On the way home from the airport after landing in Los Angeles, our driver said to us at the end of a particular conversation, “Don’t worry, the reality and stress will soon set in”. Although said jokingly, he wasn’t far off base. It’s hard coming home to see news coverage about the devastating wildfires occurring in my state. There are fires burning in both Northern and Southern California with deadly, devastating results. “California is on fire”, is some something I made mention of yesterday to a colleague. While we are not in the path of any of the current fires, I came home to find layers of ash covering our property spread by the heavy Santa Ana winds. I had also being alerted by our city to stay indoors due to poor air quality. Having a home destroyed in a matter of minutes is a frightening thought but is the reality for so many living it in the moment. There are many who will deal with the aftermath of the destruction. Some will be rebuilding lives after the loss of life of friends and family; others will deal with construction efforts of rebuilding physical structures. This all reminded me of a post I did last year about a Santa Barbara home that was rebuilt after a fire. The owner took some extra precautions to design a new home with safety in mind. The results are lovely and in case you missed that post, you can check it out HERE.

When we rebuild a house, we are rebuilding a home. When we recover from disaster, we are rebuilding lives and livelihoods. –Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Economist

If you want to help with disaster relief aid, contact Red Cross.

An Enchanting Creekside Estate in Montecito

I’ve had a major case of wanderlust lately and my daydreams have been all over the map. From a weekend staycation to an extended European holiday, I can’t get the thought of vacation off my mind. I’ve never used Airbnb, VBRO or any other online home rental service (have you?) but my curiosity got the best of me and I soon discovered this beautiful home in Montecito, California available for rent. The headline for the listing reads, “Enchanting Creekside Estate, 2 Minutes to the Beach”.  I was immediately sold and when I went through the pictures I realized that I wouldn’t mind calling this place home away from home for a few days. It looks like a wonderful way to get away from it all. Its beautiful decor and serene landscape look like a perfect respite.

santa barbara vacation rental montecito

Upper Garden of Main House

“Situated in Montecito’s Golden Quadrangle, this gated, 1.5 acre estate offers total privacy amidst a lushly landscaped creek side setting. Multi-level gardens surround an authentic hacienda-style 4 bedroom 3.5 bath main house that offers mountain views and landscaped gardens framed by majestic Sycamore, Oak, Magnolia and Bird of Paradise trees and bordered by San Ysidro Creek. Located within a 2-minute drive from Santa Barbara’s world famous beaches, the property also includes a detached one bedroom guest house, 6 fireplaces and several outdoor living areas. Perfect for a family or extended family with staff, this property can accommodate up to 10 people comfortably.”

montecito santa barbara vacation rental 5

Upper Patio

santa barbara vacation rental 8

Upper Courtyard Fountain

santa barbara vacation rental 9

Upper Courtyard

santa barbara vacation rental 10

Upper Garden Outdoor Shower


santa barbara vacation rental 1

Main House: Living Room

santa barbara vacation rental 14


santa barbara vacation rental 3

Main House: Dining Room

santa barbara vacation rental 6

Main House: Kitchen

santa barbara vacation rental 11

Photos Above & Below: Master Bedroom

santa barbara vacation rental 12

santa barbara vacation rental 12

Master Bathroom

Bedroom with balcony

santa barbara vacation rental 15

First Floor Bedroom

Above and Below: View of the Guest House on the Creek

santa barbara vacation rental 20

santa barbara vacation rental 19 montecito

Guest House Living Room

santa barbara vacation rental 16

Lower Garden Courtyard

santa barbara vacation rental 17

Herb and Vegetable Garden

santa barbara vacation rental 18

Stone Pathway

For more information on this beautiful estate, check out the rental listing here. 


We had a house guest stay with us recently for several weeks. The furniture in the guest bedroom was rearranged to better suit their needs as a temporary resident. With our house guest now gone, I have begun to rearrange this small bedroom. I had been tinkering with the idea of redecorating this room so this posed the perfect opportunity. Timing is everything, isn’t it?

