The 1991 movie “Father of the Bride” still remains to be one of America’s most beloved movies. And the movie made a particular southern California colonial home famous by painting it as the picture perfect family abode located on Maple Drive in the affluent community of San Marino, California. Wouldn’t you agree? But did you know that the movie didn’t take place in San Marino at all? It was actually shot using a home in nearby Pasadena and the backyard exterior shots of another home in nearby Alhambra, where the basketball and wedding scenes took place. I happened to drive by the Alhambra home yesterday (it’s a shortcut from North to South) and realized that the home is currently up for sale. I couldn’t help but stop the car and take a few pictures of the house with my iPhone. Isn’t it pretty?

father of the bride house via reviving charm father of the bride house via reviving charm

For a cool $2 million, the home will become someone’s dream along with the Hollywood cache associated with it. But if you are interested, you will have to submit a backup offer. After a week on the market it is already in escrow. I wanted to check out the real estate listing because more than anything, I was curious about the current shape of the inside of the house. The outside of the home has been lovingly maintained and I was hoping that the interiors would match. You can check out the listing and see for yourself HERE. Let me know what you think.

father of the bride house via reviving charm

If you look closely you can see the basketball backboard peeking out over the hedges.

Interestingly enough, after 25 years since the movie’s making, the basketball hoop, where some of the most poignant scenes of the movie were filmed, is still in place. Let’s hope the new owners don’t remove it.


This beautiful Beaux Arts-style mansion located in Chicago was constructed in 1899 by a notable doctor as a wedding gift to his daughter. At some point in its history the home was purchased by Hugh Hefner who also purchased an adjacent parcel to create a Playboy Mansion Compound. Hefner has since sold the property and the two parcels of land with their homes have reverted back to two separate properties. The Beaux-Arts style home has been lovingly restored by the current owners, Jack and Julie McGinley, through the help of their designer Gail Plechaty.  The home is regal and sophisticated but at the same time feels warm and welcoming.  It’s tranquil, calm color scheme is something that suits this mansion perfectly. It’s definitely a place I could call home.