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In Friday’s post, I mentioned wanting to buy a few new varieties of camellias for our garden this past weekend. I was keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t rain because Mr. B and I planned on paying a visit to Nuccio’s Nurseries located in Altadena, California. We headed out to Nuccio’s yesterday. It was gloomy and wet but we had no rain during our visit. Mother Nature was on our side. We were off to a great start! nuccios-nursery-sign-altadena-california-via-reviving-charm

Since 1935 the Nuccio family has grown their nursery business into a one that has become somewhat of a horticultural niche specializing in camellias and azaleas known across the globe. We traveled over an hour to Nuccio’s and while we were there we encountered another couple from Montecito, California who happened to be repeat customers. That’s easily over a two-hour drive away…on a good day. And while speaking with one of the owner’s he mentioned something about an out of state customer. Even domestic goddess Martha Stewart has paid a visit.

As you walk up to the main entrance of the nursery you are greeted by a sign asking you not to start picking out flowers without the help of a salesperson. I was happy to see this because I came armed with specific questions and the help of a professional is something I already knew I would need. nuccios-nursery-altadena-california-via-reviving-charm

When we walked in, Mr. B and I made a beeline for a display table filled with a wide array of camellia cuttings. We oohed and ahhed over the beautiful flowers; most of which we had never seen before. We were greeted by one of the owners, Jim Nuccio, who was very friendly and so very helpful. We mentioned a few qualities and characteristics that we were looking for in a camellia. Base on our needs, Jim was able to immediately narrow down a few varieties for us that were located on the cutting table. The cutting table is genius as it makes the selection process so much easier with so many varieties in one central location. Jim also brought out a huge photo album full of pictures for additional options. The book is not tabbed nor does it have page numbers but Jim went straight to the pages that would be most helpful for us and highlighted a few additional plant options. He definitely knows his stuff! I was originally concerned that the process might be a bit daunting but Jim made it easy-peasy.  Thanks, Jim! 


Here is the cutting table showing off the dazzling array of colorful blooms. Each flower is labeled by name. Below are some of the famous Nuccio’s Jewel variety.camellia-varieties-nuccios-altadena-via-reviving-charm-1

We decided to purchase a couple of the Ferris Wheel camellias because of their beautiful show-stopping color and pattern. ferris-wheel-camellia-by-reviving-charm-1a

camellia-varieties-nuccios-nursery-altadena-via-reviving-charmCamellias are slow growing and they tend to grow upward. There is one area in our garden that we were hoping for a smaller variety. With the assistance of Jim, we selected Bonanza that has a smaller flower and grows bushier rather than upright. We debated about purchasing it in white but we selected it in red as shown below. nuccios-nurseries-altadena-california-via-reviving-charmnuccios-nurseries-altadena-california-via-reviving-charm-1a

After we made our purchase, we wandered through the nursery and took a ton of pictures. Everywhere you turn there is something beautiful to look at. nuccios-nurseries-altadena-california-via-reviving-charm-1

I love that I was able to capture a few bees in my pictures. I have read that the bee population is declining so adding flowers to the garden is a great way to do our small part in helping them. Actually, it is something we mutually benefit from. nuccios-nurseries-altadena-california-via-reviving-charm-2

Nuccio’s Nurseries also has a cutting table for many of the azalea’s they offer up for sale.

I particularly liked the Green Glow for its unusual color and Baker’s Lavender for its feminine frilly petals. bakers-lavendar-azalea-via-reviving-charm

We didn’t come to Nuccio’s expecting to buy azaleas. However, when we saw Duc de Rohan we fell in love with its unusual salmon/pink color and decided to purchase it also.

We ended up purchasing a total of six plants so if anyone needs me this morning you can find me in the garden planting our new lovelies. camellias-and-azaleas-reviving-charm

If you are unable to visit Nuccio’s they will ship to you. However, if you are in Southern California I strongly urge you to visit Nuccio’s Nurseries for yourself. It’s tucked off a tiny road that we actually missed but once inside you will be rewarded with a beautiful selection and wonderful service. nuccios-nurseries-contact-information-via-reviving-charm

Important note: Nuccio’s only accepts cash or check. If you find yourself short on cash they will allow you to mail in a check. Yes, you read that right! This is truly a family operated business and it is refreshing to know that they operate the good ‘ol fashion way.

To learn more about Nuccio’s check out this video segment by Martha Stewart and visit Nuccio’s website.




