20 year wedding anniversary_reviving charm


Life is interesting. You can cross paths with someone and in that unsuspecting moment, not realize that they are the person who is going to turn your whole life around. For me, that person was Mr. B. He’s the person I think of morning, noon and night. He’s the person that makes life interesting and exciting (no exaggeration) and he is the one I can’t imagine life without. We’re 2 peas in a pod.

Today marks our 20th wedding anniversary and although we are celebrating on a tiny island in the middle of Lake Maggiore, Italy, I can’t help but reminisce about the wedding we planned 20 years ago. From the start, we liked doing things differently and planned a destination wedding long before they were ever popular. The internet wasn’t around in 1998 and I made all plans and reservations over my Pacific Bell “princess” landline phone. We chose to book one of two presidential suites at the Four Seasons Olympic Hotel (now known as the Fairmont Olympic Hotel) in Seattle to serve as the backdrop for our small, intimate affair. It was booked sight unseen and we didn’t see the room until a few hours before the wedding took place. We figured, “It’s the Four Seasons…c’mon how bad could it really be?” I eventually asked the hotel to send me pictures of the room and they happily obliged (The Four Seasons was very accommodating before, during, and after the event). However, I had to wait for the pictures to be developed and sent overnight via Fed-X. Interesting how times have changed!

individual wedding cake_Reviving Charm

This was our wedding cake. Again, wanting to stray from tradition and opting for something more unique, we decided to design our own version of the wedding cake. I asked the hotel to create individual cakes for each of the 20 guests. When I made the request, I was told it was something the hotel had never done before and my wedding coordinator would have to first consult with the pastry chef. Naturally, they accommodated my request and each guest was served their very own miniature wedding cake adorned with fruit and fresh flowers (the miniature roses were my favorite). Printed menus were placed at each table setting and the dessert course was described as a “wedding cake surprise”. The cakes certainly were a surprise because we had no idea how they would exactly turn out until they were served at the wedding. Thankfully, they came out just as I had imagined and people enjoyed them so much that they continued to talk about them for many years to follow. It was a wonderful day and if I had to do it all over again, I’d do it in a heartbeat.


Seattle is very special place to me. Over 18 years ago Mr. B and I were married at the historic Four Seasons Olympic Hotel, currently the Fairmont Olympic. We have traveled to Seattle more times that I can count and it was during one of our trips that I discovered the shop Watson Kennedy. Shop owner, Ted Kennedy Watson, is also author of the charming book “Style & Simplicity” and a blog entitled “The Daily Blog”. I enjoy Ted’s blog, particularly to read about new things in the shop or seeing pictures of his homes in Seattle and in the Hudson River Valley. It sounds like such an idyllic life.

guest room reviving charm

In our guest room we have a large rattan basket that sits in front of the guest bed. The accessories on the tray always rotate but Ted’s book has become a permanent fixture prominently on display.

I was catching up on some blog reading yesterday when I realized I missed Ted’s post from last week in which he dedicated to his 5th anniversary of blogging. What I loved about his post was the fact that he put out a call to action to send a card or letter to help him mark his fifth anniversary. In my opinion, the art of letter writing is not dead and with US postage actually decreasing recently it’s even more reason to put pen to paper. Why not start with a letter to Ted? Better late than never…

watson kennedy

Beautiful cards and letters on Ted’s inspiration board. Image via Ted’s blog, “The Daily Blog”.

I would LOVE to hear from each and every one of you. It will be such a grand gift, which will bring me such happiness.   –Ted Kennedy Watson

letter to ted kennedy watson reviving charm

My note in progress.

If you feel inclined to perform your own Random Act of Kindness, why not send Ted a congratulatory note or letter to the address below. For the price of a postage stamp you can make someone’s day. I am sure he will appreciate it.  Happy corresponding!

Ted Kennedy Watson
1022 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
United States of America

By the way, in case anyone is wondering…this post is unsolicited. I don’t know Ted but he seems like such a charming man that I hope Mr. B and I get an opportunity to meet someday.