When welcoming a New Year, always remember that it’s not always about the party on New Years Eve, the new party dress or the drink in your hand; but the hope you hold in your heart that makes the biggest difference in your future. Today, let us celebrate the end of 2015 and make a toast to the upcoming year. Let every moment of 2016 count!  But for now…..Cheers..20 Adorable, dance-floor approved flats for your wedding day | Wedding Party: 20 gold wedding dresses inspired by Jessica Simpson - Wedding Party: Gold and Sparkles! Glitzernde Party-Outfits findet ihr hier: http://www.gofeminin.de/mode/album1120089/silvester-outfits-0.html: A gold floor is amazing, whoa feels very luxury and "New Year's Eve"!: I LOVE the idea of letting balloons just float up to the ceiling - small rooms only: