Have you ever seen a beautiful home or hotel with a perfectly curated collection of books and wonder how they’ve all come together so effortlessly to fit in with the decor? How do the stacks of books coordinate so perfectly? Or better yet, how do the make them look so perfectly imperfect?  Well, I have wondered this on occasion and now I know the secret! Apparently, there is an industry for everything and the London based company known as Ultimate Library is one that will curate and assemble an entire library for you, whether it be a residential or commercial project. Today I am highlighting a few of their projects from around the globe.

We are dedicated to building bespoke book collections for hotels, resorts, private residences and retail spaces around the world by providing them with titles that reflect their local neighbourhood.   –Ultimate Library


Ham Yard Hotel – LondonHam-Yard-Library-reviving charmham-yard-library reviving charm 1ham-yard-library reviving charm 2

Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah – Istanbulpera-palace-hotel-jumeirah via reviving charmpera-palace-hotel-jumeirah via reviving charm 3pera-palace-hotel-jumeirah library via reviving charm

One Denham Place – London
One-Denman-Place-Apartment-18-Living-Room-to-BedroomOne-Denman-Place-Apartment via reviving charmOne-Denman-Place-Apartment-18-Living-Room-to-Bedroom 1 via reviving charm

Jumby Bay – Jumby Bay Island, Antigua jumba bay via reviving charm

The collection of ocean inspired travel books are a perfect fit for this tropical location. I recognize a couple of the titles because they are part of our own collection of books that are on display in the guest bedroom.

jumba bay library via reviving charm

Happy reading!  –xoxo, V.


Since 1958 the American Library Association has sponsored National Library Week and this year’s theme is “Libraries Transform“. With the wealth of information available at our fingertips these days, I feel that supporting our libraries is more important now than ever before.

national library week reviving charm books

Even when I am on vacation I will make a pitstop into a the local library. One of favorite libraries to visit is the Boston Public Library and I make sure to pay a visit each time I am in town. It is the second largest library in the United States with over 19 million volumes held in their collection. The Library of Congress holds the title for most volumes in their collection, with over 34.5 million volumes held. I can get lost in the stacks of books for hours glancing at the intriguing titles and wandering the halls, particularly since the building has some amazing architectural features. The Boston Public Library system consists of several neighborhood branch locations but the Central Library in Copley Plaza (highlighted in this post) is a landmark. For more information on its art and architecture click here

boston public library copley square

exterior boston public library architecture copley plazaboston public library architecture murals artboston public library architecture bates hall boston public library reviving charm architectureboston public library architecture bates hallboston public library bates hall architecturebates hall boston public library architectureboston public library architecture copley square fountain courtyardboston public library courtyard fountain architecture

Library Images 1, 3, 9: Courtesy of the Boston Public Library; Video and all other images by Reviving Charm (via iPhone)