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Inside Martha’s Closet

What do you do when you need more room to store clothes, shoes, and accessories? Well, if you are Martha Stewart, you call California Closets to help convert an unused bedroom into a new walk-in closet. Her only prerequisite was to use pieces that are modular so that the architectural details of the room were not disturbed. This also gives her the flexibility to convert the space back into a bedroom if ever needed. I am very fortunate to have a walk-in closet but lately each time I walk inside, I keep telling myself that I need to do a good purge. After the purge, I might look at updating my closet a bit. The existing color scheme in my closet is similar to Martha’s incorporating emerald green, grey, and antique pieces but I have been wanting to repaint the room and add crown molding. Besides working in the garden, this sounds like another great Springtime goal. We shall see…

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm 1

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm 2

martha stewart closet_Reviving Charm 3

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Martha Stewart at Home on Lily Pond Lane

It’s been 26 years since Martha Stewart purchased her home on one acre along Lily Pond Lane in East Hampton, New York. The house needed much work but, naturally, Martha saw the potential and took on the challenge of a complete renovation to make it her own. The home has been designed…and redesigned (a woman after my own heart!) and the gardens overhauled. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Ms. Martha. The interiors were redone a few years ago in soothing tones of neutrals including khakis, buttercreams, beiges, and greiges. There is even a touch of pink. The home also incorporates what I like to consider one of Martha’s trademark design tricks: painting the walls and the casework one color. Overall, the home doesn’t feel overly decorated. In fact, with the exception of a few rooms, it’s quite simple in design. It’s proof that good design doesn’t have to be fussy.martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 2martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 4martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charmmartha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 6martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charm 1martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 5martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 3martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charm 3martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charm 2martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 9martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 9martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 8martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charm 4martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charm 6martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charm 6martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 10martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charmmartha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 11I don’t know about you, but I never tire of visiting Martha at home. If you enjoyed this home tour and want to take a look at Martha’s first home, Turkey Hill, you can read my post here. 

Images via Martha Stewart and Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Magazine.

Revisiting Turkey Hill

I’ve had gardens and landscaping on my mind for the past week. Last weekend I attended a garden show, this weekend I visited a few homes on a local garden tour, and earlier this week I received an email regarding a garden tour taking place in June. The email was sent to announce a garden tour sponsored by Positive Directions, a provider of behavioral health treatment and prevention programs. However, this is no ordinary garden tour. What caught my attention was the fact that the event will be held at 48 Turkey Hill Road South, Westport, Connecticut. Does that address sound familiar? It is the address of the property known as Turkey Hill, the Connecticut property Martha Stewart once called home for over 40 years. It also served as the backdrop for her original television show and magazine. One could say it was the house that helped launch an empire. The event will feature self-guided tours of the garden, garden talks with Martha Stewart and a chance to tour the home and have refreshments on the terrace with Martha. I won’t be attending the event but I am using this as a wonderful excuse to take a look back at some of my favorite images of Turkey Hill and see how the property has evolved. If you’re a fan of Martha you may have seen many of these pictures. They are oldies, but they are goodies. And with any enduring style, they continue to inspire. And that’s “a good thing”.

martha stewart turkey hill 2turkey hill martha stewartturkey hill martha stewart staircaseturkey hill dining roommartha stewart turkey hill 1turkey-hillmartha stewart turkey hill mudroomturkey hill mudroom martha stewartmartha stewart turkey hill

In 2007, the property was sold to Chuck and Casey Berg. The new owners began to make changes of their own. The couple called upon architect John Fifield of Fifield Piaker Elman to help the couple redesign the home in a manner that was “part restoration, renovation, and addition”. In 2009, the homeowners were presented with a Preservation Award by the Westport Historic District Commission “for enlarging this outstanding Greek Revival house in a sensitive and appropriate manner…The unobtrusive addition, which is at the rear of the house, does not detract from the original historic structure.” The Commission further stated that “This is an example of how an antique house can be successfully rehabilitated to accommodate the needs of a 21st-century family.” Here’s a look at the home after it was purchased by the Bergs, including the changes made both inside and out. martha stewart turkey hillwestport-Home-Tour-Designer-Berg-Front-Door Reviving Charmturkey hill reviving charm 2Turkey-Hill-family-room-from-kitchen Reviving Charmturkey hill reviving charm 3turkey hill reviving charm 4turkey hill via reviving charmTurkey-Hill-kitchenturkey hill reviving charm 5Turkey-Hill-sunroom Reviving Charmturkey hill reviving charm 6Turkey-Hill-dressing-room reviving charmTurkey-Hill-master-bath reviving charmturkey hill reviving charm 7In 2014, the grounds of the home were featured in Cottages and Gardens Magazine (photos below). The head gardener, Levy Froes, stayed with the Bergs after working with Martha for over 20 years. It’s his legacy, he explained. This was a good move on the Bergs part as he has been the one constant working on the land, other than Martha herself. But when the property was purchased by the Bergs, the landscape was very agricultural. They hired Chris Kusske, of Kolkowitz/Kusske Architects, to help them clean up and edit the property. The site is lovely. And given that it is Martha’s first home that helped launch a career, I would venture to say that visiting Turkey Hill is bittersweet.

turkey hill homeMartha-Stewart-Turkey-Hill-Westport-Home-Casey-and-Chuck-Berg-quince-treesMartha-Stewart-Turkey-Hill-Westport-Home-Casey-and-Chuck-Berg-stairsturkeyhill-gardenturkeyhill-garden-pool

If you want your own personal tour of Turkey Hill and a chance to meet Martha Stewart in the flesh, you can get more information here. 

Images via Martha Stewart, marthamoments.comFifield Piaker Elman, Cottages and Gardens Magazine