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Buongiorno! Mr. B and I have been enjoying travels through Northern Italy. Traveling during this time of year is great because the crowds generally die down a bit and the weather is usually more tolerable. Unfortunately, we couldn’t escape the higher temperatures and it’s been in the mid 80 degrees in Turin, where we are currently staying. Another advantage for traveling during this time of year is that the prices are typically more reasonable. For me, that means hoping to buy more souvenirs with the money we save.

I took thousands of pictures on our Italian trip last year and realize that I never shared any with you. I recently went through all of last year’s pictures and created this small photo montage highlighting the architectural features, design details and the natural beauty that capture the essence of Italy.

Italy travel_Reviving Charm

I have one very special post scheduled while I’m away and I promise to do a recap post of my current trip when I’m back. I’m also looking forward to posting more regularly. Fall is approaching and I’m feeling inspired. In the meantime, follow along on Instagram.

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A Winter Wonderland in the Eternal City

As someone who was born and raised in Southern California, I must admit that I am intrigued by the beauty of snowfall. When I learned that there was a rare snowfall yesterday in Rome (the heaviest they’ve seen in 6 years), I knew I had to share some of the beautiful images of the Eternal City draped in winter white. Doesn’t this historic city look lovely? Just when you thought Rome couldn’t get any more beautiful…

The snow is falling
The traffic is crawling
The world looks all calm and bright
If only for a moment everything looks pure under the freshly fallen snow and the glow emitted by the first snowfall of the season
My mood is happy I hope it lasts all season and throughout the new year too.  –Ann M. Johnson

Statue of St. Peter

St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican

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The Spanish Steps

Piazza del Popolo

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The Roman Forum

The Colosseum

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rome snow days_reviving charm blog 5snow days in rome_reviving charm blog 1

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The Trevi Fountain

snow days in rome_reviving charm blog

19 Years (Diciannove Anni)

Today as we continue our travels through Italy, Mr. B and I will be celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary in Bologna, Italy. (How time flies!). We had a destination wedding long before it ever became popular and before settling on Seattle as the location, we actually considered Italy. At the time, the process of getting married in Italy seemed like a complicated one so we sought an alternate location. I don’t regret a thing about our wedding but I can’t help wonder what our wedding would have been like had we planned our nuptials abroad. Perhaps, it would have been something like the three-day wedding event in Venice, Italy that interior designer Emily Jackson and her husband, Robert, CFO and Vice President of Acquisitions at Zarvona Energy planned for an intimate group of twelve. Be sure to read the play-by-play of the wedding festivities featured on Harper’s Bazaar. You will learn that Venice wasn’t the couple’s first choice as a wedding location either. Their original wedding venue was Celerie Kemble’s Dominican Republic estate, but due to Zika an alternate venue was selected. I have to say that, speaking from experience, sometimes Plan B turns out to be the best choice after all.

Every love story is beautiful, but ours, my darling, is my favorite…

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I will admit to being an Italophile, someone who favors Italian art, style and culture. I have also been a long time admirer of the beautifully designed J.K. Place chain of luxury boutique hotels in Italy. Last month when I learned that J.K. Malibu was going to establish itself for one week only I knew this was one event I would not want to miss! Their website is beautifully designed but provides almost no information about the event other than this:

Please join us in celebrating our passion
for the Italian lifestyle against this extraordinary backdrop,
for a week of culinary indulgence and California dreaming…

jk place malibu reviving charm

J.K. Place Malibu will be held from March 12 through March 19 at the exclusive Malibu, California estate owned by real-estate entrepreneur Kurt Rappaport. The estate is sprawled out over approximately six acres on a beautiful bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and was featured the May 2014 issue of Architectural Digest.

Mr. B and I be will in attendance later in the week. My Italian is a bit rusty so I better brush up on it so I can put it to good use with those from Italy that will be in attendance. For Mr. B and I, this event will kick off a wonderful extended vacation for us before traveling to San Francisco the following day…more on that later.  For now… Ciao! xoxo, V. 

reviving charm jk place malibu

jk place malibu reviving charm at the beachreviving charm italy jk place malibuk place malibu reviving charm 1jk place malibu reviving charm 2jk place malibu reviving charm 3jk place malibu reviving charm 4jk place malibu reviving charm 7jk place malibu reviving charm 6jk place malibu reviving charm jk place malibu reviving charm