On the heels of the glitz and glamour of the Academy Award show last night I started thinking about how the rest of us could introduce a bit of glamour into our own lives.  We all can’t be A-list actors (or B-list, for that matter) but everyone is entitled to feel chic and glamourous.

dressing table makeup table reviving charm

dressing table makeup table reviving charm red chairYou might not have room for a makeup table or dressing room vanity, which seems like the ultimate in glamour, but sparing a corner on a dresser, counter or other choice place can immediately transform and elevate normal everyday objects into something glamorous.

In a previous post I shared a few of my favorite fragrances of the moment. They are prominently displayed on a silver tray in my walk-in closet. I’ve created a little vignette of sorts that includes my current fragrances, favorite perfume bottles from the past, and a glass bowl that holds a long string of pearls. That tray of happy things puts a smile on my face each morning.  After all, sometimes it’s the little things that can make us feel special. 

perfume bottle display reviving charmjo malone makeup table reviving charmvanity table perfume makeup reviving charmtiered cakestand perfume display reviving charmthe perth soap co reviving charm perfume and makeup displayperfume bottle display reviving charm vanity tabledomaine home reviving charm makeup table vanityperfume and makeup display reviving charmmakeup table perfumes vanity reviving charm

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“A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself…a costume…that differs accordingly to the woman who wears it”  –Paloma Picasso


Finding the right perfume is a deeply personal preference and “the perfect” fragrance is extremely subjective.  I generally tend to be drawn to fragrances with light feminine floral or refreshing citrus notes, while others may prefer something with a bit more prominent woodsy or musky scent. When my perfume bottle was down to its last drops I decided to go on a search for a new scent to wear on a daily basis.  I am a firm believer that mixing things up on occasion can be a good thing! After narrowing it down to three I ended up saying to myself “why settle for one when I can  just buy all three”. This turned out to be a good decision because I can rotate them to fit my mood or fit the occasion. Here are my top fragrance favorites of the moment:

Miss Dior – Blooming Bouquetmiss dior blooming bouquet reviving charm

“The fresh and sparkling Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a composition designed like a dress embroidered with a thousand flowers. This floral bouquet pays homage to Christian Dior’s legendary passion for flowers. Its heart holds a tender accord of Peony and Damascus Rose refreshed by a radiant Calabrian Bergamot. The poetic trail is enveloped in soft notes of White Musk. A floral springtime creation for a playful and charming Miss Dior. ”  –details via Dior


The fragrance is lovely. The only thing I would change is the design of the bow at the neck of the bottle. It’s made of a cheap plastic which is disappointing given that it’s a Dior fragrance. Admittedly, I tried to remove it to no avail so I just put the cap on backward. They should have designed the bottle without the bow; it would still be worthy of display. However, I love it nonetheless.

Ralph Lauren – Midnight Romanceralph lauren midnight romance perfume reviving charm

“Passion burns brightest in the dark. Indulge in the fragrance of Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance, and experience the essence of sensual pink peony and mysterious black vanilla.”  — details via Ralph Lauren

This a nice everyday fragrance. It’s clean and classic.  It’s the sweetest scent of those highlighted in my post but it’s not too sweet or overpowering.  You can never go wrong with Ralph!

Tory Burch – Jolie Fleur Vertetory burch jolie fleur verte perfume reviving charm

“Jolie Fleur Verte captures the crisp green color and dewy aroma of lily of the valley in Tory Burch’s garden. A tomboy and easygoing mix — hints of mandarin, neroli oil and jasmine open up into soft scents of lily of the valley. All in a beautiful glass bottle with a fretwork top and green accents.”  — details via Tory Burch

There are slight hints of cedarwood, sandalwood, and musk that blend together with a lovely citrus scent. I am actually surprised that I am enjoying this as much as I do.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I continue to get compliments while wearing it.

Wit – Parfums DelRaewit parfums delrae perfume reviving charm

The scent is lovely…plus, I can’t resist a fragrance with a name like Wit!

I will be in San Francisco next month and every time I am in town I stop at the legendary Gumps department store.  This time I plan to pick up a bottle of Wit by Parfums DelRae. I discovered Wit on a prior trip to San Francisco but I got distracted while in the store and left without purchasing it. Although I could have purchased it online, I decided to wait and buy it on a future trip to San Francisco. I will think of it as a lovely souvenir! Plus, I love the fact that I am supporting a California based business. The owner, DelRae, lives in San Francisco and says that she imagined having her own business where she could combine some of the things she loved — design, perfume, Paris.” What could be better than that?

Do you have any personal fragrance favorites? Do you tend to gravitate toward certain scents?