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The Perfect Little Office

Having a small space doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style and the 176 square foot office designed by Amy Mitchell is a perfect example of that. When her business outgrew the designated space in her New Hampshire home (her kitchen!) she converted a 19th-century building on her property that was being used as a storage shed into a beautiful office space for her interior design business, Home Glow Design. 

small office design_Reviving Charm

I read about the project in this article on Houzz where I learned that the renovation of the space was designed over the course of 6 short weeks as part of the One Room Challenge earlier this year. In case you missed it (like I did) you can still catch up on all 6 weeks in these posts: Week 1/Week 2/Week 3/Week 4/Week 5/Week 6. Each week gives insight on the progress of the renovation work, as well as provide source details for the items used in the space. Many of the items are from Ikea, several which I’ve incorporated into my own office space. If you’ve been concerned about using Ikea in your own office, don’t be. My pieces have held up well, been very versatile, and come at such an affordable price point that my wallet appreciates. The money I saved allowed me to splurge in other areas. Plus, the amount of storage they provide can’t be beat. For me, they’ve turned out to be a great alternative to pricey built-ins.

home glow design_Reviving Charm blog

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home glow design_Reviving Charm 6

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meagan camp_reviving charm

Meagan Camp is Living Large in a Small Space

When it comes to living large in a small space I must admit that New Yorker’s do it best. The home of interior designer Meagan Camp, located in New York’s Upper West Side, is proof of that. What she lacks in space she makes up for in style. Her apartment may be a mere 300 square feet but you tend to forget about the size due to the fact that she has selected pieces with just the right proportions to keep the space from feeling tight and cramped. Meagan has also done a successful job of incorporating a mix of vintage and new, with many of the new pieces available directly to the public (i.e. West Elm sofa and Ikea wardrobe). The overall design is a successful marriage of traditional and contemporary elements that keeps this space fresh and relevant for today’s living.

Neutrals are classic and timeless, and can lean traditional or modern depending on how they’re used…I like to create a traditional shell and mix in trend-driven items. This way, you can easily mix in new pieces as trends come and go, rather than needing to re-do [the] entire space.”  — Meagan Camp

To read more about Meagan’s approach to the design of her apartment check out the article here.

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meagan camp tiny house_reviving charm 1

meagan camp tiny house_reviving charm

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meagan camp new york interior design_reviving charm

meagan camp interior design new york_reviving charm

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meagan camp new york interior designer_reviving charm

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meagan camp interiors_reviving charm blog

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neutral style and decor on Reviving Charm


Hello there! The recent silence has been unintentional but I’m back. The holidays have indeed slipped away and I am ready to rest the eyes and get back to more neutral colors after the overload of red and green during the month of December. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I’m probably not alone in my thinking. 

Since I feel like I’ve had my fair share of color these last couple of months, I would like to share a few images focusing on creamy, ivory tones. It’s a “color” palette that provides a calming effect and one that also sets the stage for a look of understated elegance and subtle glamour. I also threw in a few products that might help you relax and enjoy this winter season. neutral decorating_reviving charmneutral design_Reviving Charmneutral interior design on Reviving Charmneutral design on Reviving Charmivory decor on Reviving Charmneutral decor on Reviving Charm 3classic design_Reviving Charmivory coat via Reviving Charmclassic cars_Reviving Charmclassic architecture_Reviving CharI always wear black but last year I bought a very similar pantsuit to the one shown below as a way to try something new and break out of my mold. I hate to admit that I haven’t worn it yet because I’m afraid of it becoming a dirt magnet the moment I walk out the door. Seeing it look so stylish makes me want to put my fear aside. After all, it’s a new year and new beginnings! I also have a very similar Furla tote bag in ivory leather that would work well with it. Hopefully, I can look as chic as her…ivory suit style_Reviving Charmdesigning with neutrals _Reviving Charmivory bedroom_reviving charminspirational quotes_Reviving Charmpeonies on Reviving Charmneutral style on Reviving Charm_5neutral decor on Reviving Charm_3neutral decor on Reviving CharmI just finished telling someone that finding time for yourself is the ultimate luxury. Why not find a cozy corner to sit and read a book. While you’re at it, treat yourself to a cup of Fortnum & Mason’s chamomile tea. They conveniently come in individual tea bags.fortnum mason tea_Reviving CharmAmen……
inspirational quotes on Reviving Charm

If I can’t fit in time for a massage or facial I like to treat myself to spa days at home whenever possible. I like to treat myself and these quiet moments of relaxation are quite a luxury. I’m huge on baths and this winter I plan to try this bubble bath by Antica Farmacista. It’s described as having a “crisp scent celebrating the sparkling effervescence of Prosecco and Champagne”. Doesn’t that sound amazing? It’s currently sold out on their website but available at Nordstrom.