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I have always loved and appreciated beautiful lush gardens but it wasn’t until Mr. B and I moved into our seaside ranch home that I became interested in our own landscaping. This is primarily due to the fact that we bought a fixer and the gardens left little to be desired. At some point we will rework the outdoor spaces. But for now everything is kept neat and tidy since we are currently focusing on the interiors of our home. When the time comes to reevaluate our outdoor spaces I would love to work with someone like Molly Wood. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the garden as it is, particularly the when the roses and spring flowers are in bloom. I love when I can cut flowers from the garden and bring them indoors. Simple pleasures.

fresh flowers and garden journal RevivingCharm_com

Flowers from our garden waiting to be arranged – Spring 2016

Even though the garden isn’t quite where I want it to be I have enjoyed trying out new plants and flowers in various areas of our property to see how well they respond.  Since I am a planner by nature and have a great affinity for stationary supplies, I am not surprised at the fact that I wanted to purchase a gardening journal to document events in our garden. I recently purchased this journal from Color Box Design & Letterpress. I can’t wait to put it to good use.


My new garden journal from Colorbox Design & Letterpress.

It has a sweet letterpress design on the cover and is wire bound with 60 blank pages leaving me to decide exactly how I want to put it to use. I am planning to document planting instructions, including what has been planted and where. I plan to incorporate pictures so I can see progress (growth) through pictures and note at what time of year specific plants and flowers were planted and how long they lasted throughout the season. I know it’s winter and but it is never too early to start planning for Spring. Note to self: need to order spring bulbs soon. 

garden of revivingcharm_com

Flowers in our garden – Spring 2016

A gardening journal accompanied by a nice pen or pencil (my mechanical pencil shown above is from A.G Spalding & Bros.) would make a great housewarming gift or the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. Heck, they are so affordable why not treat yourself to one also. In addition to Adventures in Gardening, Color Box Design & Letterpress has a few other designs that would make perfect gifts including Adventures in Parenting, Adventures of the World and Adventures in the Kitchen. Journals can be purchased here.

All original photos by Reviving Charm via iPhone.


Happy Friday! It’s also the last day of a week dedicated to fun summertime posts. A little bit of everything was covered: decor, style, and entertaining. Today we’re keep it cool and taking a virtual dip in the pool. Let’s enjoy some poolside living today, shall we?

beautiful pool via reviving charm

When Mr. B and I were searching for a home 3 years ago I remember our realtor asking us how we felt about a home with a pool. Our response was simple: If it’s the right house and it doesn’t have a pool that’s fine. But if a pool comes with the house, we will consider it an added bonus.  We looked at a countless number of houses but ended up purchasing our seaside ranch home…without a pool. I admit to daydreaming from time to time of having our own private pool…a saltwater pool. After swimming in a saltwater pool you’ll never want to go back to a chlorinated waters again. There’s no chlorine smell and it’s easier on the hair and skin. Plus, you can float  in the water easier…a fun, added bonus. The temperatures are rising out of control here in Southern California so I thought I would finish off the week by offering up something cool and refreshing to look at hoping to distract from the sweltering heat. And with the weekend quickly approaching in just a matter of a few hours its time to let the daydreaming begin. I don’t know what your daydreams look like but right now mine look something like this… pools via reviving charmbeautiful pool via reviving charm 1beautiful pools via reviving charmBEAUTIFUL POOL DESIGN via Reviving Charm 1outdoor living and beautiful pools via reviving charm 1

All images from my Pinterest board.


As I write this post I am sitting at my desk looking out the window and admiring my neighbor’s lovely tree. My neighbor is a sweet lady and her and I have swapped comments on a couple of occasions making note of how beautiful the tree is. Unfortunately, we have no idea what kind it actually is. This wasn’t my original post for today but sometimes there is nothing more inspiring than Mother Nature herself and you just have to go with it. I spent some time gathering a few other images that  inspired me today… I can only hope they have the same effect on you!  —xoox, V.

nature inspired via revivingc charm DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.    –John Muir

simple tablesetting via reviving charmgreen and white interior design via reviving charmgreen and white espalier garden design via reviving charm

East Coast Travels

This southern California girl has left the heat in favor of cooler weather back east. Travels with will take us to Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. Follow along Instagram to get daily posts on our travels.

Good morning from the unobstructed lakefront view from our room in the Berkshires. It is so peaceful and serene this lovely morning. 

Fall Inspiration

Today is officially the first day of Fall.  We don’t experience true seasons here in California so this roundup of Fall inspiration is definitely getting me excited for an upcoming trip to Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram to tag along with Mr. B and I on our fun filled, Fall adventures! I can hardly wait…

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