Vogue Living + Schumacher = A Great Collaboration

A couple of great forces came together recently. Vogue Living and Schumacher, my one of my favorite textile companies, debuted the new “Vogue Living” collection earlier this week. The fabric and wallpaper collection was a result of a collaboration between Schumacher, including creative director Dara Caponigro, and Vogue’s International Editor at Large, Hamish Bowles. The collection is full of romantic florals, charming checks, and beautiful trellis and stripe patterns, to name a few! Read more about the inspiration behind the collection on Vogue.vogue living and schumacher 3vogue living and schumacher 4vogue living and schumachervogue living and schumacher 1vogue living schumacher collection 2vogue living schumacher collectionvogue living and schumacher 2schumacher vogue living collectionvogue living collection schumacher 3vogue living and schumacher collaborationvogue living collection schumacherschumacher vogue living collectionvogue living and schumacher 5

All images via Vogue and Schumacher. Graphic collages created by Reviving Charm.


When it comes to design I sometimes always obsess over each and every detail. It’s a fatal flaw of mine but I want to make sure I get things “just right”. Selecting fabrics for a particular project in our seaside ranch home is only half the battle. The other half is finding the perfect trim. When I came across these pictures in Milieu Magazine I was captivated by the fanciful decorator sketches accompanying trim from some of the finest companies around. Luxury is, indeed, in the details and can really transform an ordinary project into something truly special. Wouldn’t you agree?


Fringe trim from Houles.



Braid trim from Dedar.


Left: Tape and brush fringe from Schumacher. – Right: Tape and ball fringe from Jim Thompson


Tieback from Houles.


Left: pom-pom fringe from Samuel & Sons. – Right: beaded fringe from Houles.


Tape border and jute trim from Samuel & Sons.



Yesterday was a darn good mail day. Don’t you love days like that? The sample of the fabric that Interior Designer Miles Redd designed for one of my favorite fabric companies, Schumacher, arrived. I was giddy as I ripped open the envelope containing one perfectly folded sample. I quickly got busy taking inventory of other fabric I have on hand that would coordinate with such a bold pattern. The seaside guest bedroom is 99% complete and I am already thinking of redecorating it.  I wasn’t originally planning to redo this room but this is what happens when you stay home for weeks to recuperate.

be-bold-inspiration-via-revivingcharm_comI usually shy away from bold patterns thinking that if I go with solids or subtle, classic patterns I won’t tire of them so easily. The inspiration fabric is way out of my comfort zone but that’s kinda what I like about it. However, I once had a dress made from a Schumacher linen that coincidently had a large peacock print…I loved that dress knowing it was a one of a kind!


Here are a few tidbits about the fabrics I have selected for the (potential) seaside guest bedroom redo:

  1. The inspiration fabric is known as “Peacock” by Miles Redd for Schumacher. The fabric comes in a few different colors but I chose this one because it best coordinates with things already in the room. I really, really like when I can reuse things I already own.
  2. This is a remnant piece I had stashed away for about twenty years (yes, you read that right…20 years). I have just enough of this black and ivory ticking fabric to make a lumbar pillow. Luckily, I wouldn’t need much of this fabric. I don’t remember the manufacturer so I wouldn’t be able to order more if I needed it. That is assuming it’s not discontinued.
  3. This pattern is known as “Greek Key” from Schumacher. This is such a versatile pattern, particularly in this neutral color. I never tire of it. I made two pillows using this fabric that currently sit on the bed in the guest bedroom. I like being able to reuse them in this room.

Below are the existing Belgian linen drapes that will remain. I love them! They are from Restoration Hardware and were purchased when we lived at our previous home. They fit the guest room windows at our seaside ranch home perfect so they moved with us. The fabric border is another Schumacher fabric that I had added to the drapes to give them a more custom, finished look. This is a great trick to “upgrade” off the shelf draperies.


So there  you have it….I am thinking of starting fresh with a bold pattern. What do you think? Any suggestions? Should I pull the trigger?