Why do I inevitably get up early on days I don’t have to work? It’s been a lazy kind of morning but we managed to get a fire going to take the chill out of the air, which is a wonderful way to start the day. I’ve moved my laptop temporarily to the family room so I am able to enjoy the fire while I also enjoy the welcome sight of rain come down, even if for a short period of time. This has got to be the best seat in the house!

Today is full of random thoughts and events. I need to finish planning for an upcoming trip, start getting things in order for Christmas, run errands, get a manicure, and go out to dinner. Oh, and most importantly, I can’t forget to call in for potential jury duty.  Since it’s a lazy kinda Sunday morning, I also thought I would post a few random things that have caught my attention lately. Happy Sunday….enjoy your day.


  1. Since I have been very good I am hoping Santa leaves the Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag under the tree this year. I really want the Faye Backpack (like the one shown here) but it is already sold out. Maybe Santa can work his magic?
  2. We have two fireplaces in our house but it would sure be nice to have one in the bedroom.
  3. I hang a single wreath on the outside of our house each year but I think I might hang multiples this year to mix it up. I like how they hung a couple of mini wreaths around the light fixture. I’m taking note of that…
  4. I don’t do “holiday gift guides” here on the blog, but I have to say that the book Beautiful: All American Decorating and Timeless Style by designer Mark D. Sikes is the perfect gift for the design book lover in your life. It has turned out to be one of my favorite books of the year.
  5. I love these tartan and pom-pom ankle strap flats by J.Crew. For classic styling, I would wear them with jeans, black leggings or a black pencil skirt paired with a white button-down blouse.
  6. I’m thinking that a plant like the one shown here might look good in front of our living room fireplace. But it will have to wait until after winter when fireplace season is over.
  7. We already have our Christmas cards, which come with red envelopes. This picture from A Fabulous Fete reminds me that I need to reorder white ink and dust off my calligraphy pens so I can get my cards and dinner invitations out early. Typically, I like to send them out just right after Thanksgiving.

So there you have it…a few random bits from me today. How is your day shaping up?