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Snail mail just got a bit more elegant thank’s to the new Forever postage stamps unveiled by the Unites States Postal Service at a “First Day of Issue” ceremony a couple of days ago at New York’s Grand Central Terminal. The new stamps commemorate legendary fashion designer Oscar De La Renta who passed away in 2014. It was most appropriate to schedule the unveiling during New York’s Fashion Week.

“Our family and our company are profoundly honored that the U.S. Postal Service has chosen to memorialize Oscar de la Renta’s life and work with this series of beautiful stamps,” said Alex Bolen, CEO of Oscar de la Renta. “Oscar was proud to be an American and this would have made him tremendously happy. To commemorate his personal version of the ‘American Dream’ with these stamps is a great honor for which we thank the U.S. Postal Service.”


Shown below from left to right: The event was attended by Oscar de la Renta CEO Alexander Bolen, Michael Bloomberg, Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, Hillary Clinton, U.S. Postal Service Vice President Janice Walker and journalist Anderson Cooper.

The inspiration for the stamps was taken from some of Oscar’s most famous dresses, including these below. The fuchsia silk faille dress and with metallic embroidery is from Fall 2013. The emerald green taffeta and black Battenberg lace gown is from Spring 2012. I was fortunate to see many of his gowns at an exhibit last year in San Francisco. I talked about it in this post. oscar-de-la-renta-stamp-inspiration-for-stamps

The stamp collection features a total of 11 stamps that include a portrait of the designer along with 10 Oscar de la Renta dress and gown details. Exquisite, aren’t they?


oscar-de-la-renta-stamps-via-reviving-charm-3If you prefer envelopes, USPS offers these envelopes with a digitally printed stamp and postmark sold in a set of 11. oscar-de-la-renta-stamp-envelopes

As far as I am concerned, handwritten letters and notes will never go out of fashion (pun intended). And with the stormy weather here today in Southern California, I think this just might be a great day to stay indoors and write some letters.

line-art-original-1I just placed my order for the new stamps and you can order your own through USPS. For a limited time, you can also get free stamps with any purchase of $250 or more at Oscar De La Renta. Use promo code: STAMP

Images via USPS, Oscar De La Renta, NBC News, Vogue, American Philatelic Society, McClatchyDC


Seattle is very special place to me. Over 18 years ago Mr. B and I were married at the historic Four Seasons Olympic Hotel, currently the Fairmont Olympic. We have traveled to Seattle more times that I can count and it was during one of our trips that I discovered the shop Watson Kennedy. Shop owner, Ted Kennedy Watson, is also author of the charming book “Style & Simplicity” and a blog entitled “The Daily Blog”. I enjoy Ted’s blog, particularly to read about new things in the shop or seeing pictures of his homes in Seattle and in the Hudson River Valley. It sounds like such an idyllic life.

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In our guest room we have a large rattan basket that sits in front of the guest bed. The accessories on the tray always rotate but Ted’s book has become a permanent fixture prominently on display.

I was catching up on some blog reading yesterday when I realized I missed Ted’s post from last week in which he dedicated to his 5th anniversary of blogging. What I loved about his post was the fact that he put out a call to action to send a card or letter to help him mark his fifth anniversary. In my opinion, the art of letter writing is not dead and with US postage actually decreasing recently it’s even more reason to put pen to paper. Why not start with a letter to Ted? Better late than never…

watson kennedy

Beautiful cards and letters on Ted’s inspiration board. Image via Ted’s blog, “The Daily Blog”.

I would LOVE to hear from each and every one of you. It will be such a grand gift, which will bring me such happiness.   –Ted Kennedy Watson

letter to ted kennedy watson reviving charm

My note in progress.

If you feel inclined to perform your own Random Act of Kindness, why not send Ted a congratulatory note or letter to the address below. For the price of a postage stamp you can make someone’s day. I am sure he will appreciate it.  Happy corresponding!

Ted Kennedy Watson
1022 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
United States of America

By the way, in case anyone is wondering…this post is unsolicited. I don’t know Ted but he seems like such a charming man that I hope Mr. B and I get an opportunity to meet someday.