I will be repurposing a lot of what we already have. I will be maintaining all of the existing furniture (although two pieces will get a makeover with a fresh coat of chalk paint). I purchased new fabric for 4 pillows I will be making for the bed and already have fabric for 3 other accent pillows I still need to make. I am thrilled that existing art that has been stored away will soon be displayed. The room will be simple in design. Not a lot of color, not a lot of fuss. A few details have yet to be worked out but the re-do is officially underway.


Do you want to learn a little bit about all the pretty little things in this picture?

  • Gold trinket box: Did you know that Goodwill operates a store called Deja Blue Boutique? Yeah, I didn’t either. I went to Las Vegas with a couple of friends a while back. One of my friends took us to Deja Blue, which happens to be where Goodwill sells their higher end items. The box still had its original red velvet lining which I happily swapped out with black linen to suit the space better.
  • Sunburst Brooch & Lady Bust: These are vintage and were purchased from a Hollywood costume designer a few years ago. I think the black linen provides a great backdrop to show them off.
  • Octagonal glass trinket box: This is already existing in the room. It is one of my favorite pieces because it displays various seashells and rocks that Mr. B and I have collected over the years from various beaches we’ve visited while on vacation.
  • Mirrored tray: This is another accessory that is already in the room but it has a tendency of moving around.
  • Books: I rummaged through a box of books we still have packed away and found a few that match the room perfectly.
  • Ivory & chrome tray: This was a Homegoods purchase several years ago and is already being used in the room. I love using trays to corral items together and create a harmonious grouping of things.
  • Wicker basket: The wicker basket was purchased by Mr. B at least 30 years ago at a yard sale. He has a good eye! It currently exists in the room and serves as a table in front of the daybed.

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek. I still have a lot to do so I better get to work now…

David Heyman and Rose Uniacke London


David Heyman and Rose Uniacke are the ultimate power couple. David is the producer behind the Harry Potter series and Rose Uniacke is the daughter of a well know antique dealer in France who, in her own right, has become a much-in-demand British designer. The couple’s home, which is shared with one of their children, is featured in the March 2017 issue of Vogue. It combines raw and refined qualities and has an elegant simplicity to it. According to Uniacke, the design of their home can be summed up as “monastery meets Venetian palazzo.”


Here is Rose Uniacke with the family dog, Errol. That dog must live a very charmed life! Don’t worry, Errol isn’t camera shy. You’ll catch a glimpse of his sweet face later in this post.


It looks like the kitchen has undergone some renovation. The picture above is the family’s kitchen from 2013 via the New York Times. It’s also the version currently on Uniacke’s website known as the Pimlico House. However, the kitchen shown below, with its reclaimed wood, is the one featured in the March 2017 issue of Vogue Magazine. Personally, I like the 2013 version much better with the island in place and the selection of materials used. In fact, I kept having to double check my sources thinking that I had mixed up the pictures and dates. Nope.

rose-uniacke-kitchen-via-reviving-charmrose-uniacke-bathroom-via-reviving-charmpool-of-rose-uniacke-and-david-heyman-via-reviving-charm-blogA basement apartment was converted to accommodate an indoor pool. If you look closely, you can notice the subtle change to this space that includes the addition of travertine to line the base of the walls.  The photo above is from 2013 while the photo below is from the 2017 issue of Vogue. Here is Errol again!

You can read more about the home in the March 2017 issue of Vogue Magazine and HERE in the 2013 New York Times/T Magazine article.


