I don’t know if this year is officially the coldest winter in Southern California but some days it sure feels like it.  We usually don’t have much of a need for coats in California but this year with the dip in temperatures I decided to purchase three new coats. Three new black coats. However, with red seeming to be the color designated for the month of February, I just might need to purchase another coat..this time in red. I have found that red is usually a color that people love or hate. I choose to embrace it, especially if I can look as stylish and chic as these lovely ladies.

Women's fashion | Chic white outfit with collarless red coat: Street style: The Duchess of Cambridge wore a red Armani coat and her Strathearn tartan scarf for a visit to the new Tamar Manoukian Outdoor Centre at Dumfries House in Ayrshire today. April 5, 2013: that coat: 10+Style+Bloggers,+10+Very+Clever+Outfit+Tweaks+via+@WhoWhatWearUK: red: by james blite: