A Wardrobe Closet that Inspires

Today Mr. B and I will be traveling back home from Las Vegas and the first order of business will be unpacking, washing, sorting items for dry cleaning and putting freshly laundered items back into my closet.  I am fortunate to have a walk-in closet that I don’t have to share with Mr. B. He has his own generous amount of closet space, albeit not a walk-in. Redoing my closet is one of the areas in our seaside ranch home that I would love to overhaul and when I do I know I will be using the beautiful details by the London-based company The Heritage Wardrobe Company as my inspiration. The concept of a freestanding piece of furniture serving as a wardrobe closet is very European and is something distinctively different than what we typically see in the United States. I love how this particular design marries the concept of a wardrobe closet, although built-in as opposed to freestanding pieces, with a designated walk-in space that is more typical of what we see here in the States. It’s the best of both worlds. 
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