer you are fortunate when you have a relationship with repeat clients that blossoms into a wonderful friendship. In the case of Gil Schafer, one such couple called upon him to renovate a farmhouse over 20 years ago which marked the beginning of many projects together (over 15 in all!). In their latest project, featured in Galerie Magazine, the couple called upon Schafer to renovate a 4,000 square foot Fifth Avenue apartment in New York. The couple wanted a design that would incorporate their contemporary art pieces, infuse a little bit of classic design, and create a home comfortable enough for the couple and their three children. I think the final design checks all those boxes.

Mexican Decor on Cinco De Mayo

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Today it seems most appropriate to share with you a beautiful Spanish home in Santa Barbara decorated with touches of Mexican flair. While Mexican decor isn’t something I’d sport in my own home, I can appreciate the fact that the owners kept the home very tasteful without being kitschy, which can be an easy trap to fall into when decorating around a theme. I wish I had more details about the home, it’s contents and it’s owner to share but I misplaced the issue of Santa Barbara Magazine where these images were first sourced from.

If you’re looking to capture a similar look for your home, be sure to check out Buena Vista Furniture on the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles. They have a large warehouse and showroom filled with Mexican styled furniture and accessories that the store owners, Joseph and Ruthie, personally source. I personally know the owners so if you happen to pop in the store or give them a call, be sure to tell them Vanessa sent you!

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When the owners of this house decided to build a new family home in Spain’s Costa Brava coastal region they intended it to be a comfortable, welcoming environment for their guests and family. It was designed over three different levels which add to the architectural interest of the home. And speaking of architecture, I particularly love the beautiful natural beam ceilings. The home feels rustic but sophisticated all at the same time. The abundance of windows throughout the home also bring in the wonderful natural light. In my opinion, these are all details that make for a wonderful design.

They wanted a house with a garden, spacious, light and warmth, but it was easy to live and gather. A good combination.


The recessed front doorway is rather unassuming but it leads you to the first series of interior steps and exposes you to the next level of the house.


I will venture to guess that the matching sofas are outfitted in loosely fitted slipcovers. The casual feel of the sofas keep the room from feeling formal.


I might have to “borrow” the idea of using a handled basket as a container for some beautiful greenery. This is a great alternative to an expensive planter plus it keeps things a bit more casual. Also, notice the use of smaller scaled area rugs (all of the same style) scattered throughout the house. This could be a another decorating idea to borrow that could save money since runners and larger area rugs tend to be more expensive. Plus, the use of multiple rugs is more family and pet friendly. If one is damaged, it would be easier and cheaper to clean or replace.


The use of banquette seating in a home always seems like a nice, intimate space to share a meal.


Although the home is designed with a more modern feel it does fit in well with the rest of the home.


This space, with its built-in seating, serves as an outdoor room and feels like an extension of the home. It looks like the perfect outdoor area to share conversation with friends and family with a glass of (insert your beverage of choice here) in hand.

All images via El Mueble.


I have been a longtime fan of Serena & Lily. In fact I mentioned them in a recent post.  I’ve particularly admired how Serena Dugan and Lily Kanter have built a company from the ground up. What started as a catalog retailer in Northern California has now grown into a very successful business with an expanded product line and 3 brick and mortar stores.  The Los Angeles location marks their first Southern California shop located on the trendy Westside of town which opened this past weekend.  The exterior of their shop has a crisp, geometric pattern that was designed by none other than Serena herself.

The design of the store is crisp and clean which sets the perfect backdrop to highlight their products.  This location is dubbed as a Design Shop  so it functions like more of a showroom to special order products from rather purchasing off the shelf. This new location will carry on the tradition of featuring a gallery wall of artwork, most of which is for sale. As a California native, I can only dream that someday my watercolor paintings will grace their walls of available art!


photo credit: LA Times