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The Perfect Little Office

Having a small space doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style and the 176 square foot office designed by Amy Mitchell is a perfect example of that. When her business outgrew the designated space in her New Hampshire home (her kitchen!) she converted a 19th-century building on her property that was being used as a storage shed into a beautiful office space for her interior design business, Home Glow Design. 

small office design_Reviving Charm

I read about the project in this article on Houzz where I learned that the renovation of the space was designed over the course of 6 short weeks as part of the One Room Challenge earlier this year. In case you missed it (like I did) you can still catch up on all 6 weeks in these posts: Week 1/Week 2/Week 3/Week 4/Week 5/Week 6. Each week gives insight on the progress of the renovation work, as well as provide source details for the items used in the space. Many of the items are from Ikea, several which I’ve incorporated into my own office space. If you’ve been concerned about using Ikea in your own office, don’t be. My pieces have held up well, been very versatile, and come at such an affordable price point that my wallet appreciates. The money I saved allowed me to splurge in other areas. Plus, the amount of storage they provide can’t be beat. For me, they’ve turned out to be a great alternative to pricey built-ins.

home glow design_Reviving Charm blog

home glow design_Reviving Charm 7

home glow design_Reviving Charm 8

home glow design_Reviving Charm 6

home glow design_Reviving Charm 5

home glow design_Reviving Charm

home glow design_Reviving Charm 3

home glow design_Reviving Charm 2

home glow design_Reviving Charm_blog

home glow design_Reviving Charm 6

home glow design_Reviving Charm 1

home glow design_Reviving Charm 7

A Place to Call Home by Gil Schafer

My last post included a beautiful New York home designed by architect and designer Gil Schafer. Gil Schafer is not only a talented architect and designer but he is also the author of several books including “A Place to Call Home: Tradition, Style, and Memory in the New American House” that was released at the end of September. The images I am sharing today are from the new book via Gil Shafer’s website and Amazon. gil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm_cover

I design houses to be comfortable, gracious, and understated, and to stand the test of time.” –Gil Schafer

gil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charmgil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm 2gil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm 2agil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm 4gil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm 5gil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm 6gil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm 7gil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm 8gil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm 9gil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm 10gil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm 12gil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm 13gil schafer book_a place to call home_Reviving Charm 14

My home is filling up quickly with books but after seeing these images I am tempted to make room for one more! You can buy your own copy of the book here. Alternatively, pick up a book at one of the remaining book tour events. You check out this page to see if Gil Schafer is coming to a town near you. If you attend, be sure to tell him that Reviving Charm says “hello”.


Micheal Smith at Home in Madrid

When I was in line at Los Angeles International Airport buying a bottle of water I happened to look down at the heap of magazines on the shelf below. What caught my eye was the current issue of Galerie Magazine with its beautiful cover and headline reading “Michael Smith at Home in Madrid”. I’ve been a fan of Michael Smith’s work since meeting him in the early 1990s in L.A. I follow him on Instagram and have previously featured his work, specifically covering his renovation of the White House during the Obama administration (featured here). Michael Smith’s partner, James Costos, served as Obama’s Ambassador to Madrid and Andorra for nearly four years during which time they were able to transform the official Ambassador residence. However, after the change in administration and exiting the diplomatic arena Costos and Smith found themselves wanting to maintain a residence in Spain (in addition to their home in Los Angeles). They moved their belongings to a 5,000 square foot apartment in Madrid which turned out to be a blend of classic, elegant style with bit a of modernity to it. According to Costos “Michael’s work in the apartment is perfection. I think he hit all the right notes. It has modern formality, yet it’s bright and comfortable.”

john de bastiani_Reviving Charm blog


With all the color floating around the internet and social media sites on Valentine’s Day, I think I’ve had my fair share of red and pink for the moment. To combat my overdose of color, I thought today would be great for posting a beautiful space featuring a combination of soothing neutrals. I’ve had these images of the beautifully designed Beverly Hills pied-a-terre by interior designer John De Bastiani saved for a while and couldn’t image a better day to share them with you. I’ve said it before…that the lack of color doesn’t need to equate to boring design. Apparently, it’s a sentiment that I share with John as he has been quoted as saying that “Beige is classic. It’s sophisticated, it’s soothing. It isn’t trendy, and neither am I. People might call it the safe choice, but I say, What’s wrong with being safe?” You can read the rest of the interview here.


Interior Designer John De Bastiani


Images via House Beautiful.