Do you ever come across an image that stops you in your tracks? This Mountain Brook, Alabama living room of Interior Designer Betsy Brown did just

Shortly after seeing this one image that captivated me, I received my issue of Milieu Magazine where her entire home was featured. Talk about coincidence! Her home is a wonderful mix of classic design with chic, modern flair set in neutral tones. I love homes that can successfully combine these elements while still providing a sense of warmth that makes you feel comfortable within the space. For today, enjoy a tour of Betsey Brown’s home….I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. art-at-the-home-of-betsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_combetsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_com-4bbetsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_com-4abetsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_com-3betsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_combetsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_com-2betsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_com-1


I fantasize about having a vacation home. During the summer I obsessed with finding a cute, tiny home somewhere in Cape Cod. But as the seasons change I find myself now dreaming of a cozy cabin in the mountains. A tiny home as a vacation getaway would suit me just fine. At least that’s what I thought until I saw this beautiful custom built Appalachian mountain retreat. At over 5,000 square feet, the home isn’t small but it is definitely cozy and packed with style. This is one place I wouldn’t mind calling home…at least on the weekends.


This well-traveled family wanted a quiet, serene, spa-like home, so I did not make any big design statements but decorated around the architecture and mountain views.   —Cindy Smith, designer and owner of Circa Interiors


All images via Charlotte Home Design & Decor Magazine.


ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com exterior

I have added Anne Decker to my list of favorite architects. She worked with a Bethesda, Maryland couple to build their 4,000+ square foot home and I am in love with every bit of its quiet elegance. The metal framed doors and windows showcase the beautiful views of their landscaping so the owners can enjoy the outdoors from almost every room in the house. If the owners ever intend on selling I will be happy to call this place home.

ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com 2 architecture via revivingcharm_comann decker architects via revivingcharm_com 7

A beautifully detailed archway leads you from the entry into the living room. If you look closely, you will notice the jib doorways hidden away along the walls of the arched opening. Jib doors are a great architectural detail to incorporate when you want doors to disappear into the wall since the doors are actually flush without moldings or hardware. I love the mysterious “secret door” mystique the have, plus they are a great hiding place!
ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com 8ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com 9ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com 13

The kitchen is large enough to be able to ditch upper cabinets in favor of windows that show off the lush landscaping and outdoor fireplace. The staggering amount of natural light in this space is amazing, not to mention the vast amount of counter space.

ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com

Everywhere you look there’s a window that pulls the outside in.    –Anne Decker, architect

ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com 12

I am a fan of mixing and matching dining room chairs. I like how the formality of leather chairs are paired with a more casual slipcovered chairs for the head of the table. It keeps the room from feeling too formal.ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com 11ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com 14

The bedroom looks like a comfortable retreat. That bed is one I would never want to get out of. Breakfast in bed…yes, please!
ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com bath 1

I would love to be able to relax in a freestanding soaking tub while admiring the views of the outdoors. I like the fact that they incorporated artwork in the bathroom. Some people fear that it will get damaged from the steam and humidity. In our last home we had an original watercolor painting framed and behind glass in the area right next to the shower for over ten years. It held up well without any damage.

ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com bathann decker architects via revivingcharm_com patio

Morning coffee on the patio nestled along the back side of the house would be a great way to start the day.

ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com 1

I could already envision an intimate evening cocktail party for a few close friends on the back patio with the outdoor fireplace taking center stage.

ann decker architects via revivingcharm_com 5

There you have it…a tour of a wonderful Maryland home. Was there anything about the house in particular that you liked the best?

Photos via Anne Decker Architects and Home & Design Magazine.


I am very happy to welcome September. It means that we are starting the transition into Fall which my absolute favorite time of the year. We aren’t quite over the summer whites and it isn’t officially Fall just yet l so I thought it would be appropriate celebrate the day with some beautiful neutrals in a variety of styles.
neutral decor RevivingCharm_comneutral interior design via RevivingCharm_com 2september inspiration quote via RevivingCharm_comneutral interior design by RevivingCharm_comneutral style via RevivngCharm_comneutral interiors via revivingcharm_comneutral design via RevivingCharm_comsummer turns to fall quote inspiration via revivingcharm_comneutral design and style via RevivingCharm_comneutral interior design via RevivingCharm_comneutral personal style via revivingcharm_com

all images via pinterest.