It has actually been a tad warm these last couple of days but I bet many people back East dealing with the insane winter weather probably can’t wait for spring to arrive. I think the orange blossom candle by Aerin Lauder is a good reminder that better weather will come and springtime is on its way. If citrus scents aren’t your thing, don’t worry…it also comes in a variety of other scents such as gardenia, tuberose, as well as a few others.

aerin candle_Reviving CharmI have a feeling that tomorrow I won’t want to get out of bed to head back to work. I’d much rather lounge around in daybed like this and daydream about my next vacation…ivory daybed_on Reviving Charm

Personally, Italy is always on my mind but I will agree with the fact that Paris is always a good idea. This glass tray is perfect to hold small items and is a great reminder to plan your next trip. They say if it’s written down, it’s more likely for you to make it happen. paris is a good idea_Reviving Charm

liz bryan interiors_Reviving Charm

Liza Bryan Interiors

I like when I become aware of a new (to me) designer and their work. In the current issue of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle, there is a feature about the renovation of a home in the beautiful Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. The couple has lived here for 30 years and decided to completely transform the home inside and out with a team that included Atlanta interior designer Liza Bryan. Part of the project included editing the couple’s existing furniture and accessories from a lifetime of collecting.  “We kept only her best antiques, only her best china, only her best silver,” explains Liza Bryan. In my own effort to live more simple, it’s a lesson even I have taken to heart.

Liza bryan interiors_foyer_reviving charmliza bryan interiors_Reviving Charm 4Liza Byan Interiors_dining room_reviving charmLiza Bryan Interiors_5_Reviving CharLiza Bryan Interiors_Reviving Charm 3Liza Bryan Interiors_Reviving Charm 5Liz Bryan Interiors_Reviving Charm 2Liz Bryan Interiors_Reviving Charm 2aLiza Bryan Interiors_buckhead_Reviving CharmLiza Bryan Interior_kitchen_Reviving CharmLiza bryan Interiors dining room_Reviving Charm (2)Liza bryan interiors dining room_reviving charmliza bryan interiors_Reviving Charmliza bryan interiors_bedroom_Reviving Charmliza bryan interiors_Reviving Charm 1liza bryan interiors_bath 1_Reviving Charmliza bryan interiors_bath 2_Reviving Charmliza bryan interiors_master bedroom_Reviving Charmliza bryan interiors_master bedroom 2_Reviving Charmliza bryan interiors_master bedroom 1_Reviving CharmLiza Bryan Interiors_gate_Reviving CharmLiza Bryan Interiors_landscape 1_Reviving CharmLiza Bryan Interiors_landscape_Reviving Charm



On the way home from the airport after landing in Los Angeles, our driver said to us at the end of a particular conversation, “Don’t worry, the reality and stress will soon set in”. Although said jokingly, he wasn’t far off base. It’s hard coming home to see news coverage about the devastating wildfires occurring in my state. There are fires burning in both Northern and Southern California with deadly, devastating results. “California is on fire”, is some something I made mention of yesterday to a colleague. While we are not in the path of any of the current fires, I came home to find layers of ash covering our property spread by the heavy Santa Ana winds. I had also being alerted by our city to stay indoors due to poor air quality. Having a home destroyed in a matter of minutes is a frightening thought but is the reality for so many living it in the moment. There are many who will deal with the aftermath of the destruction. Some will be rebuilding lives after the loss of life of friends and family; others will deal with construction efforts of rebuilding physical structures. This all reminded me of a post I did last year about a Santa Barbara home that was rebuilt after a fire. The owner took some extra precautions to design a new home with safety in mind. The results are lovely and in case you missed that post, you can check it out HERE.

When we rebuild a house, we are rebuilding a home. When we recover from disaster, we are rebuilding lives and livelihoods. –Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Economist

If you want to help with disaster relief aid, contact Red Cross.

Micheal Smith at Home in Madrid

When I was in line at Los Angeles International Airport buying a bottle of water I happened to look down at the heap of magazines on the shelf below. What caught my eye was the current issue of Galerie Magazine with its beautiful cover and headline reading “Michael Smith at Home in Madrid”. I’ve been a fan of Michael Smith’s work since meeting him in the early 1990s in L.A. I follow him on Instagram and have previously featured his work, specifically covering his renovation of the White House during the Obama administration (featured here). Michael Smith’s partner, James Costos, served as Obama’s Ambassador to Madrid and Andorra for nearly four years during which time they were able to transform the official Ambassador residence. However, after the change in administration and exiting the diplomatic arena Costos and Smith found themselves wanting to maintain a residence in Spain (in addition to their home in Los Angeles). They moved their belongings to a 5,000 square foot apartment in Madrid which turned out to be a blend of classic, elegant style with bit a of modernity to it. According to Costos “Michael’s work in the apartment is perfection. I think he hit all the right notes. It has modern formality, yet it’s bright and comfortable.”

A Cozy Colonial in New Hampshire

Fall is just a few short days away and I will be embracing the new season with open arms. I found a beautiful home filled with autumn hues and a splash of unexpected color. Even the front porch is already decorated with a seasonal wreath and pumpkins to welcome the new season. Hello, Fall! Don’t let simple exterior fool you. This isn’t your grandma’s colonial. The home is tastefully decorated and feels modern even though the home dates back to 1825. It looks like the perfect place to cozy up in during fall and winter. This 2,200 square foot New Hampshire colonial home with barn has access to a waterfall and not one, but two swimming “ponds” on six acres of land. I wish there were pictures of the property but if the surrounding landscape is as carefully tended to as the interiors then I bet it’s an idyllic setting.

