As the year winds down it’s not uncommon for people, including myself, to start reflecting on the events (good and bad) that took place over the past year. Looking through pictures taken throughout 2016 made me realize that there were several events I intended to post about that never quite made it to the blog. Not too long ago I even solicited input from readers when trying to determine when it’s considered too late to post about something. I came to the conclusion that its never too late as long as it’s relevant.

The home was featured in the movie “Nocturnal Animals” by Tom Ford and I instantly recognized the Malibu home I visited earlier this year as part of the “JK Place Malibu” event. I planned to post more pictures of the event but it never quite happened. It seems that even though the event was months ago, my pictures are still relevant given the timing of the movie and even Heather’s post. Thanks Heather, for inspiring my post today which allows me to revisit an event I had so much fun at. It was a bit hard to take decent pictures because of the sun’s glare both inside and out, but here are a few images that capture the amazing views from the home’s exterior. To see pictures of the home’s interiors be sure to check out my previous posts here and here. 


Mr. B and I pull into valet at the driveway entrance to the home.


Chic Italian men posing for the camera.


Another chic Italian serving up beverages for guests.



At the back of the house there is an expansive area of beautiful green lawn with priceless views of the Pacific Ocean just beyond the infinity pool.


img_4005jk place malibu via REVIVING CHARM



little beach house malibu soho house malibu reviving charmFounded in London in 1995 as a private members’ club for people in the creative industries, SoHo House has opened clubs across Europe and North America, as well as cinemas and restaurants. Many of the clubs serve as a home away from home offering luxurious amenities of an exclusive hotel. Prospective members must be nominated by two existing members of any House….except The Little Beach House Malibu, which is part of the SoHo House brand. The new Southern California location is so exclusive that even existing SoHo House members have to go through a separate application process to accepted as a member of the Malibu location. Membership to the Malibu location is reported to be only be available to residents, and people who work or have a connection to Malibu or its immediate coastal areas. The Little Beach House officially opened a couple of days ago with a star studded event. Much hasn’t been released about the interiors and pictures weren’t allowed inside the opening day event, but I definitely like the little that I have seen, mostly from Instagram and Twitter. The location captures the quintessential Malibu of what I would call “laid back luxury”. I can’t wait to see more of this location…maybe someday in person.

soho house malibu The hollywood reporter reviving charm

soho house malibu reviving charm

The gallery wall of art and sculpture is spectacular. {image source}