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The Pink House Outside Paris

It’s been a challenge to find time to write a proper post since we’ve been back from our Fall trip to Italy. Today is a good day to break my silence. After seeing this home online at Architectural Digest I knew I immediately had to share it with you. It is the home of Jason Basmajian, CEO of the esteemed menswear line, Cerruti. Basmajian is a Boston native but now lives in London. This is Basmajian’s country home located outside of Paris that serves as his weekend retreat. I love that he maintained the home’s original antique, rosy hue. Isn’t it beautiful? The interior was remodeled and required the installation of new bathrooms in the attic space since the original home had none. Creature comforts!

I left all the creaks in the floors and wanted to keep the old house’s sensitivity, but with all the modern comforts. –Jason Basmajian

a twostory pink stone house with trees around it

The Queen Anne sofa is from Basmajian's mother recovered in a Loro Piana linen. The other sofa is from Christian Liagre....

The vintage lamp at left is from Flair in Florence and the ceramic sculpture is by local French artist Nadia Pasquer....

Everyones favorite room in fashion designer Jason Basmajian's house near Paris the Farrow and Ballpainted library. The...

Belgian gray stone floors and the original staircase. Basmajian replaced one of the walls with glass panels to let the...

This room was previously the refectory and is now the central room of the house connecting the terrace to the front...

We play cards and board games out here on summer evenings and have afternoon tea in the autumn Basmajian says. The...

I wanted a soothing calm bedroom and colors that didnt compete with the nature outside he says. The wall paint is Farrow...

Also in the master bedroom the staircase was copied from an original in the house and was added to lead up to the master...

Under the only dormer in the house and with a great view out the little window an extra deep tub with a stone surround....

A pretty window seat located in one of the two upstairs guest rooms. The kilim pillows were brought back from a trip to...

Weather permitting there is lots of outdoor dining. Basmajian created this outdoor area as an extension of the house it...

steven gambrel_reviving charm


I’ve never met an interior designed by Steven Gambrel that I didn’t like. I follow him on Instagram (along with 78,000 other people) and have been enjoying the images of the work he has been doing at 27 Suffolk Street in Sag Harbor, New York. I noticed a couple of days ago that he announced that the home is now officially listed for sale. The home was originally built in 1854 and is officially known as the Captain Osborne Edwards House. Steven Gambrel collaborated with Timeless Homes Ltd. to beautifully restore the 5,200 square foot home from top to bottom with upgraded, modern amenities that anyone would be happy to call home. The price tag? $6.795 million.

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 9

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 7

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 10

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 5

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 12

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 2

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 4

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 8

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 6

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 3

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 1

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 1a

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 1c

steven gambrel_27 suffolk st_Reviving Charm 1d

marine lair la jolla california

Marine Lair

I love stalking real estate listings for places that I travel to and since we are in La Jolla, California I thought I’d share “Marine Lair” with you today. The 3,124 square foot home with 3 bedrooms and 4.5 baths is situated on a tiny 2,560 square foot lot located directly across the street from the beach. The home was built by Andrew Canter, the 34-year-old owner of Canter Companies and real estate investment banker, who spared no expense in designing and building a contemporary beach home (and bachelor pad…he’s single) in one of Southern California’s premier oceanfront communities.

andrew canter marine lair_reviving charm

Andrew Canter at Marine Lair

Canter put his development team to the test by informing them that his vision and “…concept was to create something rare and extraordinary in every aspect of the design.” The home is very sculptural in nature and incorporates carefully curated rugged and exotic materials, such as koa wood veneer harvested from Hilo, Hawaii. This isn’t surprising coming from an owner working with a craftsman who spent a lot of time building boats. It feels like a little jewel box on the beach and it can be all yours for $11.8 million. If you don’t have access to that much cash don’t worry…the seller is accepting bitcoin.

marine lair la jolla_reviving charm 6

marine lair_reviving charm 7

marine lair_reviving charm 8

marine lair La jolla_reviving charm 13

marine lair_reviving charm 10

marine lair la jolla_reviving charm 14

marine lair_reviving charm 5

marine lair_reviving charm 5a

marine lair_reviving charm 11

marine lair La jolla_reviving charm 5

marine lair la jolla_reviving charm

marine lair_reviving charm 6

marine lair_reviving charm 9a

marine lair_reviving charm 9

marine lair_reviving charm 12

marine lair la jolla_reviving charm 3

marine lair La jolla_reviving charm 17

marine lair la jolla_reviving charm 16

marine lair_reviving charm 1

marine lair La jolla_reviving charm 7

dina bandman 2018 san francisco showcase house

Dina Bandman Does It Again

If the name Dina Bandman sounds familiar, it’s because I featured a laundry room she designed for last year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase House. With showhouse season currently in full swing across the country, one of my favorite rooms from this year’s San Francisco showcase house is yet another room by Dina Bandman: a nursery affectionately known as “Lemondrop Lullaby”. Her inspiration was drawn from the lemon trees of California. It’s a sophisticated twist on traditional nursery design and is a welcome deviation from traditional pink and blue. With a little alteration, this space could easily be converted into a grown-up space. Let’s take a look at the details…