If you live in Southern California and have an affinity for antiques then a trip to Old Towne Orange is definitely a must. Countless number of shops fill historic buildings, dating back to the 1880’s-1920’s. It feels like a trip back in time and It’s hard to imagine that a quaint, old town like this exists in Southern California. 

While visiting Old Towne Orange a few months ago, Mr. B and I stumbled upon Cristana Home. If you happen to visit Old Town Orange, you will find Cristana Home a welcome break from antique shopping filled with home decor and personal accessories. The inventory spans a wide range to include items such as furniture, lighting, decorative accessories, candles and home fragrance, stationery, books, bath and body products, and jewelry. I was visiting the City of Orange last week for work and didn’t want to head home without first making a pitstop into Cristana Home. Let me take you on a shopping trip today. I couldn’t think of a better way to start the weekend…

cristana home by Reviving Charm

Cristana Home is located of “Alley Plaza”, accessible from a parking lot behind many shops that line the main street. Don’t let the tricky location deter you because a visit to the shop is well worth it. The storefront, with it’s cute chalkboard signs and fresh flower planters, are what caught my attention when I first discovered the shop and is what lured me in. Don’t let the size of the storefront window fool you either. This shop is actually much larger than it appears.


I was giddy when I saw that they were having 30% off the entire shop to make room for the Christmas items already on order. They sale is still in progress so why not get a jump start on your holiday shopping?

cristana home orange via reviving charm

When you walk into the store you are led into a small space (above) that leads you into the large open room below that is filled with small home accessories, bath and body products and jewelry.cristana home shopping orange via RevivingCharm_com

cristana home decor orange by Reviving Charm

Cristana Home also provides interior design services. At the back of this first room is the shop owner’s office space. The owner’s personal design library is quite impressive, although off-limits to the public. It makes for a great backdrop and I am intrigued with owner’s working space just as much as the retail floor.

cristana home orange by Reviving Charmcristana home via reviving charmreviving charm orange california cristana home

There were several area rugs displayed in wire baskets throughout the store that I had my eye on. I should have bought one…

cristana home by REVIVING CHARM

Cristana Home offers lots of beautiful home accessories that would be great to take home or to purchase as gifts. There is something in every price range so there really is something for everyone. You won’t have to worry about leaving empty handed!

cristana home decoration interior design orange via RevivingCharm_comCRISTANA HOME DECOR ORANGE CA VIA REVIVING CHARM

The shop offers a good collection of bath and body products. I really loved these striped makeup bags. I especially like using small bags like this to organize things in my purse. Plus, it makes it easier when switching between handbags when all you have to do is transfer small bags and pouches from one purse to the next. That’s my tip of the day!

CRISTANA HOME OLD TOWN ORANGE VIA REVIVING CHARMvoluspa home fragrance via Reviving Charm

I couldn’t leave without buying a couple of items, including a Voluspa reed diffuser that I have been coveting for a few weeks. I was at Bloomindale’s recently and fell in love with Volupsa’s “Laguna” fragrance but was distracted and left without buying it. It must have been meant to be because I was able to buy it at Cristana Home for 30% off during their sale. I immediately came home to unwrap the diffuser and placed it in my bathroom (above right). It has a fresh, light scent that works perfectly for the bathroom in our seaside ranch home.

cristana home via RevivingCharm_comcristana home decor interior design via reviving charm

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, one room leads you into the next space. It is a much larger room filled with more home accessories, furniture and stationery products.
CRISTANA HOME RevivingCharm_comcristana home interior design by Reviving Charm_com

There is even a loft space from where you can survey the first level of a good portion of the store. As you can see, there is lots to discover!
cristana home old towne orange via Reviving Charm_com

I love to support local businesses so be sure to visit Cristana Home and Old Towne Orange on your next trip to Southern California. If you are in the area, be sure to check out their 30% off sale running through this weekend.

Cristana Home
143 1/2 South Olive Street (in Alley Plaza)
Orange, California 92866

(714) 997-2977

All photos by Reviving Charm & iPhone6. This is not a sponsored post.


New York designer James Huniford was called in to create a home for a Northern California couple and their three children. The result is a sophisticated design that is also casual and comfortable enough for a family of five. It looks like the perfect family home where fond memories could be made. Don’t you agree?

revivign charm huniford-design-studiohuniford-design-studio reviving charmreviving charm kitchen by huniford-design-studiohuniford-design-studio reviving charm interior designHuniford interior design office reviving charm

I was “sold” when I saw the freestanding tub. I am particularly fond of freestanding tubs and you can read about it here.

eclectic-modern-bathroom-marin-county-ca-by-huniford-design-studio reviving charm

The casual atmosphere extends to the back yard patio. This outdoor space looks like a wonderful place to relax and share a meal with family and friends.