Martha Stewart at Home on Lily Pond Lane

It’s been 26 years since Martha Stewart purchased her home on one acre along Lily Pond Lane in East Hampton, New York. The house needed much work but, naturally, Martha saw the potential and took on the challenge of a complete renovation to make it her own. The home has been designed…and redesigned (a woman after my own heart!) and the gardens overhauled. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Ms. Martha. The interiors were redone a few years ago in soothing tones of neutrals including khakis, buttercreams, beiges, and greiges. There is even a touch of pink. The home also incorporates what I like to consider one of Martha’s trademark design tricks: painting the walls and the casework one color. Overall, the home doesn’t feel overly decorated. In fact, with the exception of a few rooms, it’s quite simple in design. It’s proof that good design doesn’t have to be fussy.martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 2martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 4martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charmmartha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 6martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charm 1martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 5martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 3martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charm 3martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charm 2martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 9martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 9martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 8martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charm 4martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charm 6martha stewart lily pond lane Reviving Charm 6martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 10martha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charmmartha stewart lily pond lane_Reviving Charm 11I don’t know about you, but I never tire of visiting Martha at home. If you enjoyed this home tour and want to take a look at Martha’s first home, Turkey Hill, you can read my post here. 

Images via Martha Stewart and Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Magazine.

An Enchanting Creekside Estate in Montecito

I’ve had a major case of wanderlust lately and my daydreams have been all over the map. From a weekend staycation to an extended European holiday, I can’t get the thought of vacation off my mind. I’ve never used Airbnb, VBRO or any other online home rental service (have you?) but my curiosity got the best of me and I soon discovered this beautiful home in Montecito, California available for rent. The headline for the listing reads, “Enchanting Creekside Estate, 2 Minutes to the Beach”.  I was immediately sold and when I went through the pictures I realized that I wouldn’t mind calling this place home away from home for a few days. It looks like a wonderful way to get away from it all. Its beautiful decor and serene landscape look like a perfect respite.

santa barbara vacation rental montecito

Upper Garden of Main House

“Situated in Montecito’s Golden Quadrangle, this gated, 1.5 acre estate offers total privacy amidst a lushly landscaped creek side setting. Multi-level gardens surround an authentic hacienda-style 4 bedroom 3.5 bath main house that offers mountain views and landscaped gardens framed by majestic Sycamore, Oak, Magnolia and Bird of Paradise trees and bordered by San Ysidro Creek. Located within a 2-minute drive from Santa Barbara’s world famous beaches, the property also includes a detached one bedroom guest house, 6 fireplaces and several outdoor living areas. Perfect for a family or extended family with staff, this property can accommodate up to 10 people comfortably.”

montecito santa barbara vacation rental 5

Upper Patio

santa barbara vacation rental 8

Upper Courtyard Fountain

santa barbara vacation rental 9

Upper Courtyard

santa barbara vacation rental 10

Upper Garden Outdoor Shower


santa barbara vacation rental 1

Main House: Living Room

santa barbara vacation rental 14


santa barbara vacation rental 3

Main House: Dining Room

santa barbara vacation rental 6

Main House: Kitchen

santa barbara vacation rental 11

Photos Above & Below: Master Bedroom

santa barbara vacation rental 12

santa barbara vacation rental 12

Master Bathroom

Bedroom with balcony

santa barbara vacation rental 15

First Floor Bedroom

Above and Below: View of the Guest House on the Creek

santa barbara vacation rental 20

santa barbara vacation rental 19 montecito

Guest House Living Room

santa barbara vacation rental 16

Lower Garden Courtyard

santa barbara vacation rental 17

Herb and Vegetable Garden

santa barbara vacation rental 18

Stone Pathway

For more information on this beautiful estate, check out the rental listing here. 

Designer Bennett Leifer

You’d never know with his boyish looks that designer Bennett Leifer has studied under some of the best names in the architecture and design world, including Robert A. Stern Architects. designer bennett leifer

His training has done him well. Since establishing his own firm in New York in 2013, Bennett Leifer has since made a name for himself in the design world with his work published in numerous magazines, including the current issue of Elle Decor. While there is a timeless quality about much of his work he does allow for throwing a few modern pieces into the mix. I particularly love the sophisticated, casual style of this Connecticut country house featured in his online portfolio. The light colors and neutral decor of this home are a breath of fresh air this time of year. BENNETT LEIFER country home entry via reviving charmBENNETT LEIFER country home via reviving charm 3BENNETT LEIFER country home via reviving charm 4BENNETT LEIFER country home via reviving charm 2BENNETT LEIFER country home via reviving charmBENNETT LEIFER country home via reviving charm 1BENNETT LEIFER via reviving charm