From concept…

dina bandman interiors moodboard

To reality…

dina bandman interiors 6

dina bandman interiors lemondrop

dina bandman interiors

dina bandman interiors 3

de gournay wallpaper dina bandman 1

The wallpaper is handpainted and sequined by famed wallpaper house, de Gournay. In conjunction with Dina Bandmand, this new beading technique is something de Gournay introduced at this year’s showhouse. Their wallpaper is nothing short of a work of art. Not surprisingly, their wallpaper is pricely but I’ve been hoping to one day find a panel, just one panel of wallpaper, that I could frame and hang on display.

de gournay wallpaper dina bandman

I’ve been seeing a lot of lattice as wall treatment lately. Here it’s used on the ceiling and is a playful touch to the “fifth wall”.

dina bandman interiors 5

The closet doors were originally a solid panel. A bit of molding, mirror, and great door hardware create a custom look that even the novice DIY’er can tackle. However, in this case, California Closets came to the rescue.

dina bandman interiors 1

dina bandman interiors 4

If you want to visit the San Francisco Decorator Showcase House you can purchase tickets here. It would be another great excuse to visit San Francisco. But, hurry…you can only tour the house now through May 28, 2018.

If you are curious about the vendors Dina Bandman used to create this space then check out this post on Dina Bandman’s website.

Images via Dina Bandman by photographer Christopher Stark, de Gournay,

pasadena showcase house

Pasadena Showcase House of Design

Spring always seems to be a busy time of year and that’s particularly true for the design industry. The internet is currently all the buzz with coverage of various different showcase house events across the country but given that I live in Southern California I admit to being partial to the annual Pasadena Showcase House of Design. This year marks the 54th annual Pasadena Showcase House which makes it one of the country’s oldest and largest showcase house events. I was invited to attend the press preview but was really disappointed that I couldn’t attend. The upside is that when I visit with my mother on Mother’s Day (our annual tradition), it will be great seeing the house and grounds for the first time with fresh eyes. If you haven’t bought your own mom a gift yet for Mother’s Day, this would be a fun event to take her to. Plus, Mom will probably appreciate you spending time with her more than a bouquet of flowers (although flowers are always a good idea!). The Pasadena Showcase House of Design is open to the public from now through May 20, 2018. It’s a great way to spend a day out while supporting the arts. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, you can purchase them here.

Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s house, a beautiful 11,000 square foot home built in 1915 that’s decked out in modern flair, which is something very different than from year’s past. There’s also a guest house and even tree house on the property.

pasadena showcase house 1

pasadena showcase house detail

pasadena showcase house 5

pasadena showcase house 2

pasadena showcase house 7

pasadena showcase house pool room

pasadena showcase house 4

pasadena showcase house 3
 pasadena showcase house guest house
pasadena showcase house tree house

Photos by Peter Christiansen Valli courtesy of the Pasadena Showcase House of the Arts and Photos via Pasadena Star-News and Visit Pasadena.

JHL Design_Reviving Charm blog


Even when you purchase a home that has recently been renovated, chances are that you will be wanting to put your own stamp on it; personalize it, if you will, to make it yours to reflect your personal taste in design. That was definitely the case when a Portland, Oregon couple purchased this 1940’s Georgian style home from a bachelorette who had recently transformed it into her “dream home”. The new owners called upon Holly Freres of JHL Design to help renovate the space. They were seeking less of a feminine “princess” feel, as they described it, in favor of something a tad more modern, masculine, and edgy. The overall result maintains the original roots of the home with its traditional architectural elements that serve as a backdrop for everything modern, masculine and edgy…everything the new owners dreamed of.

jhl design_Reviving Charm 1jhl design 4_reviving charm

jhl design 2_reviving charmjhl design_Reviving Charmjhl design_Reviving Charm blog

A Cozy Colonial in New Hampshire

Fall is just a few short days away and I will be embracing the new season with open arms. I found a beautiful home filled with autumn hues and a splash of unexpected color. Even the front porch is already decorated with a seasonal wreath and pumpkins to welcome the new season. Hello, Fall! Don’t let simple exterior fool you. This isn’t your grandma’s colonial. The home is tastefully decorated and feels modern even though the home dates back to 1825. It looks like the perfect place to cozy up in during fall and winter. This 2,200 square foot New Hampshire colonial home with barn has access to a waterfall and not one, but two swimming “ponds” on six acres of land. I wish there were pictures of the property but if the surrounding landscape is as carefully tended to as the interiors then I bet it’s an idyllic setting.

Simple, Yet Refined

As much as I can appreciate pattern in a room, whether it be a great wallpaper or a statement fabric, I actually prefer a more subdued color palette in my own home. I am an executive by trade so for 8+ hours each day I am juggling a multitude of projects in a busy (often noisy) fast paced office. Coming home to a relaxing environment is something I always look forward to at the end of a long day so this interior by Houston interior designer Carol Glasser is a look I really can appreciate. The overall design has a simple, yet refined look and a quiet elegance about it. This has been an unusually busier work week so coming home to a space like this would be a wonderful treat. TGIF….is it 5 o’clock yet!!?? 

Have a fun filled weekend. Mr. B and I are doing a day trip to Ventura and putting the finishing touches on an upcoming trip. I can’t wait to share the details…

carol glasser interior design Reviving Charm 3carol glasser interior design Reviving Charmcarol glasser interior design Reviving Charm 4carol glasser interior design Reviving Chacarol glasser interior design Reviving Charm 7carol glasser interior design Reviving Charm 8carol glasser interior design Reviving Charm 9carol glasser interior design Reviving Charm 10carol glasser interior design Reviving Charm 11carol glasser interior design Reviving Charm 12