Huniford interior design reviving charm

Images via 1st Dibs and Veranda Magazine.


In association with Architectural Digest, Sotheby’s Auction House will present their 3rd annual Design Showcase and Auction on April 16-17, 2016 in New York.  The showcase and auction is known as “At Home” and twelve U.S. designers will curate a different room to provide a fresh perspective on various works of art and interior design. One of the participants includes Jenny Wolf, a talented New York designer influenced by her Southern roots, who will be working on the breakfast room in the At Home showcase house.

jenny wolf interiors reviving charm

Interior Designer Jenny Wolf

I wasn’t familiar with Jenny Wolf’s work until just recently.  Her firm is only five year’s young, but is definitely making a name for itself in the design community. Her interiors provide an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication, which is a style that always seems to resonate with me. I look forward to seeing more of Jenny’s work in the future.

jenny wolf interiors reviving charmjenny wolf interior design vignette reviving charmreviving charm jenny wolf interiors new york jenny wolf interiors hamptons reviving charmjenny wolf interiors bedroom reviving charmenny wollf kitchen interior design reviving charmjenny wolf interior design detail reviving charmjenny wolf interior design fireplace reviving charmenny wolf interior designer details reviving charmreviving charm jenny wolf interior design
jenny wolf interiors tribeca loft reviving charmkitchen by jenny wolf reviving charm


My husband and I are currently in process of “Reviving Charm” to our 1950’s seaside ranch style home purchased just a few years ago. While we still have way too many decorating and renovating projects to tackle, both inside and out, a thought crossed my mind recently (coincidentally while painting): When everything is complete, what will be next? Apparently, acclaimed interior designer Suzanne Kasler had a similar thought.  In a recent profile on One King’s Lane Kasler states “I was restless. The decorating was done, meaning no more opportunities to experiment, to rearrange, to create. And so the search began for a new blank canvas.” Kasler and her husband were ready for a change and started to seek out their new canvas after living in their home for nearly twenty years.  That blank canvas turned out to be a federal style home in the prestigious Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. Like her other designs, including those chronicled in her two books, thier home does not disappoint!



waterleaf_interiorsThrough Instagram I came across Waterleaf Interiors, a retail shop and interior design studio located in Manhattan Beach, California.  Given the fact that I don’t live too far from their shop, I’m shocked at the fact that I have never heard of them until recently. I guess, better late than never!

Seeing the gorgeous pictures in their portfolio has definitely made me want to venture out to their shop in the very near future.  And if I am lucky, I will get to meet the owners, Jill Johnson and Suzanne Ascher. Waterleaf Interiors has been featured in several magazines but I especially love Jill’s quote for Coastal Living:

“Our interiors reflect a sophisticated beach feel without spelling it out in shells.”        

In the meantime, I will leave you with a few images of their work.  I fell hard for their dining room design (top left) with its beautiful light colors and because of the fact that they incorporated one of my favorite chairs, which I recently dedicated an entire post to. You can read all about it HERE. 

Check out Waterleaf Interiors HERE or if in California be sure to visit their shop.  If their shop is styled as beautiful as their design work, I am sure it will not disappoint. I can’t wait to find out for myself!



Pasadena Showcase House 2015: The Writers Room

I have made it tradition to tour the Pasadena Showcase House each year. The homes selected and the designer updates never seem to disappoint. This year one of my favorite rooms was designed by Robert Frank Design of San Marino, California. It was probably one of the smallest rooms in this 9,600 square foot home (plus a 2,600 carriage house) but it was one that was most memorable to me. I think one of the many reasons I connected with it was because of its serene ocean vibe and the coziness of the space.

“Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s oceanside villa, we created a timeless design that is both beautiful and comfortable. Serving double duty as a home office and guest room, this space also offers a peaceful retreat.” 

I think Robert Frank did an exquisite job of capturing the essence of a seaside retreat by incorporating a crisp white, navy, and citron.  The floral fabric used for the draperies is known as “Alexander Indigo” and is available through Calico Corners.  A good testament to the fact that many wonderful interior design resources are available to the general public!

robert frank design showcase2015b

Fabric detail. Yardage is available to the public through Calico Corners.

Photos via houzz, Cozy Stylish Chic and Calico Corners